How to Export QQ Mail to Outlook PST: Query Resolved

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Nowadays, Cybercrime is rapidly increasing. So, it is important to create a proper backup of your data to be secure. Therefore, I decided to take the backup of my QQ Mail data to Outlook PST format. But the issue is I do not know the way to export QQ Mail to Outlook PST format. I started exploring on the internet the way to perform QQ Mail backup. While searching I got various user’s query like:

  1. How to backup QQ Mail database?
  2. How to migrate QQ Mail data to PST format?
  3. How to import QQ Mail to MS Outlook account?
  4. How to save QQ Mail data in Outlook PST format?
  5. How to download QQ Mail data on desktop?

After reading these user’s issue, I got the confidence that there are other users like me who are searching for the solution. By exploring more on Internet, I got a solution to directly export QQ Mail to MS Outlook. In the following write-up, I have come up with a solution to perform QQ Mail backup easily after using by my own.

Steps to Perform QQ Mail Backup in Outlook

Follow the given steps to migrate QQ Mail data to Outlook PST format.

Download and install BitRecover Email Backup Wizard on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • From the list of email source, select to perform QQ Mail backup directly.


  • Enter the credentials of your account to perform the process of migration from webmail to desktop-based application.

Enter the credentials

  • Check an option of Advance Mode to perform the migration in advance mode. Click on the Login button to begin the process.

Advance Mode

  • Once you enter the credentials, the software will start analyzing folder that is present in it.

Start analyzing folder

  • Check the desired folder that you need to backup from to PST format.

Backup from to PST

  • Choose PST format from the list of file saving options to export to Outlook application.

Choose PST format

  • Click on Change button if you want to change the position of the resultant data files.

Click on Change button

  • Check an option “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup” and select the desired filter options accordingly. Then, click on the Backup button to begin the process of data migration.

Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup

  • Once the process is completed, the tool will give the completion message on the screen.

In this way, I had migrated QQ Mail data to PST format directly. Before coming to the end, it is important to know the need to have mail backup. Along with this, let us also have a quick glance on software.

Create QQ Mail Backup – Why?

QQ Mail Backup software will help you in securely creating backup copy of your messages without facing any complications. But question comes up why must you make a backup copy of QQ Mail messages?

  • QQ Mail accounts can be easily hacked like any other. Online or web market is full of hackers that may lead to be total strangers to you. Even, closely associated with you or ultimately put all your personal/official data in harm revealing its confidentiality. In a way to avoid this problem, you are recommended to transfer messages to Outlook PST as backup copy and simultaneously erase all the mail transaction records from your account. You can access PST on your machine without endangering any sort of potential threat.
  • Inaccessibility to internet connectivity or even complete unavailability of internet connection may lead to the embarrassing situations. Whereas; if you make a backup copy you will be saved from situation. Moving QQ Mail messages to PST lets you get a copy of your QQ emails on your machine that is viewable without internet connection also.

This is just glance at some advantages, which are associated in creating QQ Mail Backup. Whereas, depending upon situations, you may get the opportunity of unveiling several benefits that associate with process to export QQ Mail messages to PST.

Use QQ Mail Backup – Get a Substitute of your Data

Email Backup Software, helps in backing up procedure of QQ Mail emails. The utility is built with advanced technicalities that allows the users to generate backup files for the QQ Mail database in order to safe guard data at times of unforeseen crisis. The software is simple, easy, and bug-free to export QQ mail to PST format. No any external application is required to export data to Outlook.

A Preferable Solution to Know How to Backup Messages

When all you are looking for, is a solution that helps you export data stored within QQ Mail account then, QQ Mail Backup Software is an ideal choice to make. This application offers the ability of backing up all data items from the account after being updated recently. Avail this application that has been designed with:

  • Simple user interface which does not reflect complications of the technical inputs done within the tool and offers an understandable operation.
  • A technically sound and precise end which offers you the ability of carrying out an accurate procedure of backing up without compromising on the perfection.
  • The ability of backing up unlimited number of data from your QQ Mail account into PST format file.
  • The solution is available as a freeware trial version as well as licensed version that is available at a reasonable price range.

In Summation

Taking the backup of data is important in a way to avoid any disastrous situation. Similar, was the situation that I also faced. After a lot of research I got the solution to export QQ Mail to Outlook PST format. I have discussed the complete solution, after using by my own.