How to Send Email from SquirrelMail to Gmail with Attachments? – Learn a Direct Method 

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary – If you are someone looking for a solution to send email from SquirrelMail to Gmail with attachments, you’re in luck today. This quick user guide details the complete step-by-step process to export SquirrelMail mailbox to a personal Gmail account. It is fairly simple and simple. So, let’s get started.

Whether you work in an office or at home, emails are important. It is considered one of the most reliable ways to exchange information widely. Technology is developing very quickly and it also offers new ways to manage our data. Nowadays, users are looking for an easy solution to switch from SquirrelMail to Gmail.

A good way to migrate email messages from SquirrelMail to Gmail is to use the Email Backup wizard. It is 100% fast and safe. This program can be used to migrate bulk SquirrelMail emails to a Gmail account. Let’s understand the process step by step.

Directly Send Emails from SquirrelMail to Gmail in 5 Basic Steps

Take a look at the specific screenshots and their description to perfectly send your SquirrelMail emails into Gmail account with attachments.

Wait, you can also try the free demo version of the tool that allows you to perform SQUIRRELMAIL data to Gmail migration process directly. It helps you to migrate the first 25 emails from SQUIRRELMAIL folder to Google Mail with attachments.

Wait, you can also try the free demo of the tool that allows you to export 25 emails from SquirrelMail webmail to personal Gmail account. This way you can understand the software working and installation for free.

So, now download and launch the application on Windows computer. Then, follow the given steps.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

  • Step-1 Select SquirrelMail from source list in the software panel.

  • Step-2 Next, fill the credentials such as Username and Password. After, click on Login button.

  • Step-3 Now, pick a folder containing required SquirrelMail emails to continue the process.

  • Step-4 Choose Gmail in the list of Savings and enter credentials to login.

  • Step -5 Apply Advance filter and click on Backup button to send email from SquirrelMail to Gmail.

It’s over now. Login to your personal Gmail account and see the resultant data with attachments.

A Brief Overview of SquirrelMail to Gmail Export Tool  

The tool is an accurate solution that can run on all versions of Windows. The program provides the direct option to send bulk emails from SquirrelMail emails to a Gmail account. The program only requires credentials to complete the email migration. The tool is easy to use for everyone as it does not require any specific skills. It is able to export unlimited emails from SquirrelMail to Gmail with attachments. This reliable application doesn’t alter any of information or data loss.

Prime Features of the Software 

Use Batch Mode: It is the most attractive feature of this application. With this feature, you can batch export multiple SquirrelMail to Gmail account data at once.

Simple User Interface: This is the best tool to send emails from SquirrelMail to Google without facing hassle. The tool comes up with the very simple and intuitive graphical user interface.

Get Complete Migration: With this application, users can easily switch from SquirrelMail to Google Mail account directly. Also, the tool supports to migrate SquirrelMail to Google account mail along with attachments.

No Limitations: There is a file size limit imposed on this application. Users can easily migrate unlimited Google account data to new email account with all properties.

Maintains Folder Hierarchy: While sending SquirrelMail emails to Gmail account, the tool maintains the folder structure and hierarchy. Users can easily get the exact and accurate email migration.

Standalone Application: To export  SquirrelMail mailbox to Gmailaccount, there is no need to install any supportive application. It is completely a standalone application.

All Windows Compatible: The tool successfully supports all the edition of Windows OS. Users can easily install or operate this software on Windows 10 and other earlier editions.

Read Some FAQ’s

How can I migrate SquirrelMail mailboxes to my personal Gmail account?

Ans. The complete process for SquirrelMail folder to Gmail migration is mentioned in the above blog. Please read and follow the given steps.

How many emails can I migrate from SquirrelMail to Gmail at once ?

Ans. Using the software, one can migrate bulk SQUIRRELMAIL emails into a Gmail account with attachments.

Does the tool support Windows XP edition to get started ?

Ans. Yes, the program is compatible with all the available Windows OS editions.

The Final Words

Migrating email from one platform to another is a common task these days. It all depends on your choice of solution. So if you want send email from SquirrelMail to Gmail account, read the blog above. A direct approach to export Squirrel emails to Gmail account has been explained. It is a highly recommended and impressive method that you can try for free. So, go and use the solution to complete your task.