How to Import KPN Mail to Gmail Account with Attachments ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Wanting to import KPN mail to Gmail account? Read this blog to get the complete method about how to migrate emails from KPN to Gmail with all information.

KPN mail is a Dutch telecom firm and has its headquarters placed in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It initiated its services like administration run postal, broadcast, along with webmail service known as KPNmail.

Nowadays, people don’t prefer to use KPN mail due to various reasons. It’s natural that different individuals and professionals have varied corporate needs. Hence, emerges the need to change the KPN mail service and move to a more robust and secured webmail service.

If we talk about the reliability and security factor, then Gmail stands at the top of the list. Its features suit both personal and enterprise-level users.

Hence, if you have decided to change KPN mail service and wish to import KPN mail to Gmail account then keep reading this blog.

Best Automated Software token Mail to Gmail 

The most professional way to convert KPN mail database to Gmail service is to use the BitRecover solution. The name of the product is IMAP Mail Backup Tool. It comfortably runs on all editions of your latest Windows and Mac machines.

Then, if we count the amazing set of features that come with this tool then the list is long. This software gives the functionality to bulk import KPN mail in Gmail along with attached files. Not only this, if you are preferring to move KPN mailboxes to Gmail in a selective manner then choose any of your favorite data filters as preferred by this utility.

How to Import KPN Mail to Gmail Account with Embedded Attachments ?

Take a FREE Trial Run to Check Tool’s Performance- If you first need to evaluate the product features and functions then the free trial version is just a step away. Give a hit on this download button provided below and launch the software. It will take few moments, so wait. Access and understand all the functions and thereafter you can invest in this tool by buying the license keys. It will ultimately help you to migrate bulk of KPN emails to Gmail account without any downtime.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Let’s start with the steps to import KPN mail to Gmail:

After launching the software, enter the email address and password of the KPN mail account. Enter the IMAP host- and port number- 993. Click on login to begin the task.

Here, comes the step where you need to enable the selective email folders whose data you wish to move into Gmail account.

Then, proceed towards the saving options list. Click on the drop-down menu and choose the Gmail option.

Enter the email ID and password of your Google mail account and this ends the process to move KPN mail in Gmail.

That’s it! The process is running on your software screen. After the task ends, you can log in to your Gmail account and check all the KPN mailboxes.

Spectacular Benefits and Features of Software

The tool to import KPN mail to Gmail comes with a bunch of features that will help you perform the conversion in a convenient manner. Read the advantages and amazing functions of this tool.

  • It allows to batch migrate KPN emails to Gmail accounts along with embedded attachments.
  • Users can also convert multiple KPN account emails to Gmail with the batch mode feature.
  • There is no limitation to import emails from KPN mail to Gmail with this software.
  • It protects the on-disk folder hierarchy during the entire migration task.
  • The tool also keeps intact all email components, images, hyperlinks, attached files, etc.
  • It runs smoothly on all Windows and Mac-compatible machines.

Frequently Asked Queries

I am a KPN mail user and have been utilizing its email services for 3 years. This KPN mail account is only meant for professional purposes and now I am willing to move all its data to my Gmail account also. Will this software help me to import KPN mail to Gmail?

Yes, this software grants to migrate data from KPN mail into Gmail account.

Is is true that your software wil move KPN mail attachments to Gmail as well?

Yes, it will transfer each email component associated with your database including your attachments.

Will the utility preserve the internal folder structure if I import KPN mail into Gmail?

Yes, it maintains the folder hierarchy so you don’t need to worry at all.

That’s all for today

Now, you must have clear knowledge regarding the entire process to import KPN mail to Gmail account. Check out the trial edition to get to know more about the tool. If you are facing any queries regarding the software, please contact our support team.