How to Import Contacts.edb to Thunderbird?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

We live in a digital world, so it is essential to have a basic knowledge of running and common email clients. And I feel many users are looking for a way “How to import Contacts.edb into Thunderbird?”.

As we all know that Windows Live Mail is a desktop-based email client. But the fact is that this email application stopped after the launch of Windows 8.1 and was replaced by the Mail app.

The user’s query I saw on the internet was something like this

“I have bought a new laptop which has Windows 11. So, I want to transfer all my data to the new laptop. I was creating a folder to keep all my data in one place and I found the contact.edb file. And currently, I am using the Thunderbird application. Because Thunderbird is an open-source desktop-based email client. I want to import Contacts.edb into Thunderbird. But I don’t know how to import it. Please can anyone suggest to me a direct and reliable solution to import Contacts.edb into Thunderbird?”

If you face the same issues. Then, this blog will explain the complete process and solve your all query.

Default Location Where the Contacts.edb files are saved

For Windows 8 OS –

C:/User/ (User Name)/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Live/Contacts/Default

For Windows Vista, 7 OS –

C:/User/ (User Name)/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows Live Contacts/[Guid]/DBStore

For Windows XP OS –

C:/Document and Settings/ (user name) /Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Windows Live Contacts/[Guid]/DBStore

Guaranteed approach to Import Contacts.edb to Mozilla Thunderbird

We Provide You Professional Solution BitRecover Windows Live Mail Contacts to Thunderbird is a reliable solution that converts Contacts.edb file to Thunderbird. And users want to convert contacts.edb file to Outlook PST then this software will help you.

Download For Windows

Feature of the Software

  • Maintain the Folder structure – This tool maintains all contacts details during the importing process. The contacts property like name, phone number, notes, addresses, contact image, etc.
  • The tool auto-locates all the contacts from the default storage location.
  • This software runs all Windows versions such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and so on.
  • There is no need to install the Windows Live Mail email client. In this situation, the software offers you to select manually WLM Contacts.edb files.
  • If you want to import particular contacts then the filter option will help you. Data range, Subject, From, To, Mails, Calendars, etc. with these filter options you can smoothly import contacts.edb to Thunderbird.

Complete guide to the Software

  1. Firstly, Download and install the software on your Windows system.
  2. Secondly, the software gives you dual options
    first, it works automatically to upload the WLM contacts file from the default storage.
    Users can manually upload the file by clicking the Select Files / Select Folders option.load contacts.edb files
  3. Now, all the files and folders are shown in the software panel. Select the folder and hit the Next contacts.edb folders to Thunderbird
  4. After that, select the vCard option from the saving file vCard option
  5. Choose the vCard format from the saving format option.change saving format
  6. Also, you can choose the destination location by clicking the browse option.
  7. Click the Filter options, if you want to import selective contacts.choose filter option to import contacts.edb to Thunderbird
  8. After completing all the tasks, the utility will show you the completion message. Click on the OK tab for confirmation.complete conversion contacts.edb to VCF

Now you have a vCard (VCF) file. It’s time to Import into Thunderbird.

Manually Import Contacts.edb File into Thunderbird

Follow all the steps to convert the VCF file into the Mozilla Thunderbird application.

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird email client and choose the Address Book Thunderbird
  • Next, click on the Tools option then the Import tool option to import contacts.edb to Thunderbird
  • On the next screen, choose the Address Books option >> Next.choose address books
  • Select the vCard file (.vcf) option from the Please select the type of the file that you would like to import and click the Next option for continuous process.

    choose VCF option to contacts.edb to Thunderbird

  • Next, select the vCard contact file and hit the Open tab.

    choose vCard file

  • Thereafter, click the Ok tab to begin the task.

    successfully import

  • Lastly, you can check all the contacts into the Thunderbird account.check contact.edb file to Thunderbird

Final Words

Here, we will provide you best professional approach which can easily import Contacts.edb to Thunderbird.  Also, there is no direct way to change in Thunderbird. This process is divided into two parts. In a first way, you need the professional method. Another way, as we show above, you can do it manually.

We suggest that you try out the demo version of the software first. If you are completely satisfied then you can continue with the purchased version.