How to Import Hotmail Folders to Gmail Account ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

I have spent a decade using Hotmail but now, I have decided to switch Hotmail to Gmail account. Reason being, I love the features if Gmail – it has huge storage space, much cheaper and requires less manpower for maintenance too. So, I want to import Hotmail folders to Gmail account. Can you suggest me a solution for the same.
-Elman, USA

If your Hotmail  ( previously known as MSN Hotmail ) account is jammed with spam, consists of chunk of emails or is otherwise inaccessible. Then, switching from Hotmail to Gmail account can bring a huge difference in your emailing experience.

Once you import Hotmail folders to Gmail, you can experience the best features of Gmail service which is known worldwide.

There is a very simple way to do it – how to transfer Hotmail folders to Gmail. The trick to do so is to use a reliable software for this: Bitrecover Hotmail Email Backup wizard. This amazing conversion utility gives you accessibility to migrate all hotamail folders to Gmail account with attachments too. The software has a friendlier interface, enabling each user to move Hotmail folders and sub-folders to Gmail easily.

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How to Import Hotmail Folders to Gmail Account ?

Follow these steps to import Hotmail folders to Gmail:-

  1. Launch Hotmail to Gmail conversion wizard.
  2. Choose Hotmail email source and fill account credentials.
  3. Press login to continue and enable required imported Hotmail folders.
  4. Select Gmail saving option to import Hotmail mails and contacts to Gmail.
  5. Enter Gmail account login details and start to import Hotmail to Gmail.

Transfer Hotmail Folders to Gmail – A Complete Stepwise Solution with Pictures

In order to move Hotmail folders to Gmail account, you need an automated solution. This is because the manual methods will lead you in hassle as it requires technical knowledge. So, go through these guidelines to import Hotmail folders to Gmail account.

First of all download, install and run the software on your Windows machine.

Note to remember:- The demo version of this application allows to convert only 25 emails from each Hotmail folder to the selected format. In order to move unlimited emails folders of Hotmail account, please upgrade it to licensed version.

Now, once you have installed the application, go the email sources located in the left panel of window. Scroll down the options and find Hotmail. Choose Hotmail email source to start the process to download Hotmail folders into Gmail account.

Then, enter the email account credentials of your Gmail account such as Email ID and password. Click on Login tab to proceed further.

Thereafter, the software will start analysing all Hotmail folders and will load into the software panel in a moment.

Now, enable only those email folders from Hotmail account like emails, contacts, user’s created folders for the conversion process.

After this, go to the savings option list and select Gmail option.

If you want to save all the Hotmail folders, sub-folders in the default folder then enable this option “Save messages in default folder”.

Then, enter the login details of Gmail account to perform how to move Hotmail folders to Gmail conversion.

This utility offers you an option to do selective email migration of Hotmail folders to Gmail. For this, just enable “Advance settings for selective backup” option. After enabling this, you will able to specify a particular date range and many other features for the conversion process.

Once the process to import Hotmail folders to Gmail finishes, it will give a completion message. Now, open your Gmail account to see the migrated folders from Hotmail into Gmail account.


Why this Software is Recommended to Move Hotmail Folders to Gmail ?

This migration utility is an advanced tool that helps to transfer Hotmail folders to Gmail account in an easiest manner. It has a simple and easy to use GUI which is understandable for both technical as well as non-technical users. The users will not require any special efforts or an external software installation to perform the migration of Hotmail folders into Gmail. This software is capable to solve all such user queries which are mentioned below:

  • How to move Hotmail folders to Gmail with attachments?
  • Can I import Hotmail contacts to Gmail account directly?
  • Does there any solution exists that can transfer Hotmail folders and sub-folders into Gmail account?

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Have A Glance at Software’ s Proficient Features

  1. Using this one-stop solution, you can convert endless Hotmail folders into Gmail account without any hurdles.
  2. The software is well proficient to maintain the internal folder hierarchy throughout the conversion process.
  3. The utility gives an option to import Hotmail folders to Gmail account in a selective manner so as to save time and efforts.
  4. The users can batch transfer Hotmail folders to Gmail along with associated attachments with this tool.
  5. It provides 1005 accuracy with minimum user’s efforts to save Hotmail folders to Gmail account.
  6. The tool is complete safe to move all email folders from Hotmail account into Gmail as it never saves the email credentials.

Video Tutorial – How to Migrate Hotmail Email Folders into Google Gmail ?

Manual Solution 

The Google in-built service gives you option to move Hotmail folders to Gmail. Have a look at the steps:

  • Login to your Gmail account and locate the gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen,
  • Click this gear option and hit on the settings option.
  • Then, go to the Accounts and Import option and find this option Import Mails and Contacts. Enabling this option will jump you to a dialogue box which asks your Hotmail email address.
  • Enter Hotmail email account credentials and continue to move to next step.
  • Thereafter, enable all the required options which you want to import from Hotmail account such as mails, contacts , etc.
  • Now, wait for a moment to start the process to import Hotmail folders to Gmail account.
  • These manual solution can be used but these requires technical expertise and high level patience for going through so many steps. Thus, use the above suggested automated solution to move Hotmail folders to Gmail without any hassle.


There are many situations wherein you need to switch from one email platform to another. For any reason, Gmail turns out to be a good option. Hence, if you are looking for a workaround to import Hotmail folders to Gmail account then, use this recommended solution. This product is efficient and reliable.

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