How to Export Mailbird Emails to EML Files Directly? Let’s Check!

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In past decades, emails played a vital role in enhancing productivity, efficiency, and business readiness. Many users ask on various platforms that they want to save Mailbird email data to their computers. So, all the email content can be easily shared with their clients. To do so, the EML format is the aptest one. The reason being EML file format supports many email applications. So, if you are looking to export Mailbird to EML files, read this entire blog.

Expert Solution: BitRecover Mailbird Converter is an expertise solution which you can use to migrate Mailbird emails to EML file format. With this wizard, you can convert Mailbird to EML supportable email clients in batch mode. This feature helps to save user’s time and efforts. Also, there are no file restrictions to move emails from Mailbird to EML file format. The best vital part of using this application: You don’t require to install Mailbird application on computer to export Mailbird to EML format. The user can download the free demo version of toolkit to transfer few Mailbird files to EML format.

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How to Export Mailbird to EML Files?

Follow these steps to move Mailbird emails to EML format:

  1. Download and run Mailbird to EML Converter to transfer Mailbird to EML files.
    Software Instructions
  2. Then, choose Mailbird * files or folder with the dual file selection options or continue with the configured location.
    Upload Mailbird Data
  3. Now, enable the checkboxes whose data you want to move into EML format.
    Select Required Mailbox
  4. Then, go to the saving options list and choose EML as file saving option.
  5. Select the tool’s desired file naming option to arrange the Mailbird to EML converted data.
    Select saving Option
  6. Then, you can choose a location where you want to save the resultant files.
  7. The Mailbird export to EML process is taking place, and once done, it will show a completion message at the end.

Once all the steps for Mailbird conversion to EML finish, the tool will automatically open the resultant folder consisting of EML converted data. Now, you can import these EML files into any email client that supports EML file format.

User Query

Hi, I work in an IT firm and want to export Mailbird to EML format. So that I can import my Mailbird emails and important information into EML supportable email client. Is there any workable solution to transfer Mailbird to EML file format? Please help!

Such queries can be resolved using a reliable Mailbird to Thunderbird Converter. One such trustworthy solution is discussed here.

Proficient Features of Software:

  1. Bulk migration of emails: With this tool, you can now easily export Mailbird to EML format in batch mode. In this way, the user can move folders as well as sub-folders to EML file format in one go.
  2. Maintains the email formatting: The tool retains the email header properties of your Mailbird mailboxes. It keeps all email attributes such as Sender and Receiver information, font style, images, hyperlinks, attachments, etc.
  3. No requirement to install Mailbird: One significant benefit of using this Mailbird to EML Converter is that you don’t need to install Mailbird on your computer for the conversion process.
  4. Try the demo edition for evaluation: The software comes with a free demo version tool. You can download it and use it to convert the first 25 items from each Mailbird folder to EML file format.

Import Resultant Data to EML Supportable Email Applications

You can follow these steps to import the resultant data file to the desktop client. Here, users will learn how to import EML files to Thunderbird directly. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open your Mozilla Thunderbird account and create a new folder to save the Mailbird to EML converted files. This has been shown in the given screenshot.
    Create New Folder in Thunderbird
  2. Now, right-click on the newly created folder. Choose ImportExportTools >> Import messages.
    Import Messages
  3. Search for the Mailbird exported data to EML files on your desktop.
    Search for the EML file
  4. All the Mailbird messages will be simply imported into this newly created folder.
    Successfully Imported EML Messages

This way, one can easily export Mailbird to Thunderbird by converting all Mailbird *.db files to EML file format.

Client Testimonials

I have used this utility to export Mailbird to EML files on my computer. All my Mailbird emails have been converted into EML file format with great ease. And the best part of conversion- The tool maintained the complete folder hierarchy of all the email data.

-Lisa, USA

Amazing Mailbird to EML Conversion solution for transferring multiple Mailbird emails to EML supportable email client. It is a great utility for converting Mailbird emails to EML files as it maintains all the email components throughout the entire conversion.

-Alfred, New York


In this write-up, we have described how to export Mailbird to EML format using a one-stop Mailbird to EML Converter. This migration solution is easy for all kinds of users. If you have doubts about Mailbird to EML transfer process, you can contact our technical support team.