How to Import Hotmail Emails to Thunderbird with Contacts, Attachments ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Introduction – Do you want to know how to import Hotmail to Thunderbird account with attachments? Read this quick user guide that explains how to convert emails from Hotmail to Mozilla Thunderbird in a few clicks.

You’ll find it easier than you think with the Email Backup Wizard utility. So before you get started download the program on your Windows based machine. Then, quickly go through the Hotmail to Thunderbird conversion process.

Download for Windows  Download for Mac

Hotmail is an outdated email service offered by Microsoft. Its complex design and time-consuming configuration procedure is a great difficulty for many users. Also, its features are not advanced and people are not happy with MS Hotmail email service. Many are even looking for a solution to add Hotmail account email to Thunderbird application. Are you also someone who wants to import the Hotmail mailbox into Mozilla Thunderbird account? If so, you landed on the correct page.

Importing emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird account is a quick process. Run the Hotmail to Thunderbird conversion tool and follow the process. It allows you to transfer bulk emails from Hotmail account to Thunderbird.

The steps are simple. Take a look at the below-mentioned procedure.

How to Import Hotmail to Thunderbird with Attachments ?

Follow these steps to import Hotmail emails to Thunderbird:

  1. Lunch Hotmail to Thunderbird conversion tool.
  2. Choose Hotmail from the source list on the left of GUI.
  3. Enter credentials of your Hotmail account and click on Login tab.
  4. Choose Hotmail folder for conversion process and select Thunderbird as saving option.
  5. Go ahead and hit Backup button to start importing Hotmail emails in Thunderbird profile.

You will be pleased to know that the software allows you to free convert Hotmail emails to Thunderbird account with complete accuracy. The software comes with a demo edition that helps to import the first 25 emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird and it is completely safe. Later, you can switch to Pro edition to import all data from Hotmail account to Mozilla Thunderbird profile.

Convert Emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird Profile with Software Screenshots – Detailed Procedure  

After downloading Hotmail to Thunderbird import tool on your machine, follow the mentioned step-by-step process along with screenshots. So, let’s get started.

First of all, Select Hotmail in the given email source list in the software panel.


Next, enter the Hotmail account credentials such as Username and Password and then click on Login button.

Thereafter, the tool lists all folders from your Hotmail account in the application interface. Now, choose the required folder.


Now, Choose Thunderbird in the saving option list to continue the process. Then, enter a destination location to see the final results.


Enable the Use Advanced Mode option for selective backup of Hotmail emails into Mozilla Thunderbird.


At last, tap on the Backup button to start the conversion process and then wait for a while.


Hence, the software automatically opens the Mozilla Thunderbird to view all Hotmail emails.


Now, you can enjoy!

Hotmail to Thunderbird Converter Description and Specifications

The software is hassle-free and quick solution to migrate Hotmail mailbox data items into Thunderbird profile in a few clicks. It is built with advanced algorithms to simply import bulk Hotmail email to Thunderbird profile with attachments. This is a Useful direct process that a user can follow without learning any specific technical skills. It is an amazing application that works independently to import Hotmail to Thunderbird account.

Product Specification

  1. Advance setting for selective backup – After choosing Thunderbird in the saving option list offered by the software, you will see “Use advance setting for selective backup” checkbox. Enable this option for adding selective Hotmail account email to Thunderbird using filters – date range, subject, to and from.
  2. Support batch conversion – The application is designed in such a way that it helps the user in best possible way. Using the Hotmail to Thunderbird import tool, one can easily convert bulk Hotmail emails to Thunderbird profile to save user time and energy.
  3. Works without any external app – With this software, one can migrate Hotmail to Mozilla Thunderbird account without installing any external application on their machine. It is independent to import Hotmail to Thunderbird.

Key Advantages of Hotmail to Thunderbird Import tool

  1. The program comes with a simple yet well-interactive user interface that makes Hotmail to Thunderbird conversion process
  2. It allows users to batch convert Hotmail emails to Thunderbird with attachments in just one shot.
  3. It offers you to import emails from Hotmail to Thunderbird using the selective migration option.
  4. The user can save Hotmail converted data items to the desired destination path provided by the tool.
  5. The software preserves the internal folder hierarchy of entire Hotmail data for conversion.
  6. It maintains the email components such as sender and receiver details, subject, attachments, images, hyperlinks, etc.
  7. The utility is compatible with all available versions of Windows OS – Windows 10, 8, 8.1, etc.

Frequently Asked Question

✔️ Can I import contacts from Hotmail to Thunderbird using the tool ?

Yes, the tool is capable to convert Hotmail contact to Thunderbird profile.

✔️ Does the software allow me to migrate all data items from Hotmail to Thunderbird ??

Yes, let you import all items from Hotmail mailbox to Thunderbird account.

The Final Words

If you are struggling to import Hotmail to Thunderbird with email attachments, the above-written blog can be quite useful for you. In that, we explain the simplest trick to convert emails from Hotmail account to Thunderbird profile. It is a quick process with Hotmail to Thunderbird conversion tool. It is the safest solution that provides exact results after the process. Users can also try the solution for free demo version.