How to Backup A Large Outlook PST File? Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Backup a Large Outlook.pst File – It happens most of the time when users get some errors in Outlook like “cannot backup large .pst files” or “PST size increased/exceeded” while your storage file (PST) size is increased more than standard size 50GB. We noticed that it happens because of the large size of Outlook PST Files.

Even though it is, the large size of the PST file is not the only factor that causes problems; there are a great many other factors as well that cause Outlook to produce errors of this sort. The purpose of this blog is to provide a solution to back up a large outlook.pst file.

Before showing you the complete process, you must follow and read some important information about the process.

Why Do Users Want to Save Large Outlook PST Files?

Now we know that to back up a large Outlook.PST file is simple and rapid. This brings us to the big question: what are the real pictures when it comes down to taking backup of large Outlook data files. The answer can be many, but here are the major inferences that we got to know from users.

  • The number of emails we send and receive keeps increasing in the Outlook mailboxes. The repercussions are that huge mailboxes containing chunks of Outlook data files can take a longer time to open and search. On this note, email providers limit the maximum storage limit of mailboxes.
  • If ever you get a message that your mailbox has exceeded the size limit, then deleting the emails and folders is a one-way out. But, if all your information is saved in an Outlook data file (.PST), then that data file may not drop off in size automatically.
  • Once the back of a large Outlook.pst file is done, you can recover huge information if you face certain unexpected situations like hard drive failure, mistakenly deleting mailboxes, exporting information from one partition to another drive, or if you are migrating data from one desktop to another.

Don’t worry you don’t need to wrap your head around everything if you have suffered from any of these situations to back up a large Outlook.pst file.

What File System Do You Use?

The technical term for this is your computer’s file system. When a file system is installed, it will have a maximum file size, and if that maximum file size is exceeded, it will delete all of the files. Now, the file system that it operates depends on the computer you’re using.

FAT32, since this is the standard file system that your system uses. If you are working with a FAT32 file system, then the maximum size of a cluster cannot exceed 4 gigabytes; this is the maximum file size that the FAT file system can support. There is a do-it-yourself answer to this problem, and that is to convert your file system to NTFS. This is because it allows a file size of up to about 16 billion bytes, making it suitable for extremely huge files.

How to Change the File System from FAT to NTFS?

  1. Go to Command Prompt and hit the “Windows + R” >> type cmd.
  2. After that, type convert b: /fs:NTFS

Successfully your file system is changed now.

Important Note: Before changing your file system, must read the complete information mentioned below:

  • The b: in the syntax refers to your local drive. Consequently, change it with the drive letter of the external storage disc you have.
  • The user of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 must complete these instructions to enter the command prompt; otherwise, the syntax won’t function:
    1. Open menu.
    2. Click right on “Command Prompt”.
    3. And then, hit the “Run AS Administrator” option.
    4. Confirm the pop-up message.
  • Check the current file system
    1. Click right on the “Driver Explorer” option.
    2. Hit on the Properties >> Check your File System.

How to Back Up a Large Outlook.pst File Manually?

Users can use these manual methods to back up a large Outlook.pst file like Delete the unnecessary pieces of data, and in the meanwhile, you may get rid of the deleted folder, the empty folder, and so on.

Method 1: Archive Outlook Data

  1. Open Outlook on your machine.
  2. Now hit the file tab >> “Account Setting” option.
  3. Choose “Data Files” >> “Add” option.
  4. And then, “Rename” and hit the “OK” button to back up a large Outlook.pst file.

The data file for your archive may be found at a place separate from the PST file. Importing an Outlook Data File into Outlook allows you to access any of your archived files whenever you choose.

Method 2: Compact Outlook Data File

  1. Click Right on the required PST to Compact
  2. Press Data File properties.
  3. There is an Advanced Tab > press the Compact now
  4. Your PST file gets successfully Compacted.

Your problem should now be solved if you follow all of these steps. Even if you are unable to back up huge PST files, refer to the next section nevertheless.

Manual methods are so easy but I do not recommend manual methods to back up a large Outlook.pst file. Because large PST files always have a risk of damage and corruption. Also, processing the method requires high technical knowledge. Use a third-party tool, like which we mentioned below:

How to Backup a Large Outlook.pst File Professionally?

This BitRecover PST File Software can perfectly backup large Outlook PST files. It can be downloaded on all Windows OS – Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, etc.

One can efficiently backup a large Outlook PST file along with other attributes such as attachments, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. You can even recover the corrupted Outlook data files with the recovery mode option. Moreover, if due to some reasons, the files are deleted, even then this option is an application to back up a large Outlook.pst file.

The users who have an older version of MS Outlook need not bother. As the utility can make a backup of multiple Outlook data files from various versions of MS Outlook such as 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

It is supportable with both ANSI and Unicode PST files. Even if we look at the user queries, we often observe that still, users are using the older versions of Outlook. So, what if you are using an old ANSI PST file created with Outlook 2002, even then after the back of a large Outlook.pst file, it can be used with the latest Outlook versions.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Steps to Manage Large to Outlook PST Files

  1. Download and run the software.

    software to Backup a Large Outlook.pst File

  2. Upload PST file manually or select configured Outlook with the machine it will load data automatically.

    Upload PST file

  3. Now select the required data from the screen to back up a large Outlook.pst file.

    required data

  4. Next, hit the “Select Saving Option” and choose the required formats like PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, PDF, and other formats.

    select saving option

  5. If you choose the “PST” format, then you can easily split the PST file into the required GB (we are choosing MSG format).

    choose “PST” format

  6. Browse the destination at the required location.
  7. Apply the File Naming Option to manage all the converted data via date, To, from, and subject.
  8. Lastly hit the “Convert” icon to back up a large Outlook.pst file.

    file naming option

Time to Say Goodbye

In this write-up, we walked you through the whole process of dealing with large.pst files in Outlook. In addition to this, we resolved all of the issues that arose while carrying out the procedure. The manual techniques are the most effective, but they always have their limits. Therefore, you should seek the assistance of a tool provided by a third party.