How to Export Comcast Email to Text Format ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


If you like to save your Comcast emails to a file, use a professional conversion tool to convert the email message to plain Text with .txt file extension. By doing so, you can store the Comcast data on any of your PC, flash drive, or anywhere else you desire. Once your Comcast emails are in Text format, it will be very easy for you to open the data in any Text editor as well like Notepad in Windows, Notepad ++, MS Word, etc. It is quite simple to copy the Comcast message from the Text file, share it with others or rather store it as a backup file. Read this blog to get the complete step-by-step instructions to export Comcast email to a Text file.

Export Comcast Email to Text Format in the Most Simplest Way

Many Comcast users wish to save a secondary backup of their Comcast mailbox data. However, Comcast service does not offer any in-built feature to convert Comcast to Text files or any other document format for that matter.

Nevertheless, you can still migrate Comcast email to Text format with an automated technique-  BitRecover Email Backup Tool.

Get the software by downloading it from this link-

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Steps to understand the utility work

Follow these steps to export Comcast emails to Text-

  1. Open the software on Win PC.
  2. Choose Comcast and enter its account login details.
  3. Pick desired mailboxes for conversion.
  4. Select Text as the saving option & a destination path.
  5. Start to export emails from Comcast to Text.

Stepwise Workaround to Export Emails from Comcast to TXT Format

To begin with, download and install the tool on your machine.

Now, choose Comcast as the email source service. Fill in the email login details of Comcast account and hit on the login button.

Then, select the desired mailboxes which you need to convert from Comcast to Text files. Next, go to the saving options list and choose Text as the storage format.

Thereafter, hit on the backup tab. This will start the process to export Comcast emails to Text file.

What are the Advantages to Use this Application ?

Bulk Export Comcast to Text

By using this software, one can save multiple emails from Comcast webmail to TXT format. The bulk conversion feature is very helpful for the users for large number of data. Hence, users can effortlessly export Comcast emails to Text format.

Preserves Email Properties

During the process to convert Comcast to TXT, the utility keeps intact all the email elements such as attachments, images, metadata, hyperlinks, formatting, signature, etc.

Maintains Folder Structure

The software has the ability to preserve the on-disk folder hierarchy during the entire processing.

No External App

There is no need for any external app installation in order to utilize this software. It is completely standalone tool with no bugs or errors.

Save Multiple Comcast Emails

This utility provides a feature to export data from multiple Comcast accounts to Text file. One can choose this option and can easily convert Comcast to Text without any limitations.

Data Filters

The various data filters offered by this application enable an individual to selectively export Comcast emails to Text format. It helps to sort emails as per date range, subject, email address, etc.

Frequently Asked Queries

Can I use this software for trial purposes?

Yes, the trial version is also available. You can use it to evaluate the functions of the tool. Also, it will enable you to convert few emails from Comcast to Text.

Does the software move Comcast email to Text with attachments also?

Yes, it migrates every single component from Comcast data including the attached files.

Is it workable on Windows Server 2019?

Yes, it runs on all Windows Operating Systems including the Windows Server 2019 machine.

Do I need to have technical proficiency to use this application?

No, not at all! This software is very easy to use and comes with a self-descriptive interface. You can easily perform the email migration with it. If you still face any trouble, do contact our support team.

So, that’s all! This write-up explained a detailed methodology to export Comcast emails to Text format. You ca check out the free trial version. For an unlimited conversion of emails, you need to buy the license keys.