How to Import OST to Spark Mail? Easy Steps with Best Solution

Mark Regan
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

In this guide, we will discuss how to import OST to Spark Mail so that all information of your OST file data can be accessed easily through Spark email client. However, for those looking to import OST files into Spark Mail in a quick and simple manner – here are the straightforward instructions required. Now, let’s look at methods to transfer OST files to Spark Desktop so that you can enhance your mailing experience.

Spark Mail is an email application that helps in effective management and the organization of emails. It has various options such as an inbox, settings, categories and user-friendly interface. Spark Mail increases the productivity of an organization while ensuring compatibility with several devices.

OST file stands for Offline Storage Table file which is a data file created by Microsoft Outlook to store a copy of mailbox data from an email server. Using Spark, users can preserve their OST file data securely. This means that all of your data on the OST file will be in Spark Mail account and eliminates the need to switch between multiple email clients each time for accessing one or more emails. Spark offers a safe and professional email client environment that promises data security while providing the utmost user experience.

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How to Import OST Files to Spark Mail?

Have you had a hard time trying to find a reliable way of importing your OST files into Spark Mail? Consider using the BitRecover OST Converter if this has been the case for you. This remarkable application makes it easy to import OST files into Spark email accounts because of its innovative functionalities. Intended to work comfortably with users, this utility provides robust functionality and cutting-edge features that facilitate rapid migration of even large OST files containing volumes data.

Quick and Simple Steps to Import OST to Spark Mail Account

Follow the steps outlined below to effortlessly import all your OST files into Spark Mail:

  1. Install the tool on your Mac or Windows PC and launch it to start importing OST files into Spark. import OST to Spark Mail
  2. Choose any option from “Select File” or “Select Folder” to import OST files into the software. import OST files
  3. Pick the particular OST file that you want to load on Spark Mail from your data. pick specific folders
  4. On the next screen, Click on “Saving option,” and then select IMAP. Choose IMAP
  5. Provide your IMAP account server information. To find out your IMAP details, click on IMAP Settings. enter IMAP details
  6. Click on the “Convert” button to start and import OST files into Spark Mail without any difficulty. import OST to Spark Mail

Benefits of Using the Tool

  • It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface which is well suited for both professionals and non-technicals.
  • It is also compatible with Windows and Mac OS, making it easy for users of any operating system.
  • Bulk importing of OST files automatizes the process saves time which can be vital when migrating a lot of data.
  • Users can choose a specific folder to import certain OST files, which helps provide better control and personalization during the whole migration process.
  • Before importing OST files into Spark Mail, users can preview the data and make sure that they have selected correct files and folders on their systems in order to avoid misuse.
  • The tool allows you to import OST files through IMAP smoothly without caring about the compatibility.
  • It ensures the conversion of OST files to Spark Mail format with a guarantee that there will be no loss or corrupted data.
  • The users can use a number of options and features such as file conversion modes, folder set up etc.
  • This tool emphasizes reliability and security during OST information transfer.
  • There is an available technical support team to help users on any query and issue that may arise during the import process.


In summary, the article explains how to import OST to Spark Mail without making it a complicated task and can be easily achieved through the tool discussed above that takes care of users’ frustrations. As explained above, the simple procedure allows users to import OST files into Spark Mail accounts easily. Through these steps, users are able to easily upload their OST file data into Spark Mail making the task of email management simpler.