How to Import Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Mail?

Mark Regan | October 11th, 2021 | Import Contacts


Import Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Mail from PST

Being transformation in technology, many users want to import Outlook contacts to Yahoo Mail. Recently, some Microsoft Outlook users want to import PST contacts to Yahoo Mail from their archived PST files. Actually, a lot of working professionals are still using Yahoo Mail for past several years. Therefore, they want to manage their address book contacts in Yahoo Mail for easy access.

Why Do Users Want to Import PST Contacts to Yahoo Mail?

  • Users want to collect all contacts from multiple archived PST files into Yahoo Mail to use them at one place.
  • Sometimes Yahoo Business users want to get their all-employees contacts database in Yahoo for Small Business accounts.
  • During job switching, some Outlook users want to transfer Outlook contacts to Yahoo Mail because they don’t want to lose important contacts.
  • Sometimes Yahoo Mail users receive contacts in PST file extension and they want to import them in Yahoo Mail.

Technique to Move Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Mail

BitRecover PST to Yahoo Wizard is a perfect software for transferring Outlook PST contacts in Yahoo Mail automatically. The tool asks only Yahoo’s email address and password for successful completion of the task. Even it maintains complete crucial address book information.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Steps to Transfer Outlook PST Contacts to Yahoo Mail?

  1. Launch the indicated software on computer and insert PST contact files using the Select Files or Select Folders button.
    insert PST contact files
  2. Select Contacts folder from file explorer view of software and press Next button.
    Contacts folder
  3. Choose Yahoo from the list of saving options as shown in the respective screenshot.
    Choose Yahoo
  4. Create App password using account credentials and enter Yahoo credentials in the specific fields.
    Import Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Mail
  5. Thereafter, click on the Next button to start importing PST contacts to Yahoo Mail.
    Import PST contacts to Yahoo Mail
  6. PST contacts imported to Yahoo Mail, see the pop-up message of completion.
    message of completion
  7. Login to Yahoo Mail account and see all contacts in separate folder.
    Login to Yahoo

Benefits of Automatic Method

  • Using the above-mentioned technique, users can import contacts from connected and disconnected PST files into Yahoo Mail.
  • The tool supports both ANSI & Unicode PST files of MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, etc.
  • The software comes with simple to use GUI so that it can be easily operable by both technical as well as non-technical users.
  • The method asks only Yahoo credentials to export Outlook contacts to Yahoo address book.
  • The fastest method to move PST contacts in Yahoo Small Business that takes very little time during completion.
  • Manage all imported address book contacts in a separate folder without affecting old previous data.

Manual Method to Import Outlook Contacts to Yahoo Mail

If in case, you want to follow manual technique to export Outlook contacts to Yahoo address book then you will need to complete 2 main phases.

Phase 1 – Export Contacts

  1. Run Microsoft Outlook email client and click on File.
  2. Click on Open & Export option from drop-down.
  3. After that, choose Import/Export option.
  4. Choose Export to a file from pop-up window.
  5. Press Next button and choose comma-separated values.
  6. Thereafter, hit on Next button and choose contacts.
  7. Click on Next button and browse destination path.
  8. Press Next button and after that click on Finish.
  9. Exporting Outlook PST contacts to CSV file extension.
  10. Get contacts in CSV file extension from a specific path.

Phase 2 – Import Contacts

  1. Launch Yahoo Mail cloud-based email service.
  2. Choose Contacts option from menu.
  3. Click on 3 dot icon and choose Import from another account option.
  4. Select Import option from File upload.
  5. Browse CSV file and click on Import button.

As per the above-mentioned procedure, you can easily import Outlook file Contacts to Yahoo Mail without facing any data loss. But to implement the same, it is highly recommended to take the backup of Outlook contacts and then continue with the required process, because if due to a reason, any error arises all your contacts could be lost.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • A quite lengthy process
  • Requires much technical knowledge
  • No data accuracy guarantee
  • May lose some information
  • Not able to import PST contacts to Outlook (Outlook must be in running condition)

What Do Outlook Can Store?

MS Outlook is a versatile component of Microsoft Office that helps to manage personal information of users and allows them to communicate with others. It enables to manage the email messages, contacts, appointments, and tasks, as well as helps to create reminders and tracking activities. In this article, we will describe a brief introduction to some of the major functions of Outlook and why users want to export PST Contacts to Yahoo Mail.

Mail: Outlook is a popular widely use email provider which connects to Exchange servers using a proprietary protocol and also connects to a standard mail server using POP3 or IMAP protocol in order to create a communication between two or multiple parties. It offers a multiplane view to make the browsing easier of the mailboxes. Moreover, Outlook is bundled with an effective client-side junk mail filtering tool.

Calendar: This is a rich and highly sophisticated feature of Outlook. After scheduling the appointments and events on the calendar, you can add a message or sound as a reminder. Calendar items can be colored for easy identification. The calendar can be displayed in different views: a day, a week, a work-week, and a month.

Contacts: MS Outlook comes with a personal strong contact database. Besides email addresses, one can make use of it to store multiple pieces of information such as phone numbers, job titles, addresses, and notes for each of your correspondents.

Journal: Journal will assist the user to keep track of the activities. It can automatically record all the sent and received emails, and keep track of how much time a user takes in other Office programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – How to add contacts in MS Outlook 2019?

A – Follow given steps for adding contacts

  • Select People option from Outlook.
  • Add required information as you want.
  • Press Save and Close, it’s done.

Q 2 – How to add contacts in Yahoo Mail?

A – Follow these instructions

  • Login to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • After that, choose Contacts option.
  • Choose Add a new contact option.
  • Enter specific contact details.
  • Press Save button to store information.

Q 3 – Does your software support Windows 11 OS?

A – Yes, of course, the tool is compatible with newly launched Windows 11 as well as all previous editions.

Q 4 – How do I transfer Outlook contacts to Yahoo Mail?

A – I have mentioned twin methods to import PST contacts to Yahoo Mail. You can use any technique accordingly.

In Conclusion

After reading this article, users can easily import Outlook contacts to Yahoo Mail. I would like to suggest you recommended software to import PST contacts to Yahoo Mail. Because manual method comes with some limitations as Outlook must be in running condition. While there is no limitation if you are using the suggested software.