How to Migrate iCloud Account to Another iCloud ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

I am running two iCloud accounts and now want to consolidate all of my important emails in one. How can I achieve this iCloud to iCloud transfer process?
– An Apple User, Germany

Unfortunately, there is no direct solution to transfer iCloud data to a new iCloud+ account. You need to be tech-savvy for this. Such type of problems is encountered by various Apple Mail users. A majority of people stores emails and important data in an iCloud account as a backup. So, it becomes quite complicated to migrate iCloud account to another iCloud+ account.

Under this circumstance, we strongly suggest you move data from one iCloud account to another with the help of a third-party solution. To help you to do the iCloud to iCloud transfer tool we suggest you try the BitRecover Email Backup Wizard. It is a professional solution that can quickly transfer all iCloud emails to a new iCloud account.

How to Transfer iCloud Emails to iCloud+ Account ?

Follow these steps to transfer emails from one iCloud to another iCloud:

  1. Download and start the iCloud to iCloud transfer tool.
  2. Select the iCloud email source and enter the account details.
  3. Specify required iCloud emails for migration.
  4. Choose IMAP Server as the destination and fill in its details.
  5. Start to transfer iCloud data to another iCloud+ account.

How about giving a free trial of the software? Click on the green button given below to download the demo version of iCloud+ transfer software. It will help you to check the software’s proficiency. Also, it permits to move few iCloud emails to another iCloud+ account. This process will take in few seconds but if you wish to migrate more iCloud emails to your new iCloud account. Then, purchase the license keys of the tool.

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How to Transfer iCloud Data to New iCloud Account ? – Understand with the Help of Pictures

In this section, you will get to know how to export iCloud+ emails to another iCloud account. We will be using the iCloud option from the list of 90+ cloud email services. Now, just follow these guidelines to understand better how to transfer iCloud to iCloud+.

Step 1- Install and launch the iCloud to iCloud migration tool on your Windows machine. Choose iCloud as an email source.


Step 2- Enter the details of your iCloud account i.e. email address and password.


Step3- The utility will swiftly start fetching all iCloud mailboxes into the software panel.


Step 4- Choose IMAP as a saving option from the list of file saving types.


Step 5- Now, enter all the iCloud+ to iCloud transfer options in the tool. Such as the save messages in the default folder, Advanced mode, email address, password, IMAP host, IMAP Port No, and Advanced settings for selective conversion.


Step 6- Fill all the credentials of your destination iCloud+ account in which you to transfer all your original iCloud account data. Enter IMAP Host as and Host number as 993.


Step 7- Hit on the backup button to start the migration of iCloud messages to iCloud account.


What Next? At the end of the transfer process, the software will give a SavingLog report that comprises all of your information.

Thus, from this, we can say that is very easy to export iCloud+ emails to another with this solution. There are no file restrictions to do iCloud to iCloud transfer. Therefore, one can move unlimited iCloud mailboxes to new iCloud account. The whole migration process is performed in a cloud environment. Hence, the tool only needs the login credentials of the source and destination iCloud email accounts.

What are the Specialties of the Software ?

  1. a) Batch Migration of multiple accounts – We understand that the users may have more than one email account for multiple purposes. That’s why we have built this software in such a way that it meets all the requirements. It offers an advanced mode option using which one can transfer more than one iCloud email account to a destination.
  2. b) Data filter options – The iCloud email to iCloud transfer tool provides data filter options. This option enables users to transfer iCloud data to new iCloud account in a selective manner. It facilitates to move of iCloud mailboxes as per date range, subject, From, To, etc.
  3. c) Windows compatibility – You can install this utility on all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It runs smoothly on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

FAQs – iCloud to iCloud Transfer Tool

Ques 1- What is the minimum number of emails that I can transfer from one iCloud account to another with this software?

Ans- With the trial version of the software, you can migrate 25 iCloud mail data items to new iCloud account.

Ques 2- Can I use this iCloud to iCloud+ transfer utility on my Windows 10 laptop?

Ans- Yes, you can use this application on all Windows versions including the Windows 10 OS.

Ques 3- Does this software maintains the folder hierarchy of my mailboxes while migrating iCloud account to another iCloud account?

Ans- Yes, the utility preserves the folder structure of the iCloud mailboxes during the process.


In this blog, we have described how to transfer iCloud data to a new iCloud+ account. The iCloud to iCloud transfer tool is a reliable application that works on all Windows OS. You can use the free trial version of the application to evaluate the tool’s features and functionalities. There are no bugs or errors associated with this application.