How to Backup A Large Outlook PST File ? – Simple and Effective Guide

backup, May 27, 2020


Does your Outlook mailbox is growing larger, but you are getting scared off by the technical methods to backup a large Outlook PST file? This friendly article walks you through everything you need to know for taking backup of large Outlook data files locally on computer.

From 2010 till now, I have the same version of Outlook configured on my computer. But, now I am trying to upgrade my Outlook. Due to great usage, the size of Outlook mailbox is getting huge. Hence, finally I have decided to backup large Outlook PST file before upgrading my computer.

Outlook users often seems to be plagued with the complications while taking backup of emails.

Sounds like you? If so, you’re landed at a right place.

We have prepared some right guidelines to take a backup of a large Outlook PST file.

Here’s the simplified solution for making backup of bulk of PST files: BitRecover Outlook PST Converter.

But, what makes it different from the manual workarounds for backup of Outlook mailboxes?

There is shockingly huge difference between the standard backup methods and the above suggested software. The answer lies in these amazing facts:

  1. This tool can automatically load all the configured Outlook data files rapidly.
  2. Take backup of large Outlook PST mailboxes into individual email file as EML. 
  3. Read EML files with the Free EML Viewer after successfully taking backup of large PST files.

In a nutshell, we can say that it has proven to by far the most reliable utility for any individual looking for backing up of large Outlook mailboxes.

How to Backup a Large Outlook PST File ?

This solution is the fastest way to backup a large Outlook PST file to your computer. For doing so, just go through these guidelines.

Download the software by hitting on this green button provided below.

SIDENOTE: This is software’s demo version. It allows to convert top 25 data items from Outlook folders. For more conversion, please upgrade the license.

Read all the guidelines and press on the Next tab.

So, now, the software will give you two options for loading Outlook data files for backup.

  1. Convert configured Outlook mailbox data: This will upload Outlook data files from the location C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

Simultaneously press on the Next tab to move further.

Here, you will see that the software will load all the configured Outlook mailbox data into GUI.

  1. Let me select my Outlook mailbox data: From this option you can have “dual options” to upload Outlook data files or folders into GUI if you don’t have Outlook configured on your machine.

Select Files- load multiple Outlook files from the storage location; click on Open tab to load the PST files.

Select Folders- Load multiple Outlook folders for conversion

After this, hit on the Next.

Now, pick the required Outlook PST files which you want to backup. Again, click on Next.

Now, from the file saving options, choose EML. In this way you can backup a large Outlook PST files into single EML files.

Thereafter, choose a location of your choice for saving the resultant backup data. Although it saves the data at the desktop location as you can see in this screenshot. However, you can easily change it with the browse button located at the right corner of destination path option.

After this, pick a desired file naming option for arranging the resultant Outlook data files. Also, tap on the Convert tab to begin to backup bulk of Outlook PST files.

You can see that after the backup finishes, the tool provides a “Conversion completed successfully” message displayed on the screen.

1. Please follow proper guidelines while taking backup of large Outlook PST files.
2. For any sort of assistance during the backup, feel free to contact technical support unit available 24*7.

Why Should I Use this Outlook Backup Software ?

This software program can perfectly backup a large Outlook PST files. It can be downloaded on all Windows OS – Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

One can efficiently backup a large Outlook PST file along with other attributes such as attachments, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. You can even recover the corrupted Outlook data files with the recovery mode option. Moreover, if due to some reasons, the files are deleted, even then this option is application to backup large PST files.

What more this tool offers? Keep reading!

The users who have an older versions of MS Outlook need not to bother. As the utility can make a backup of multiple Outlook data files from various versions of MS Outlook such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

It is supportable with both ANSI and Unicode PST files. Even if we look at the user queries, we often observe that still users are using the older versions of Outlook. So, what if you are using an old ANSI PST file created with Outlook 2002, even then after the backup, it can be used with the latest Outlook versions.

Sounds interesting? We have an entire guide on export Outlook emails to USB drive.

Some great places to learn more: head over to our in-depth Youtube tutorial on how you can import Outlook PST files into any IMAP email.

What are the Scenarios for Bulk Backup of Huge Outlook PST Files, actually?

Now we know that to backup a large Outlook PST file is simple and rapid.

Which brings us to the big question: what are the real pictures when it comes down to taking backup of large Outlook data files.

The answer can be many, but here are the major inferences that we got to know from users.

  • The amount of emails we send and receive keeps increasing the Outlook mailboxes. The repercussions are that huge mailboxes containing chunks of Outlook data files can take longer time to open and search. On this note, email providers limit the maximum storage limit of mailbox.
  • If ever you get a message that your mailbox has exceeded the size limit, then deleting the emails and folders is a one way out. But, if all you information is saved in an Outlook data file (.PST), then that data file may not drop off in size automatically.
  • Once after the backup of Outlook data files is done, you can recover huge information if you face certain unexpected situations like hard drive failure, mistakenly deleting mailboxes, exporting information from one partition to other drive, or if you are migrating data from one desktop to another.

Don’t worry you don’t need to wrap you head around everything if you have suffered from any of these situations.

Bottom line:

We have a smart option for you – take backup of large Outlook PST files with this software and get rid of these problems in couple of mouse clicks.

Over to You

We have just covered all the major steps involved in taking backup of a large Outlook PST file.

Where to go from here? After the backup of Outlook data files, we highly recommend to check out BitRecover Free EML Viewer which is a rich featured software for reading the EML files without supportable email clients.

Hopefully, this post gave you enough information as well as actionable tips to get started on your journey towards backing up large PST files.

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