How Can I Locate The Bat Email Profile Location on Windows OS?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

This post will talk about the procedure to locate The Bat Email profile location on Windows OS. Also, users will learn about the data files in which email messages, attachments, and other configuration settings are stored. So, let’s start the post.

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The Bat! It is a Windows-based desktop application that protects your data against third-party malicious codes. Also, the email client is integrated with advanced AI settings to sort the data. Despite having multiple functionalities, most users want to locate their data file and shift to another source.

Well, whatever reason may be for locating The Bat email profile location. In the next section, users will get four different solutions to know where The Bat stores email messages on the computer.

Four Manual Ways to Find The Bat Email Client Profile Location

The Bat! Store the email data file and other attributes in the computer system’s local directories. Follow the mentioned path to locate its data file for good.

C:\Users\admin (User-Name)\AppData\Roaming\The Bat!

If you configured the profile using the POP or IMAP, then you Locate The Bat email profile location at this path:

For POP: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\The Bat!\ XYZ

For IMAP: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\The Bat!\XYZ\IMAP

Alternate Method: If you are unable to find The Bat email client profile location using the path mentioned above, users can continue with the mentioned solution.

  1. Open The Bat! Email Application
  2. The left panel of Software will find all configured accounts.
  3. Click any of them, and you will get the “General Settings” Window.
  4. Copy the “Account Home Directory” and paste it to file explorer search windows.
    The Bat! General Settings

Locate Account Properties in Bat Mail: To view account properties perform these mentioned steps for good:

  1. Run The Bat! on your Machine
  2. Next, navigate the ribbon bar and click the “Accounts” button.
  3. Afterward, select the “Properties” Option, and Open it.
    The Bat! Email Properties
  4. In next, window users can view all the directories and default configuration locations for Windows.
    Account Properties

That’s all about the automated solution to locate The Bat email profile location on Windows OS.

Quick Glance at Data File Extensions of The Bat!

After performing the steps mentioned above, users can easily find The Bat email client profile location on Windows OS. But, when you open the data files, you will encounter unwanted data file extensions such as TBB, TBN, SRB, FLB, etc.
Let’s understand these file extensions and how you can import the data file to another platform.

  • account.flb – This file extension is for standard folders in The Bat!
  • *.abd – It is an Address Book data file
  • message.tbb – It is the Folder Mail Base
  • messages file.tbn – The TBN file is the Index file for the Mailbox Data
  • account.SRB – This file extension contains the Common folders
  • account file filters.flb – It’s the configuration file for common folders

To access these data files, you need a particular program because the data present in such file extension is the raw data. So, let’s check out the solution to open The Bat! Email data files.

Locate The Bat Email Profile Location Using Automated Solution

BitRecover Bat Converter Wizard is the perfect solution to locate and export The Bat! Email client data files across ten formats. Not only this, the AI technology of the software automatically detects the data from the source.

Additionally, users can open and view all the email messages in the software panel. It also allows selective conversion users to mark the required folder and unmark the rest as per requirement.

Also, there is a demo version of the software available. Users can download it for free to know where The Bat stores email messages on computer.


Automated Solution Working to Find The Bat Email Client Profile Location

  1. Once you open the software, it will automatically locate The Bat email profile location with all configured accounts with their sub-folders in the left panel of the software.
    Bat Converter Wizard First Window
  2. Click any email profiles, and the software will generate a preview of data files stored in it.
    preview bat emails
  3. After this, click on the “Save” button and select the export option as per requirement. Also, the software offers multiple naming convention options.
    select saving options
  4. Now, browse the designation location, and click on the “Okay” button to start the process.
    browse location to save data files
  5. Also, users can see the live conversion process. Once it gets done, you will be re-directed to the resultant data folder.
    live conversion process

So There You Have It

The Bat! Store a copy of your data on the local system that contains all the email messages. The above will lead users to locate The Bat email profile location on Windows OS and how they can access them on several platforms. Additionally, we have described an automated solution to find The Bat email client profile location. If you have any concerns about the toolkit, then feel free to contact us.