How to Import IncrediMail Emails & Contacts to Webmail & Microsoft Email Services ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

IncrediMail is never coming back. It will finally end on March 20, 2020. Users should look for IncrediMail replacement to import files and folders. In this blog, we take a closer look at how to import IncrediMail to Webmail. This is easily possible with the IncrediMail Converter Tool. An instant solution for transferring IncrediMail folders and files to common email services. After the specified date, the user can no longer read, send and receive emails and other information via IncrediMail. The makers will shut down both desktop and server services within a few days.

Do Not Continue with IncrediMail

Even after reading the IncrediMail warning, you decided to continue with IncrediMail. You are at a great loss. You won’t be read, send and receive emails and many other things.

So, what do now? Where to transfer IncrediMail data with respective attachments.

Simply import your IncrediMail folders into common webmail services. Now, you must be wondering why should I choose Webmail to import IncrediMail data. Because it is convenient and most importantly reliable. Using a Webmail email service, one can access the email and other data anytime, anywhere. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Why Import IncrediMail data to Webmail Services ?

Webmail can be a convenient alternative to IncrediMail. If we talk about Webmail, it is an email system that can be accessed via any web browser when connected to the internet. Webmail is great for those who like to live their lives on the go and need flexibility. A huge number of Webmail are free. It means one doesn’t have to pay for an official email service.

Now, let’s have a look at what benefits does Webmail offer to keep your data safe and easy-to-access:

  • Webmail is usually free of cost and users can access it anywhere, anytime in the presence of the internet.
  • With Webmail, one doesn’t need to worry if the computer crashes or in case of theft.
  • Some big Webmail services offer unlimited storage to keep the data.
  • The user can create an email address of using their name as an individual identity.
  • Webmail has an easier approach as one doesn’t need to install any software.

Transfer IncrediMail to Common free Email Services

Here, we will list some of the popular and free Webmail services that you can consider to transfer IncrediMail folders and files. So, let’s start.

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How to Import IncrediMail to Microsoft Webmail ?

Microsoft is a big name in the IT industry. It is a multinational technology company with headquarters in several countries. Microsoft provides a large Webmail service. We will discuss it one by one. Then, you decide which one to choose.

1. is a free email service from Microsoft. Its interface is a clean, modern interface that is also intuitive and easy to understand. Outlook has a built-in task tool that allows you to access the calendar within your Inbox. It completely integrates with Microsoft tools. This email application allows you to access emails in an organized environment. is a Microsoft webmail platform that provides the and email services. Users can access Microsoft tools through This platform has a clean and intuitive user interface for access to Microsoft email services. The software mentioned for importing IncrediMail into webmail services supports all @ servers and country domains such as

@ is known for both a news site and a collection of internet services. It offers a variety of apps for Windows and mobile devices such as Hotmail, which became, etc. With the help of the mentioned tool, the user can easily import IncrediMail into It is also compatible with @ servers and country domains such as @

So, choose the best email service for you to import IncrediMail folders.

Steps to Import IncrediMail to (Microsoft Webmail)

Step 1: Start the IncrediMail to Webmail Transfer Tool on Windows Machine.

Step 2: Automatically upload data from the configured IncrediMail profile. Users can also select IncrediMail data manually with dual selection options. Click Next.

Step 3: Check and select the required IncrediMail folder and tap on Next.

Step-4: Select or IMAP Server option for all Microsoft Webmail accounts from the list of file saving options.

Step 5: Enter the required credentials details into the software interface to log in.

Step 6: At last, hit the Next button to start IncrediMail transfer to Webmail process.


Hotmail is another great replacement for the IncrediMail application. It is a popular email service offered by Hotmail. Also, it provides a user-friendly interface and an excellent environment to work. It provides so many unique and different features to the users that make the email process easy and convenient.

Please read: If you have an account as then also you can transfer IncrediMail files and folder. The mentioned tool is efficient to import IncrediMail to Hotmail on all the countries’ servers & domains.

Import IncrediMail to Hotmail in 5 simple steps

  1. Run the mentioned software.
  2. It auto-detect data from installed IncrediMail application and hit Next.
  3. Select the required folder and press Next.
  4. Choose Hotmail as the Saving option and enter the credentials to log in.
  5. Tap on Next and analyze live working.

How to Import IncrediMail to Google Webmail ?

Google has launched Gmail in April 2004 and today it has almost 1 billion users. People love the interesting and simple interface. The easy-to-use approach and flexibility. You will be pleased to know Gmail is available in 72 languages. It also provides an unbeatable security function. According to a report, 61% of mid-sized companies use Gmail. Most importantly, after importing IncrediMail to Gmail, you can access Google apps containing features like Photos, Maps, Contacts, Calendar, Drive, Translate and more. So, now you have understood how much it is beneficial to import IncrediMail to Gmail.

How to Import IncrediMail to Yahoo Mail ?

Yahoo provides a standard email service to send and receive email and manage other data. All Yahoo mail is 100 percent encrypted and users have 1TB of storage to hold emails and files. Its chat is available without downloading Yahoo Messenger. It also has a very nice calendar feature to accomplish the task on complete. So, if you want to know how to import IncrediMail to Yahoo Mail directly, read the article.

How to Import IncrediMail to cPanel Webmail ?

cPanel is a control panel that simplifies websites and server management. There are many web hosting companies offering customers cPanel as part of their hosting package. In general, cPanel has two webmail applications, one is Horde and the other is Roundcube.

Horde is free web-based groupware. It comes pre-loaded with a full arsenal of features such as advanced productivity tools and mobile email access. It has a sleek and user-friendly interface for all users. The user can access attachments, HTML composition, address book, calendar, news feed and more.

Roundcube is also a popular choice for a webmail client. It offers a very user-friendly interface with the power of some additional features such as attachments, folder manipulation, message flags, search mail, and many others. The mention utility can import IncrediMail to Horde and Roundcube easily. So, have a look at the steps.

  1. Open the mentioned utility.
  2. It auto-locate data from the configured profile and hit Next.
  3. Check the required mailbox and tap Next.
  4. Select MBOX as the file saving option and enter the final location.
  5. Tap on Next and analyze live working.

Now, Import MBOX Files into Horde Webmail and follow the steps:

  1. Login Horde Webmail by filling credentials.
  2. Select folder and right-click on the label to import/export MBOX files.
  3. Choose the required MBOX files and import them into and click OK.

Which Email Service do You Prefer ?

The free email services above are the best alternatives to IncrediMail. The good thing is that they are free and IncrediMail files and folders are 100% secure. All versions of webmail have a user-friendly interface that is also consistent. We also mentioned information about a one-stop solution to import IncrediMail into webmail. The software is the most reliable and convenient solution that works on all available Windows operating systems.

The software has a free trial version. Start it now! It imports 25 IncrediMail emails and contacts into free email services.