Learn About YouTube Kids Application in Detail

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 2 Min Read

YouTube is the best way to learn something new. It is such Google application, which is used by everyone including kids. Now, Google is improving its YouTube Kids App to improve control over what their children should watch, making it completely kid-friendly YouTube app. All the videos and channels to be watched by children are only decided by parents.

YouTube kids is properly independent application for the smartphones and tablets. This prepares the availability to subset of videos that are present on main site. There are 70 billion views since application has been launched in the year 2015. This application is utilized by more than 11 million families. This noteworthy change in application is that Google offers parents great control over which their kid can watch videos.

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Updated Features for YouTube Kids App

There are some features, which are updated by the YouTube as mentioned:

  • Offers Content by YouTube Kids

The content partners of Google are YouTube kids and even others also, who will provide a trusted collection on varied topics from sports, art & craft, learnings, etc. This feature allows the parents to choose only the topics that they require. Just go to the profile settings >> select kids-friendly YouTube channels from the availability.

  • Approved Content by Parents

Parents can give the best direction to their kids via kid-friendly YouTube application. As parents know better than other what their kids should actually watch.

  • Better Search-Off Control

If the parents should search-off within the YouTube kid application. It will limit the numerous recommendation and only desired channel or videos will appear that are verified by Google.

  • Time Setting Option to Watch Video

This is the most essential feature that allows parents to set the timer with particular time bound for their kids. Once the time limit is over, the application will automatically lock. This avoids kids from consuming more time on Internet.

Final Words

The main focus area by giving more control to parents and make correct decision on what their kids should watch or not is really the best update of Google. It will be beneficial for the parents.