How to Merge Multiple PDF files to One file?

Mark Regan | December 31st, 2020 | How to

There are many users who prefer PDF as a saving option for their documents. Working with PDFs can be tricky, especially if a user is trying to join multiple PDF files to one. There are many reasons due to which users want to merge multiple PDF pages into one page. Whatever the reason, it can be confusing to joint lots of pdf files into one.

Ways of combining multiple PDF files to one file

There are various ways to join multiple pdf files to one. Let’s discuss about the various methods of combining multiple pdf files.

  1. Combine multiple PDF files into one through online
  2. Merge multiple PDF pages to one page by using professional software

Combine multiple PDF files into one through online

There are various online apps that offer to join and edit PDFs that users upload, but we don’t recommend any of them. User’s PDF files contain invisible metadata, potentially identifying user and their system, and any user will not want to give that metadata to a website that offers free editing features. That site may want to profit from that data in ways users won’t like.

Merge multiple PDF pages to one page by using professional software

Using online apps can be a little risky for users. That’s why it is better to use a professional tool to join multiple pdf files to one. Users can opt PDF Merge Tool to complete the process. This tool is an easy solution for combining multiple documents into PDF without Adobe Acrobat. The tool doesn’t have any file size limitation. Users can merge files of any size. There is no limitation in it.

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How to join multiple PDF files to one – Step-by-step

Follow these simple steps for using the tool to merge multiple pdf files to one:

1 – First download and install the recommended software and then there are two options available to load PDF documents as Select Files or Select Folders. Use according to the need.

load PDF documents

2 – If selected folder option, then choose folder that contains PDF documents from the system and press OK.

choose folder

3 – After that, screen shows the number of selected PDF documents, now click on Merge button.

Selected PDF documents

4 – Now, select desired location to save PDF file after merge and click OK, the tool also offers facility to Make new folder from software panel to save resultant data.

merge multiple pdf files to one

5 – After that, PDF file merge process is running so users have to wait for a while to complete the task.

merge multiple pdf pages to one page

6 – Merging process has been completed successfully and showing destination path, press OK to confirm the details.

merge multiple pdf pages into one page

7 – Finally, go to destination path and use Adobe Reader to open merged PDF document.

combining multiple pdf files into one

Features of recommended toolkit

Reliable and fast service

The tool will combine multiple PDF files into one in an exact way. There is no issue and it can effectively join all the PDF file into one with 100 % accuracy & security. This service is safe and quick for all home user and technical user.

Saving PDF files at a desired location

The software is able to join multiple PDF files to one. It allows to save combine several Portable Document Format into one and save them at desired location. Instead, user can also create separate folder from software panel & save the PDF file into it.

No Adobe Reader installation is required

With this tool, to create single PDF from multiple PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader installation is not required. It is a standalone utility as the software instantly perform require operation to unlock document successfully.

Combine owner password-protected PDF files

This software has inbuilt facility to merge multiple owner password-protected PDF files without any trouble. This service will firstly unrestrict user’s owner password and then create single PDF from multiple files. This option is beneficial for all those users who are not able to merge several PDF files into one, because of restricted password.

No limitation of file size

Combining several pdf files into one is not an easy task. The most difficult thing is that merge thousand number of PDF files. But here the problem is solved because there is no file size limitation with the software. Due to which user can easily join any number of PDF files effectively without any hassle.

Support dual-mode to consolidate PDF files

This tool supports dual-mode to consolidate PDF files
Select files: For those users who want to join multiple pdf files to one, this select file option is the best choice. Using this option, user can select one PDF file at time.
Select Folders: To combine multiple PDFs at once, select folder option will be perfect for the user. This option will help to select folder with PDF file then, perform join PDF process within few seconds.

Final verdict

Here we have explained about how to join multiple pdf files to one. There are different methods of doing this procedure. But using professional software is the best option for combining several pdf files. It is a standalone tool and didn’t require any supporting application to run PDF files. Demo version of the application is also available through which users can check the working process and functionality. Read the whole blog completely and get rid of issues.