Learn What is WPD (WordPerfect Document File)?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 2 Min Read

WPD aka WordPerfect Document File is a text document file format that was developed for WordPerfect word processing software. It is mainly used to process formatted text and is capable of storing embedded objects like tables, graphs and images created in other applications. The WPD File contains streams of text and stores formatting information with the help of tags that WordPerfect acknowledges as pieces of code making detection of the errors easy.

Applications Supported


The WPD file belongs to the category of Document File.


Satellite Systems International introduced WPD File in the year 1980 for their WordPerfect word processing software. WordPerfect was acquired twice- first by Novell (1994) and then by Corel Corporation (1996 – Till Date).


The MIME types of a WPD File are as follows:

  • application/wordperf
  • application/wordperfect
  • application/wpd

File Signature

Hexadecimal: FF 57 50 43 (ASCII)


The location of WPD file depends on where user chooses to save it in their user machine.

Common Errors

WPD errors may occurs in following cases:

  • When Windows cannot properly load our Wordpfct.wpd file

Wordpfct.wpd is a type of WPD File associated with Microsoft Windows developed by Microsoft Corporation for Windows OS. The errors linked with wordpfct.wpd occur mainly while startup of computer, program or when you try to use a specific function in the program.

  • When you cannot open/access the WPD File

Sometimes we cannot open our WPD file even after having the software installed in the system; it may be because of incorrect link to the WPD file in the register entries, insufficient computer hardware resources, outdated drivers, or accidental deletion of the WPD File from the Windows registry.

  • When the WPD file is Virus / Malware infected

As WPD Files are stored locally in the system, it is easily vulnerable to attacks by Virus and Malware and may make our file corrupted.

The Bottom Line

The above-discussion will make easy for the one who wants to know what WPD file is.  Completely detailed information is discussed for proper knowledge.