How to Export Shared Mailbox to CSV in Bulk? Most Convenient Solutions

Mark Regan
Published: January 22nd, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary: We have made it easy to export Shared Mailbox to CSV. If you were always looking for easy and effective ways to export all Shared mailboxes to CSV then feel free, because this article has explained step-by-step guide to smoothly import Shared emails to CSV. Read to get the solution!

Know About Shared Mailbox and CSV

Shared Mailbox is a Microsoft 365 mailbox and an extensive collaborative platform that allows a group of users to access, read and share email messages. Shared Mailbox also offers a common calendar that can allow multiple users and professionals to schedule meetings, view their work shifts and vacation time. Now read about CSV before you export Shared Mailboxes list to CSV.

On the other hand, CSV stands for Comma-Separated Values which is a very common and widely used and widely supported file format. It is a plain text file that stores data in tabular format and can be easily accessed by anyone. Each row of a CSV file represents a record and each column contains specific attributes. For several advantages and reasons professionals need to export Shared Mailbox’s members to CSV including all their details.

Why Export Shared Mailbox to CSV?

  • Professionals need to manage records of Share Mailbox data.
  • CSV stores data in the form of rows and columns where specific details are easy to find and understand.
  • Users can classify the Share Mailbox data according to email address, date, contacts, etc in CSV.
  • CSV files are also useful in creating backups of critical data and save them in your personal storage.

How to Export All Shared Mailboxes to CSV?

You can export Shared Mailboxes members to CSV including emails, contacts, calendars using 2 methods. These two common methods include manual solution and professional’s recommended solutions. Below you can find both of the solutions explained step-by-step:

Solution-1 Export Shared Mailbox to CSV Manually

For the manual solution, you need to have Outlook installed on your computer. If it’s already installed, follow the steps given below to export all Shared mailboxes to CSV manually:

Step 1: Configure Shared Mailbox with Outlook Accounts

  • Open the MS Outlook application and click on the File tab.
  • In the Info Section, you will see Account information. Click on Add Account Button.
  • Enter your Shared Mailbox account details, such as name, email address, and password.
  • Click on Connect button to let Outlook add your Shared account to easily export Shared Mailbox to CSV.

Step 2: Export Shared Mailbox members to CSV with Outlook

  • Get back to the Outlook interface and again click on File Tab.
  • Click on Open & Export > then Import/Export> and then Export to a File.
  • Hit next and choose “Comma Separated Values (CSV)”.
  • Choose the folders such as inbox, contacts, calendars, etc you want to export to CSV file
  • Click Next, Select a path and hit the Finish button.
Note: Remember, this method to export Shared Mailbox list to CSV is only for those who have a very few Shared Mailbox data to export to CSV. However, this method may also fail and cause several errors. For a quick and reliable solution you should use a special tool to save your time and get an instant result.

Solution-2 Export Shared Mailbox to CSV in Bulk with Advanced Tool

The manual method has some drawbacks as they often fail, consume time and are repetitive. To safely export all Shared mailboxes to CSV, it’s important to use a reliable tool like BitRecover Office 365 Backup Software. This tool makes it simple to export Shared Mailboxes to CSV in bulk directly. It’s a smart tool using new technologies, saving time and allowing users to export Shared Mailbox emails to CSV within seconds directly from the Shared account.

How to Export all Shared Mailboxes to CSV with Tool?

  1. Open the recommended software on your computer to export Shared Mailbox to CSV in bulk.Export Shared Mailbox to CSV
  2. Type in your email address and password for the Shared Mailbox and click on the Sign In button.login to Shared Mailbox account
  3. Pick the folders you need to export from the Shared mailbox.check folders
  4. Choose CSV from the saving option, and choose a path where you want to save it.Select CSV
  5. Click on the Backup button to export all Shared mailboxes to CSV.Export Shared Mailbox to CSV

Qualities of the Software:

  • The software helps you export Shared Mailbox to CSV in bulk file at once.
  • It preserves all the information in the Shared Mailbox before, during, and after the process.
  • Easily export your Office 365 mailbox to various file formats like CSV, EML, PDF, DOC, MSG, HTML, PST, ICS, and more.
  • Effortlessly export Shared Mailbox emails to CSV including contacts, and calendars, etc.
  • Once the Shared Mailbox is converted to CSV, you can open the resulting CSV files in spreadsheet applications like Excel, LibreOffice, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS, including 11, 10, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista, and others.


In conclusion, this article provides a simple guide to effortlessly export Shared Mailbox to CSV. We explained top to methods including manual and professional. Manual way always cause errors and are neither suitable for professionals nor for beginners. We introduced the smart tool using which users can efficiently manage, categorize, create backups and export all Shared mailboxes to CSV. The software’s qualities, including bulk processing and compatibility, make it a reliable solution for quick and secure CSV exports.