How to Import Contacts into ZOHO CRM? Easy Ways

Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 8, 2023 • Import Contacts • 6 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article explains step-by-step methods on how to import contacts into ZOHO CRM, specially for those who are having a huge database. Zoho CRM supports formats like, XLS, XLSX, VCF, CSV for importing contacts, but in case of a huge contact database it will only support CSV file format. Here we will also talk about how to convert vCard to CSV contacts for the users who are having their contacts in VCF format. Moreover, we have discussed multiple scenarios including all the major information you need to know before you ZOHO CRM import contacts that will definitely help you. Start reading.


ZOHO CRM is a CRM application meant for the management of business-customer relations. These include sales, marketing, and customer support functionality which allows for lead and contact management, analytics, as well as automation. It is easy to use and convenient as it is operated by a cloud that makes small companies able to improve the relationship with customers and productivity.

Before you Begin, Read This:

  1. Supported Formats: Before you import contacts into ZOHO CRM make sure you have XLS, XLSX, CSV, and VCF formats of your contacts.
  2. Blank Rows: More than ten blanks in a row are considered at the end of this document by Zoho CRM. All information after that is ignored.
  3. File Size Limits: Make sure that the file is not larger than allowed.
    • CSV files: 25 MB for enterprise and ultimate, ten for professional and standard, and five for free.
    • VCF files: 5 MB for all editions.
    • Batch Records: For more than 5000 import records you need to have a .csv file.

Note: Large CSV Files can also be Problematic!

For eg: If you have 50k-1 lakh contacts and you have already converted them into a csv file and now import contacts into ZOHO CRM, it will take a lot of time, and the process might also fail even if a single error occurs. In this case you would have to split the file into a few parts to make it easier and instant to import.

You can use any secure and smart tool to split these large CSV files, as per your choice. One of the tools that professional’s recommend is BitRecover CSV Splitter Tool. It can easily split a huge CSV Database into multiple smaller CSV files while offering you several advanced features for ZOHO CRM import contacts.

How to Move Contacts in ZOHO CRM Manually?

ZOHO CRM provides two in-built features to ZOHO CRM import contacts. Either you can create contacts one-by-one with their details, or simply import a whole .csv, .xls, .xlsx, or .vcf files for bulk contacts. We have explained both of the methods step-by-step below how to import contacts into ZOHO CRM.

Method 1: Create Contacts In ZOHO CRM

  1. Login into your ZOHO CRM Account.
  2. Click on “modules” and then go to “Contact Module”.
  3. Click the “New Contact” button to import contacts into ZOHO CRM.
  4. Indicate the personal data like the name, e-mail, telephone, etc.
  5. Associate the contact with an account, a deal, or other related records optionally.
  6. Include in the post other info like lead source, description, and tags.
  7. To add the new contact into ZOHO CRM click “Save”.
  8. Now, you can add these contacts into your Contacts module.

Note: This method for ZOHO CRM import contacts is not recommended for bulk contacts, creating contacts one-by-one will take so much time and can be frustrating.

Method 2: Import CSV File

  1. Sign into your ZOHO CRM.
  2. Go to “contacts”, and open the drop-down arrow at the rightmost corner of a screen.
  3. Click the “Import contacts” button to import contacts in ZOHO CRM.
  4. Select the CSV containing your contact’s information. Make sure that the file is in a supported format by ZOHO CRM.
  5. Match the CSV file columns to ZOHO CRM fields, ensuring correct alignment of the data.
  6. Check for import settings such as duplicate handling and validation options.
  7. To begin the import process, click on next.
  8. The contacts will be verified, validated, and imported into the ZOHO CRM. You will be notified once the import is complete.

Note: To follow method #2 to import contacts into ZOHO CRM it is important to have a CSV file. If your contacts are in other file formats, such as vCard/ VCF which is the most common file format for contacts, you need to convert them into CSV first. In the next paragraph we have provided the easiest way to convert multiple VCF/ vCard files into CSV at once.

Advanced Tool to Create a CSV File for Huge Database

If you do not have a CSV file, then BitRecover vCard Converter is the most suitable tool to create one at your convenience. This easy to use software enables you to transform your vCard / VCF files into CSV format, suitable for ZOHO CRM’s guidelines to move contacts into ZOHO CRM. This feature enables you to simply convert vCard contacts into CSV, and transferring thousands of contacts does not become an issue while ZOHO CRM import contacts. This is especially useful for those users who must format their contact data in accordance with the import restrictions imposed on ZOHO CRM.

Easy Procedure For to Convert VCF into CSV:

  1. Launch the given tool in your computer to import contacts into ZOHO CRM.
  2. Choose and import the vCard (VCF) files you want to take into the program from your computer.
  3. Click the “Convert” tab and choose the CSV for your output.
  4. Select a destination where you would want to store this converted CSV.
  5. You have successfully converter all you vCard files into CSV.


The above guide explains how to import contacts into ZOHO CRM while providing several important information about ZOHO CRM importing contacts to ease and speed the process. ZOHO CRM only allows CSV files for more than 5,000 contacts and it encounters so many challenges while importing, we also provided a solution for this issue. The tools mentioned in the articles makes the process much easier and faster and does not let you face any problem. Without any frustration you can easily ZOHO CRM import contacts in bulk.

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