How Can You Forward AWS Email to Gmail Account Directly?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Introduction: In this post, you will be introduced to a helpful solution for forwarding email from AWS to Gmail. After reading this, you can forward email to Gmail account with attachments easily and quickly. So here we go.

Hello BitRecover team,
We can forward incoming emails from AWS to someone who uses the same domain. But we want to forward some mailboxes from Amazon Workmail to a Gmail account. How is that possible? Explain the process step by step.
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It is a concern for most Amazon Workmail users that they cannot forward emails to other email platforms. In this guide, we will help you forward incoming emails to Gmail with attachments. It is easy and simple. You can do it without any alteration to the data and attachments. So now, talk about the ultimate solution to forward incoming emails to Gmail account.

Forward AWS Email to Gmail Account –Trusted and Powerful Tool 

BitRecover Amazon Workmail Backup Tool is a complete and quick solution for forwarding AWS mailbox to Google Mail account. Using the solution, one has the freedom to progress AWS emails to Gmail inbox in batches. It is a trusted solution and well-known for accuracy and precision. It has an interactive and simplified interface that anyone can use to complete the AWS forwarding email to Gmail process. The working of the application is quick and easy. It also finishes the process in a few taps of clicks.

How to Forward AWS Mailbox to Gmail Account ?

  1. Open and run the BitRecover program mentioned.
  2. Select and enter your AWS account credentials and press Login.
  3. Now, choose the required email folder for the forwarding process.
  4. Choose Gmail as a required save option and fill in the details.

Congratulations! You forward AWS emails to Gmail account successfully. You can see the results in the Gmail account without any changes and complete accuracy.

Access the Solution without Giving Any Charges – Free Trial
The Free demo version of the mentioned solution is a treat for the Amazon Workmail users to forward emails to Gmail account. The process is simple and quick. You can download it by hitting the green download button mention below. But, the limitation is that using the trial edition, you can forward the first 25 emails to Gmail account. To beat this limitation, one has to buy the Pro edition of the software that has no restrictions.

Learn To Forward AWS Emails to Gmail Account Easily With Figures : Step-wise Instructions

Pre-requisite to download the solution: – This solution requires 48.7 MB of free hard disk space. It also requires at least 512 MB RAM. A good internet connection with high speed also helps.

The following procedures help you forward emails from AWS to Gmail mailbox along with attachments.

Download and install the useful product on your Windows machine. The solution is only compatible with the Windows OS and Server.

Download New

Now, select the Amazon Workmail option from the left list as shown in the images. Enter the online details of your AWS account like username and password. Then, click on the Login button.

Select Amazon Workmail

Now, select the email folder to forward in Gmail account.

select the email folders

Then, choose Gmail as the selected saving type and fill its credentials.

choose Gmail

Tap on the Backup button and start the easy process to forward AWS email to Gmail account.

Forward AWS email to Gmail

One of the biggest advantages of the software is that you can see the live email forwarding process with the count. After it gets completed, you will get a complete conversion message, click on OK and receive a log report as the final status. That’s it.

The Key Features of the Automatic Solution Are The Following

The tool provides many advanced features such as:-

  1. It is the ultimate application for forwarding AWS WorkMail mailboxes to Gmail accounts without losing information.
  2. No need to install any supported third-party applications for the AWS WorkMail to Gmail forward process.
  3. It is the best application to forward AWS email to Gmail account without losing any information.
  4. The tool will retain all email attributes and keep the original format of the emails while forwarding AWS emails to Gmail mailbox with attachments.
  5. It preserves the email attributes and content body during the AWS incoming email forward to Gmail account.

Connect With a Team of Experts for Live Chat

If you want to know information about the Pro version and payment methods, please feel free to contact our customer support. Our expert team works 24*7 around the clock and provides you with the best solution.

The Bottom Line

If you are someone facing trouble to forward AWS email to Gmail account, read the above guide. It explains your best solution for the process. It also guides you with step-by-step instruction for forwarding incoming emails to a Gmail account. For any help, you can connect the live support anytime.