How to Convert HTML to DOC, DOCX File Format with Best HTML to Word Converter ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


The HTML to word converter is a quick and seamless way to automate your HTML to document conversion process. It’s lightweight yet robust interface makes it the most reliable option for anyone looking to rapidly process a small or large number of HTML file documents.

The HTML to DOCX converter has a full set of customizable functions. These include multiple file selection options, file naming convention, various saving types, free demo version.

In this post, we will look at the method to convert HTML to word DOC format.

What Are Some Use Cases to Convert HTML to DOC/DOCX ?

There are many instances that call the need to convert HTML page to word document. HTML to word document converter is useful in everything from legal settings to corporate environments. You can use it to convert HTML to DOCX format to create customized reports. The developers can utilize an HTML to document converter to turn HTML file reports into word files for easier consumption or storage. These are just a few cases wherein you need to convert HTML to word DOC.

Free Download HTML to DOC Converter Tool

Download for Windows

The trial version of the HTML Converter software will allow users to export the first 25 items of each HTML folder to the Word Document. If you want to migrate unlimited HTML emails to DOC file, then you need to have the activated version of this utility. It is one of your own types of advanced migration applications from HTML to Word DOC file and your work is very easy. Follow these below simple steps to understand it’s working.

How to Convert HTML to DOC in 7 Easy Steps ?

Use the HTML to word converter tool and follow the steps given below to convert HTML to DOCX-

Step1: Run HTML to DOC Converter software into your PC.

Select Files
Step2: Load HTML files which you want to convert HTML to word document, Select Files or Select Folders option to batch convert HTML to DOC file.

Choose .html files
Step3: This application offers several saving options, choose DOC as a saving format because Word DOC files can be opened easily with Microsoft Word.

html to doc converter
Step4: Batch HTML to DOC converter provides Multiple File Naming option, so you can select any of one.

convert html to doc
Step5: Now, choose the Destination Path to export HTML to DOC file format.

Destination path
Step6: The HTML file to DOC conversion is running now, it will successfully complete in a few seconds.

html file to doc
Step7: After pressing the OK button, the application to convert HTML to DOC will automatically open the destination path so that users can easily get the Resultant DOC Files.

html to word doc file

From the above section, we can easily conclude that it is one of the best toolkits available in today’s time to batch convert HTML to DOC data files. The application is easy to use, even a non-technical person can easily handle the tool. The best thing is that the utility offers various savings options. The user can select the desired savings option according to their convenience.

Major Features of HTML to Word Converter

  • BitRecover HTML to DOCX Converter offers double options for browsing HTML files in the software interface.
  • After selecting a folder with several HTML files, the tool shows all the files in the application panel. From here users can choose only specific HTML files for the conversion.
  • BitRecover HTML to DOCX Converter gives you the freedom to choose the destination location path to store the resulting MS Word documents items.
  • The tool has a separate option for saving converted messages in the same source folder with one click.
  • The HTML to Word Converter software comes with numerous file name options. So, that users can easily manage their resulting DOC data files professionally.
  • This application to convert HTML to DOC displays a live conversion status report during conversion. Once completed, automatically creates a log report as well.
  • It is a software-based on Windows operating system. Hence, can be installed on all machines based on the latest Windows operating system and previous 32 bits and 64 bits.
  • HTML to DOC Converter lets you convert HTML files to Word in batches and keeps the email attachments in a separate folder.

Benefits of DOC File

A DOC file is also called as a word processing document file generated by the MS Word program, as well as some other word processing programs i.e., OpenOffice, Apple Pages, etc. It can contain text, table, table, WordArt, signature line, images, hyperlinks, date and time, symbols, objects, header, footer, forms, much more. A DOC file is very important for students, teachers, engineers, doctors, IT companies, to complete their daily needs, such as curriculum, letters, notes, invitations, etc.

  • No Internet connectivity is needed to open DOC files, users can double-click to read MS Word documents.
  • DOC files can be easily opened with several computer programs including MS Word, LibreOffice, Microsoft Wordpad, Kingsoft Writer, Apple Pages, Apache OpenOffice, or many more.
  • Different types of OS support DOC files, like Windows. Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.
  • Users can effortlessly send or receive resulting DOC files as email attachments and it is very safe and secure from viruses.

Clients Reviews

“I wanted to convert HTML to DOC file format to access them in MS Word Document. But I could not find a safe way to export emails from HTML file to Word. Then, one of my friends suggested the BitRecover HTML to DOC Converter tool. This software is like magic. I was able to convert all my emails from the HTML folder to Word with attachments. I am not a technocrat, but the easy-to-use interface of this tool allowed me to work with it without any issue. Thanks, the BitRecover team for developing a tool so rich in features.”

“Recently, my client asked me to convert HTML to Word DOC format. At first, it was a challenging task for me, since I did not know how to implement the task. Then I searched the Internet and learned about BitRecover HTML to Word Converter. With this amazing software, I was able to export HTML to DOC format along with the attachments. In addition, the software is associated with many beneficial features.”

It’s the Conclusion Time

In this write-up, we have explained the detailed approach to convert selective or multiple HTML files to DOC format. Evaluate the free HTML to DOC converter Tool to test the work efficiency of the toolkit that is capable of exporting 25 emails. After complete satisfaction with the DEMO version, the user can buy the full version to save or convert HTML to DOC mailbox. In case you need more help, contact our specialized technical team.