How to Export Contacts & Calendars from Mozilla Thunderbird – Manual Verified Technique

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 2 Min Read

In this blog post, team BitRecover is explaining the step-by-step process to export contacts & calendars from Mozilla Thunderbird desktop-based email client. Therefore, after reading this particular blog post, all home and professional users can export address book from Thunderbird into CSV (Comma Separated Values) and calendar in ICS (iCalendar) formats.

Export Address Book from Thunderbird

1 – Start Mozilla Thunderbird desktop-based email client and choose Address Book option.

choose Address Book

2 – Now you can preview All Mozilla Thunderbird Address Books. However, users can choose an address book to preview all Thunderbird contacts.

preview all Thunderbird contacts

3 – After that, select any contact to preview all details about specific contact i.e. Profile Picture, Name, Email ID, Work Details, Address, Phone Number, etc.

preview all details

4 – Click on Tools << Export button from the menu to continue.

export address book from Thunderbird

5 – Browse a specific destination path to store resultant address book, now click on the drop-down icon, and as you can see the highlighted option.

export Thunderbird contacts to CSV

6 – Choose CSV (Comma Separated Values) file to store Mozilla Thunderbird contacts.

Choose CSV

7 – Click on the Save button to export Thunderbird contacts to CSV.

Save button

8 – At last, open destination path and get Thunderbird exported contacts.

Thunderbird exported contacts

By following the above all mentioned steps all home and professional users can easily export contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird into CSV file. After collecting all contacts into CSV format, users can use them accordingly.

Export Calendar from Thunderbird

1 – Run Mozilla Thunderbird email client and click on Switch to the calendar tab option icon as you can see the respective screenshots.

Switch to the calendar tab

2 – After that, you can see Mozilla Thunderbird Calendars including Event & Task details.

see Mozilla Thunderbird Calendars

3 – Right-click on the Thunderbird calendar and choose Export Calendar… option.

Export Calendar

4 – Thereafter, browse the desired destination path and click on the Save button to start the process to export the calendar from Mozilla Thunderbird.

export calendar from Thunderbird

5 – At last, here you can see the exported ICS (iCalendar) file.

exported ICS

In Conclusion

After reading this blog post, anyone can export contacts & calendars from Mozilla Thunderbird free of cost. After archiving Mozilla Thunderbird contacts in CSV & calendars in ICS format, users can use them according to their choice. CSV and ICS files can store all important information. Users can easily import resultant CSV or ICS files in several email clients, email services, email servers, and digital devices.

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