How to Import Optimum Email to Gmail ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Do you want to close your email account or switch to another webmail such as Gmail? In this case, the emails may contain sensitive or important information that you may need later. Hence, you can’t leave an email in your account. Therefore, to resolve this issue, we recommend that you import Optimum emails to Gmail account directly.

Hello, BitRecover team. There is a serious problem that I cannot solve by myself. Previously, I was unable to download or upload attachments with my Optimum email account. Another issue occurred before recovering from this problem. Now, I can no longer send or receive email messages. I checked all the configuration settings, but they were all useless. I have important data stored in my account, so I want to forward all emails to Gmail i.e. my secondary email service (business). How do I import Optimum email to Gmail? is one of the premium and secure webmail service providers, but you may be facing serious problems right now. Not only this, the user faces problems even after powerful Optimum webmail settings.

Don’t panic. Quickly migrate Optimum emails to Gmail account for easy, fast, and secure access to your webmail messages.

To migrate email from Optimum to your Gmail account, use Email Backup Software. This is a fast and reliable toolkit for forwarding emails to Gmail. This article provides detailed instructions on how to add an Optimum account to Gmail service.
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How to Import Optimum Email to Gmail ?

  1. Run the to Gmail tool.
  2. Select an IMAP server and enter the login details.
  3. Enable specific mail from the mailbox list.
  4. Select Gmail and set the login credentials for that account.
  5. Start importing email from Optimum to Gmail.

How to Migrate Optimum Email to Gmail | G Suite account with Attachments ?

Below are the step-by-step guidelines for migrating email from Optimum account to Gmail. However, first, download the software and install it on your Windows or Mac machine.

After launching the software, go to your email source list and select an IMAP server from the available options. This particular option is meant for doing IMAP Email Backup to other webmails, desktop email client,s or any file format.


Then enter your Optimum email account email address and password. Also, enter the IMAP host as and the port number as 993 in the respective fields. Click on Next to continue.


Then select the mailbox (Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, and so on) that you want to import data from Optimum into Gmail.

Then go to Saving Options and select Gmail from there. Enter your Gmail email account login information in the user interface.

Then click the Backup button to start the process of importing Optimum emails into your Gmail account.

After a while, all emails from your Optimum account will be moved to Gmail.

Transfer to Gmail – Top Features of Software

100% Safe Tool: While implementing the process to import emails from Optimum webmail to Gmail, there will be no data threat issues. The software maintains the integrity of your information and never saves user’s details in the software database. Also, since it’s advanced software even a non-technical user can easily access it without any hassle.

Categories to Filter Data: If you wish to import some selective messages from Optimum to Gmail then why would you pick all the data. So, to achieve this thing, you can select various Selective Backup options from the tool. From these data filters, you can sort the Optimum account email messages that fall within a certain date range. Also, you can choose a particular email address, Subject to import Optimum emails to Gmail. This facility surely saves a lot of users valuable time and effort.

Migrate Data from Multiple Accounts: There are plenty of individuals who use more than one email account for different purposes. So, if you are one of those then you can easily migrate multiple Optimum account emails to a Gmail account. This can be done by entering the login details of all Optimum email accounts in a CSV file and upload the same in the software. The tool will quickly process it and with this, you can efficiently perform batch import of multiple Optimum accounts to Gmail.

Move All Folders: The software is programmed to fulfill all requirements of the users. Thus, after entering the login details of the Optimum account in the interface, this utility will load all mailboxes from your account. One can move Optimum folders like inbox, sent items, outbox, starred, personal folders, drafts, and many more. Irrespective of the number of mailboxes, this utility will rapidly give results with high accuracy.

Vast Compatibility with Windows OS: Whether you are using an old Windows machine or you’re utilizing the latest Microsoft Windows OS, there will be a problem regarding the software installation. This is because it supports all editions of MS Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, and prior versions.

Avail Help from our Team if you Require

The software is well designed with powerful algorithms and therefore will provide precise results. If still, any problem arises, simply get in touch with our support team. Our dedicated support team stays active 24*7 to fix your email migration problems.