How to Export Axigen to PST with Attachments in Total 5 Steps? – Quick User Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Introduction – In today’s blog, we will discuss the easiest way to export Axigen to PST with all attachments. It is a quick and direct process that anyone can do without knowing the technicalities. So, here we go.

Axigen is a Webmail email service provided to manage emails, tasks, contacts, calendars, and other information. We make decisions according to our needs. These days, people are looking for the solution to simply export Axigen mail to PST files with attachments. Many used the manual approach to transfer Axigen to the Outlook account, but were unable to accomplish the task.

Let’s talk all this in detail by looking at some users queries to perform Axigen to Outlook migration.

Scenario- 1 I want to backup my Axigen emails for my concern. I decided to move all Axigen emails to PST file format as I have Outlook installed on my desktop. Also, I used it many times. But, I couldn’t find any solution to export Axigen to PST? Please guide me for the same.

–         Garry William

Scenario -2 I need to transfer Axigen inbox data to Outlook 2016 version. How can I do this without losing any single bit of information? What’s a professional solution?

–         Robert Dowling 

All the Axigen to Outlook PST user queries can be handled without Email Backup Wizard. It is the most reliable solution to export emails from Axigen to PST file type with attachments. Read more about the solution in the below section.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

An Instant Solution to Export Axigen to PST Files

The Axigen to PST export tool is a fully Windows-based application. You can also install this application on any Windows Server edition. This application overcomes all the limitations of the Axigen Webmail account and a fine solution of Axigen Configuration errors. The application is fast and secures to export bulk Axigen emails to PST files with attachments. So now you can access Axigen email in PST file type account without any technical knowledge. Download the finest application and export Axigen to Outlook in the simplest manner.

How to Convert Axigen Mailbox to PST Files with Attachments?

Follow the simple instructions to convert Axigen mail to PST in 5 clicks.

  1. Run the utility on Windows supportive computer.
  2. Select Axigen from source and enter credentials to login.
  3. Check the folder of your choice to continue the process.
  4. Choose PST as the saving file type and enter a location.
  5. Click on Backup button and see the live conversion.

Free Method to Migrate Axigen Emails to PST Format with All Elements 

Now, let’s see the step-by-step guide along with the software screenshot to directly export Axigen to PST files.

Download and run the application on any of the Windows OS computers.

Now, choose Axigen as a source option from the list.


Fill the details like user name & password. Next, hit the Login tab.


The software automatically fetches all the folders from the Axigen account. Here, you can pick the required folder to continue.


In this step, select PST as the saving file type in the list.


Then, specify a location to see the final results.


Enable the Use Advance Settings option for filtering out emails.


Finally, click on the Backup button to start the conversion process.

The software is a responsive application that enables you to see the live conversion status in the software interface. After that, you will get a couple of messages and then finally a log report that depicts the process to export Axigen to PST is achieved.

Now, open your Outlook application and import the PST messages.


Read the Prominent Features of the Axigen to PST Converter Tool 

No file size limitation- With this software user can make limitless data conversion of email from Axigen to PST files without any restriction. The tool supports large Axigen email files along with attachments.

Intuitive and clear interface – The application comes with a simple interface that makes the export Axigen to PST process extremely easy for non-technical users.

 Maintain All the Properties- During the Axigen to PST conversion process, the tool maintains all the properties of emails as well as attachments.

No Supportive app required: The software supports to directly export Axigen emails to PST files without a configuration. It is a standalone utility and does not require an external application to accomplish the task.

MS Windows Supportive – This software is compatible with all the edition of Windows OS. So, one can install or operate this tool on any Windows platform.

Try the Demo Version of the Software

Free download and install the Axigen to PST Converter application on any Windows workstation and server edition system. The demo version of the utility enables you to export the first 25 emails from Axigen to PST file format with all accuracy. This way, you will also get to know the application working for without any charges. After that, switch to pro edition to backup Axigen to Outlook without limitation.

Bringing it All Together

In this post, we get to know all about how to export Axigen to PST files with attachments. It is a simplified process with Email Backup Wizard. It is a risk-free utility to move unlimited emails from Axigen account to PST file type. This utility keeps all emails 100% original and intact during the migration process.