IncrediMail Email Password Recovery without Support Help Center

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 6th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are looking for an IncrediMail password recovery solution, then you have just landed the correct specific web page. We have just received many queries related to recovering IncrediMail identity password because IncrediMail will shut down soon. So users want to safely store their IncrediMail emails and contacts in standard file extensions.

Many users are trying to contact with IncrediMail support team for knowing the solution for forgotten IncrediMail password recovery related questions. But after landing on the help center page, you can see shutdown related information in highlighted text formatting. Now IncrediMail desktop application will no longer be available so you need to make the right decision for solving this particular problem.

Before getting the expert’s suggestion for solving IncrediMail identity password recovery related queries. First, read the actual problem faced by users, after that take the decision.

My IncrediMail desktop-based email client is password protected, I have configured my official email account with IncrediMail. I have protected my email client with a password but suddenly I have forgotten IncrediMail password so I want to recover my password to access my IncrediMail desktop application. Actually, I want to store my IncrediMail emails & contacts in generic file extensions.

– Fernanda, Boston

After hearing the information, IncrediMail is shutting down its servers. I have decided to switch it to another email client. Before a few days ago, I have changed the password of my email account that is configured with IncrediMail. Now my IncrediMail email client is unable to send and receive emails. Now I want to change my email password in IncrediMail but I don’t know about IncrediMail email password recovery. Please suggest to me.

– Candler, Phoenix

IncrediMail Password Recovery – Expert’s Suggestion

There are two desired techniques available for IncrediMail identity password recovery. You can pick the right technique as per your requirements.

Technique 1 – Download IncrediMail Password Recovery Tool that allows extracting to lost email passwords from IncrediMail email client. This specified software is capable to preview complete IncrediMail account details like Account Name, Application, Email, Server, Server Type, User Name and User Password. You can use this software but as we all know that IncrediMail will shut down on 20 March 2020 so it is not an effective resolution at present.

Technique 2 – Millions of users, recently used IncrediMail Migration Tool as it is working like a milestone for solving most of the IncrediMail related problems. Its developers have added a couple of saving formats so that users can easily choose any specific saving format from the list of 30+ saving formats. Most of the users are preferring to use this software because it is capable to manage IncrediMail emails & contacts without IncrediMail password recovery.

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How to Manage Emails & Contacts If Forgotten IncrediMail Password?

First of all, download above mentioned software and after that follow four simple steps to arrange emails and contacts without recover IncrediMail identity password.

1 – Start the mentioned software, it will automatically upload IncrediMail IMM, IML, CAB, DB, etc. files in the software panel from the default storage location.

incredimail identity password recovery

2 – Check IncrediMail database files from the software interface and hit on the Next button to continue.

forgotten incredimail password

3 – Choose a saving format from 30+ saving options as shown in the respective screenshot.

recover incredimail identity password

4 – Select the desired destination path for storing the resultant emails and contacts. Now click on the Next button to manage the database without showing the IncrediMail password.

incredimail show password

IncrediMail Identity Password Recovery Related FAQs

Que 1 – How to change the configured email password in IncrediMail email client?

Ans – Just go with these simple steps to change the IncrediMail email password manually.

  1. Run IncrediMail email client and click on Tools from the menu bar.
  2. From Tools choose Email Accounts… option to continue.
  3. Select an email account and click on the Properties.
  4. Click on the Server option and update your old password.
  5. At last press the Ok button to save the new password in the IncrediMail account.

Que 2 – How can I get emails from a password-protected IncrediMail account?

Ans – You can follow a few simple steps to get IncrediMail emails from the default storage location.

  1. Launch your IncrediMail email client.
  2. Click on Tools from the IncrediMail menu bar.
  3. Choose the Data Folder Settings option.
  4. Now you can view IncrediMail data storage location i.e. C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\IM

Que 3 – Does this mentioned software allow us to manage password-protected IncrediMail emails and contacts?

Ans – You can easily manage IncrediMail password-protected emails as well as contacts in multiple standard formats. The tool has a separate option to manage contacts in vCard and CSV formats.

Que 4 – Is it possible to manage emails without IncrediMail password recovery or IncrediMail support help?

Ans – Yes, of course, we have served millions of users to manage IncrediMail emails and address book files. You can easily complete the task without the IncrediMail support center’s help.

Que 5 – How to set an identity password to IncrediMail?

Ans – You can follow step by step process to set the IncrediMail identity password.

  • Launch IncrediMail email client and choose File option.
  • Choose Identities and after that select Manage Identities option.
  • Select an Identity and choose Properties to continue.
  • Now enter the Identity password and hit on the Ok button.


After reading this blog post, all professionals and home-based users can easily recover the IncrediMail identity password. If someone wants to do IncrediMail data recovery without recovering the password then this blog post also will be most helpful. In this blog post, I have also recommended the technique to manage emails if forgotten IncrediMail password. At this time, it is a golden opportunity because IncrediMail desktop-based email client is going to close its services soon.