Prepared for Protonmail to Gmail Migration ? Read This Guide First.

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


A user writes… 

I’m open to utilizing Protonmail as my personal email address or as the email address on my resume. Yet I’m concerned about utilizing it as the email address for my significant internet-based accounts, for example, bank accounts. Now, I’m anxious about losing access to Protonmail in some way or another for some obscure reason. Hence, in order to avoid any confusion, I am planning to switch to a free Google mail service and move all old Protonmail messages. Any suggestions on how to execute Protonmail to Gmail migration?

We understand that changing email services can be a bit confusing at times. If you have made a decision to change your email provider from Protonmail to Gmail, we are glad that you did. In this blog, we will explain how you can download all Protonmail emails to Gmail account.

If you are a Protonmail user and have Plus, Professional, Visionary, and Lifetime accounts, there is an Import-Export option in it. With this option, one can export/download Protonmail emails to your computer in two formats MBOX and EML. Later you can read or import these exported Protonmail messages to Google mail account.

Can I Send Mail from Protonmail to Gmail ?

There is no straightforward way for sending Protonmail emails to Gmail. But, BitRecover MBOX to Gmail Wizard is one such automated application that is specifically designed to convert your MBOX exported Protonmail emails to a Gmail account. There are so many users who want to add Protonmail emails to Gmail account. This conversion solution facilitates for sending Protomail to Gmail account in a simple and accurate manner. The utility is easy to understand for both technical as well as non-technical users.

Even you can transfer multiple Protonmail exported data to Gmail account in single processing. The users can download this advanced solution by hitting on the green button given below and can migrate Protonmail to Gmail account directly.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Steps for Protonmail to Gmail Migration

Follow these steps to download and export Protonmail emails to Gmail:

  1. Login Protomail account and go to the Import-Export option.
  2. Choose the MBOX option and click Export tab.
  3. Launch MBOX to Gmail software and Choose Protonmail exported MBOX emails.
  4. Enter Gmail account credentials and press on the Convert tab.
  5. Open Gmail account to view migrated Protonmail emails in Gmail.

Download Protonmail Archive Emails in Gmail Account – Detailed Solution

Now, you can easily export Protonmail emails to Gmail account by following this step-wise solution.

Login to your Protonmail account and click on the Import/Export option.


Now, choose Export option that will permit to export emails from individual email addresses. “Select what you’d like to export” option and choose MBOX option to export Protonmail emails.


Select a location where you want to save the Protonmail exported messages on your computer. Finally, hit on the Export tab.


You can view your Protonmail exported emails in the chosen destination folder.


Then, download, install and run BitRecover MBOX to Gmail conversion utility.

Select the MBOX files that you have exported from the Protonmail account. It can be done in two ways: Select Files and Select Folder.

Now, choose desired downloaded Protomail emails in this software panel that you want to move into Gmail account.

Fill the credentials of your Gmail account such as Email ID and password. Press on the Convert tab to start the migration of emails from Protomail to Gmail.

The process to forward emails from Protonmail to Gmail is running successfully. It will end in few seconds depending on the size of your file.

Once you are transferring Protonmail to Gmail, it will show a completion message at the end.

Thereafter, open your Gmail account to access the exported Protonmail emails.


Done with downloading Protonmail emails and attachments process!

Salient Features of Software

  • Migrate Protonmail to Gmail directly: Use this software to export Protonmail emails to Gmail indirect manner. This email migration process involves the transfer of emails from Protonmail to Google Gmail with a few simple steps.
  • Dual options to choose Protonmail exported data: With this wizard, you can select the Protonmail migrated emails into the software panel with the double options. The Select Files and Select Folder option will permit you to download single or multiple Protonmail emails into the Gmail account.
  • Bulk convert Protonmail to Gmail: This conversion wizard enables to download of all Protonmail emails to Gmail in batch mode. This in turn saves a lot of users time and effort.
  • Retains folder hierarchy: The software ensures that while you migrate Protonmail mailboxes to Gmail, none of the folder structure will be altered. All the folders like inbox, sent items, will be maintained throughout the Protomail to Gmail migration.
  • Maintains email attributes: Once you are downloading Protonmail emails and attachments, it keeps intact all the email components. The email components like sender and receiver details, subject, formatting, font style, etc will be preserved.
  • Supports all Windows OS: The tool is compatible with all Windows platforms like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2019, 2016, etc.

Client Testimonials

Hi, I have decided to switch from Protonmail to Gmail account. I have used this conversion utility that helped me to move all emails from Protonmail account to Gmail. Thanks a ton!

-Smith, USA

Forwarding Protonmail to Gmail was a tough task. I was unaware about the solution to export Protonmail emails to Gmail. Then, I came to know about BitRecover Protonmail to Google mail migration tool. This amazing software has enabled me to download all Protonmail emails to Gmail account along with associated attachments. Thanks for this beneficial utility!

-Albert, California

Summing Up Together

In today’s blog post we talked about a complete solution about how you can export emails from Protonmail to Gmail. The migration procedure of Protonmail email to Gmail export is very easy. Hopefully, now you can download and export all Protonmail mailboxes to Gmail account very easily.