Convert JFIF Files to PDF: Easily Share, Print and Upload Images

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


If you’re accustomed to sharing files on the web, you might have seen that many sites possibly acknowledge specific document types when you’re attempting to upload something. This is a typical event for websites where you really want to upload cover letters, samples of your writings, resumes, etc. So, such sites accept PDF documents rather than a JFIF or a PNG. It can be really difficult to access an easy way to create a PDF especially from an image file like JFIF. Through this blog, you’ll learn the right way to carry out this conversion with the help of JFIF to PDF converter.

When will you need to Convert JFIF to PDF Document ?

Changing a JFIF file to a PDF document gives you two principle benefits:

  • You can easily compress the PDF file, which means you’ll get a less file size than you would with JFIF pictures.
  • When you convert JFIF to PDF and compress PDF documents your picture quality will be restored. This isn’t the case with JFIF pictures.

You’ll probably need to change over to PDF documents since JFIFs are not great for reading. Regardless of this, some hard-copy documents are scanned, which implies they are comprised of different JFIF files. After you download such an archive, assuming you need to read it on a gadget or print it out, you’re in an ideal situation changing it to PDF format first.

JFIF to PDF Converter for Windows and Mac

BitRecover Software Company is introducing JFIF to PDF Converter for changing JPEG File Interchange Format to Portable Document Format (PDF). Before launching any software BitRecover developers always consider the security of data in mind.

The tool works offline so that users can convert multiple JFIF to PDF without uploading them on the web. Recently our technical support executive received a few queries regarding how to change JFIF to PDF so we have decided to publish a separate article by explaining all important details.

How to Convert JFIF into PDF ? 

You can follow the given instructions to convert multiple JFIF images to PDF.

  1. Run BitRecover JFIF to PDF Converter.
  2. Choose JPEG Files or Folders.
  3. Check JFIF images from software.
  4. Choose PDF as a saving format and a destination location.
  5. Hit on the Convert tab to begin JFIF into PDF migration.

Transfer JPEG File Interchange Format to PDF – Steps

Firstly, download the all-in-one JFIF File Converter from the official product page, and after that install, the product is set up on your Windows Computer. This application is compatible with all 32 bit or 64 bit Windows OS such as Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, Win Server 2019, Win Server 2016, Win Server 2012, Win Server 2008, Win Server 2003, etc.
Download for Windows     Download for Mac

1 – Start BitRecover JFIF to PDF Free Converter and upload *.jfif files in the software GUI using Select Files or Select Folders button.

BitRecover JFIF to PDF Free Converter

2 – Check JFIF files from the software panel and press the Next button from the toolbar.

how to convert jfif to pdf

3 – Choose PDF as a saving format.

how to change jfif to pdf

4 – Confirm or choose a destination path by clicking on the Browse icon and press Next button to continue.

jfif in pdf

5 – The process to transfer JFIF to PDF is running, please wait.

jpeg file interchange format to pdf

6 – The procedure to migrate the JFIF file (.jfif) to PDF has been completed successfully.

completed successfully

7 – After finishing the task, it will automatically open the destination path so that users can easily get converted PDF documents.

converted PDF documents

JFIF to PDF Converter Features

  • The tool provides dual options for uploading JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF) files in the software panel.
  • It is an appropriate software that allows you to bulk convert JFIF to PDF (Portable Document Format).
  • After choosing a whole folder having various JFIF files, it permits checking or unchecking specific JFIF images for converting them into PDF format.
  • JPEG File Interchange Format to PDF Converter gives freedom to choose the destination path for storing resultant PDF documents.
  • It is capable to convert PowerPoint JPEG File Interchange Format to PDF and it supports other JFIF files too.
  • This software is a well suitable program for solving – “Not a valid JPEG JFIF file or encoding format (JFIF) is not supported” related errors.
  • It is a valuable offline product to change JFIF to PDF so that users can easily convert their images without uploading them on the web.
  • There is no size limitation to convert JPEG File Interchange Format to PDF documents and it keeps all important information during the completion of the task.

Convert Multiple JFIF to PDF Files Using this YouTube Tutorial

Questions Asked by Users About JFIF Image to PDF Conversion

I am an entrepreneur, in my company, one of my developers is requiring a professional technique to change JFIF image to PDF documents. Although, I have found few online tools for converting .jfif images to PDF format but these tools are not beneficial to me because I cannot upload my crucial image on the web. Hence, I want a trustworthy technique for solving my problem.

Lucas, San Diego

I provide technical services in my local area i.e. Data Recovery, File Conversion, Cloud Backup, Email Management, etc. I have purchased various perpetual licenses for completing my business operations. Yesterday, I fixed a deal with the company for changing approx 20000 JFIF images into PDF format. Please suggest me a software to convert multiple JFIF to PDF in bulk.

Andrew, Nashville

PDF Advantages

  1. A PDF document displays exact information in all devices, programs and it is compatible with all Operating systems i.e. Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, etc.
  2. In PDF files, users can insert various types of content such as Text, Images, Graphics, Videos, Audio, Hyperlinks, 3D, etc.
  3. As for security reasons, PDF is a well suitable document format because users can add the user-level password, owner-level password, watermark, and digital signature.
  4. For printing-related purposes, it is one of the best file extensions because it is easily printable in one click.
  5. Portable Document Format supports various types of image compression algorithms so it takes a very little size.

Summing Up

After reading the above article, anyone can easily convert multiple JFIF to PDF format and save valuable time and effort. BitRecover JFIF to PDF Free Converter also available, which is authorized to change a maximum of 5 JFIF image to PDF documents so that users can easily check the software features and after complete satisfaction, they can grab its license keys to convert unlimited JPEG File Interchange Format to PDF without losing the image quality.