How to Forward Namecheap Email to Gmail Account with Attachments?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Introduction: In the following guide, we help you with an automatic and reliable solution to forward Namecheap email to Gmail account. It’s easy and quick. You can also use the mentioned solution without spending any penny (FREE.)

Now, if you planned to forward emails from Namecheap user account to Gmail, you many know its manual process is outdated and tiring. Also, non-technical users can find it complex to understand.

Another limitation is that your Namecheap email forwarding to Gmail account one-by-one. It means you need to give hours for the process.

It is why people are looking for an automated solution that can change from Namecheap to Gmail instantly and properly.

Top-Performing Solution for Namecheap to Gmail Forward Process

As you all know, the manual trick is less reliable and promises to forward Namecheap email to Gmail. Users can try BitRecover. It is a professional and easy solution for Namecheap forward email to Gmail task. The great thing is that you can forward bulk Namecheap emails at once. The conversion speed of the tool is fastest. In a couple of clicks, Namecheap to Gmail forward process gets done.

How to Forward Namecheap Email to Gmail ?

  1. Setup and start the mentioned software.
  2. Choose Namecheap as a source and enter credentials.
  3. Select the required mailbox for the forward process.
  4. Pick Gmail as the saving and fill the credential details.
  5. Hit the Backup button and complete the task.

That’s all. In this way, you can forward multiple Namecheap emails to Gmail account with properties. The process is quick and safe.

Try it For No Cost – Download Demo Edition

The software comes with a free trial edition that anyone can use without sharing the details of the credit card. Simply click on the Download Now button. The tool gets launched in your system. After that, select 25 emails Namecheap to forward into Gmail account. It is the limitation of the demo edition. So, after knowing the program, get the Pro edition and completely forward all emails from Namecheap to Gmail.

Complete Step-wise Guide for Namecheap Email Forward to Gmail Account

The following instruction helps you to understand the working of the program more clearly. Understand the steps with the figures.

Launch the application on any of the Windows Operating System.

Download New Purchase New

Choose Namecheap as the required source and then fill the details like email address and password. Then, click on the login tab.

choose namecheap

Now, pick the mailbox need to get forwarded in the Gmail account and tap on Next.

pick the mailbox

Select Gmail from the saving list.

select gmail

Next, enter your account credentials such as username and password. Finally, click on the Backup button.

account credentials

Where Can I Check the Results After the Process Ends?

Once you click on the Backup button, the forwarding process live report is shown. After it ends, you are given a complete conversion message. Click on its OK tab. Then, get a detailed log text document. Now, finally, open your Gmail email account and get Namecheap emails forwarded in it.

Read a Note:- You can only install the software on your system if you have 48.7 MB of free hard disk space and a minimum 512 MB of RAM.

Read The Significant Benefits Of The Software

Easily forward complete data: This is the most reliable tool for those who want to forward Namecheap emails to Gmail. You can complete the entire task without losing any information.

100% true: This is risk-free. You can safely forward emails from Namecheap to Gmail.

Advanced features: The tool provides many advanced and attractive features. If you want to perform selective mailbox migration, check the mailbox for the process.

Forward emails with attachments: The tool successfully supports forwarding Namecheap emails with attachments to Gmail accounts.

Independent platform: The program is standalone. It means no supporting applications are required to complete this task.

Windows-based application: It is a completely Windows-based application. Also, the software can install in all the latest and earlier versions of Windows, such as 10, 8.1, 8, etc.

Maintain email objects: The software can forward Namecheap emails to Gmail with all properties such as email body, signature, header, attachments, and other information.

The Conclusion

The blog above informs you about a quick method to forward Namecheap emails to Gmail account. It is a quick and safe trick. Using the mentioned solution, you can do the task automatically and get complete results. In case of any doubt, please connect to our support team anytime. They are in your service 24*7.