How to Export Hermes Mail to PDF Format in Batch?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Sometimes home and professional users want to export Hermes Mail to PDF documents. There are two methods for successfully completing this query i.e., Manual and Pro Methods. This blog post discusses both approaches, hence keep continue reading this till the end.

However manual method comes with some limitations but still, some users prefer to use it because they don’t want to spend money. While professional technique offers several benefits for providing value for your money.

Before going to the solution, first know some possible reasons to convert Hermes Mail to PDF files.

Why Do Users Choose PDF as a Saving Option?

  • Users can read and access PDF documents using any digital media device such as Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.
  • Clients can add user-level and owner-level restrictions to prevent unwanted users from opening, copying, editing, and printing.
  • PDF documents are best for legal use as courts and other government organizations accept evidence in PDF format.
  • Adobe PDF files can be easily shared using any email services, chat applications, and messenger programs.
  • If you want to print emails to PDF format then this is recommended format because all printers and devices support it.

Manual Approach to Convert Hermes Mail to PDF File

Just follow the given steps to export Hermes Mail to PDF.

  1. Start the Hermes Mail client on your computer.
  2. Open an email that you want to convert.
  3. Click on More and choose Print from the dropdown.
  4. Select the destination as Microsoft Print to PDF.
  5. Click on the Print button and browse a choice location.
  6. Enter the name of the PDF document and press Save.

Limitations of Manual Method

The manual method is best if you want to export only some emails from Hermes to PDF documents. The manual approach permits to export Hermes emails to PDF one by one. Hence, this is a time-consuming technique. If you are looking for a batch export solution then you will need to use a professional toolkit.

Pro Approach to Export Hermes Emails to PDF

BitRecover Hermes Mail Converter Wizard is all-in-one software to export Hermes Mail to PDF files. This application comes with a free demo version and it can be run on all latest and previous Windows OS.

Free Hermes Mail to PDF Converter permits to convert maximum 25 emails from each Hermes Mail folder to PDF documents. Thus, users can easily know its working steps before purchasing a licensed edition.

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How to Convert Hermes Mail to PDF Format?

  1. Run Hermes Mail to PDF Converter and choose the automatic or manual option for adding Hermes Mail profile data.
    hermes mail to pdf converter
  2. Thereafter, you can see all Hermes Mail emails in the software GUI, select the required folders, and press the Next button.
    select data
  3. This software has several saving options, choose PDF as a saving option.
    export hermes mail to pdf
  4. Browse a destination path and choose the file naming option accordingly.
  5. Click on the Convert button to start Hermes Mail to PDF conversion procedure.

Hermes Mail to PDF Converter Features

  • Batch convert Hermes Mail to PDF documents at once from all folders at once.
  • Select the required Hermes folders to export emails in PDF formats accordingly.
  • Hermes Mail to PDF Export Tool provides several file naming options to manage resultant data.
  • The tool automatically uploads Hermes Mail profile data in software GUI for conversion.
  • This is independent software that requires only Hermes Mail profile data and works without installing any app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: How to export Hermes Mail inbox emails to PDF documents?

Ans: Follow these instructions to export only the inbox folder.

  1. Start Hermes Mail to PDF Converter on your pc.
  2. Add Hermes Mail profile data in software GUI.
  3. Select only the Inbox folder and click on the Next button.
  4. Set PDF as a saving option as per the demand.
  5. Select the destination path and press Convert to start.

Que 2: Does your software permit to convert 10k+ Hermes Mail emails to PDF?

Ans: Yes, the tool is authorized to convert unlimited Hermes emails into PDF documents.

Que 3: Can I use your software on my Windows 11 64 Bit laptop?

Ans: Yes, Hermes Mail to PDF Export Tool is compatible with newly launched Windows 11 as well as old Windows editions.

The Closure

In the above write-up, we have provided two most useful ways to export Hermes Mail to PDF files. Users can opt for any method as per their requirements. If you want to convert Hermes emails to PDF documents without limitations then this is advisable to use professional software that provides a complete range of saving options including emails, documents, cloud services, and servers.