How to Erase Digital Footprint Permanently? 7 Effective Methods

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 8 Min Read

How to erase digital footprint? Are you also searching for the same query? Then read this guide to find the effective methods if for any reason you have decided to wipe digital footprint with easy steps.

Our online activity which we leave behind with the trail of data and information is called digital footprint. Your Digital footprint is like evidence of what you have done online. Your digital footprint can impact your life in both negative and positive ways. However, if for any reason it is affecting your lifestyle then it is important to erase your digital footprint.

In this article we have explained the step-by-step process through which anyone can easily wipe your digital footprint and can remove the existence of their data from the internet world. Keep reading the article to find out multiple easy ways to instantly remove all your digital footprints.

What is a Digital Footprint?

Before we move to erase digital footprint, let’s understand what it is and what are the benefits of removing it.

A Digital Footprint is a record of data that a person leaves behind when using the Internet to conduct his or her activities. It comprises all of the evidence of your web behavior, such as websites you visit, emails you send, social media streams you skim over, and information you provide when joining up for any internet platforms, including credit card information.

Your digital footprint is crucial and it affects everything, from your online reputation to cybersecurity. Hackers, Scammers, advertisers can use this information to build a profile about you. However, the deleted online footprint data can also get recovered using any Data Recovery Software. To ensure a complete removal, you should wipe digital footprint permanently.

How to Erase Digital Footprint?

Before diving into how to wipe digital footprint, first of all it is important to be aware of what information can be removed. Unfortunately, you can delete some of your online information but it is impossible to clear them completely from everywhere. However, you don’t have control over the data which has been recorded by a third person.

Find below multiple methods which you can use to erase your digital footprint and get peace of mind:

Manual Ways to Wipe Digital Footprint

Following are some manual ways to clear all your Digital Footprint:

1. Delete Old or Unused Account to Erase Digital Footprint

In order to reduce your digital footprint, You should deactivate or delete the accounts which are no longer in use. These can include your social media accounts, email account, shopping account, and more. Getting rid of these accounts will reduce your personal information available on the internet and help you to wipe the digital footprint.

2. Remember to Remove All the Cookies

The small files stored in your device by the visited websites are called cookies. This will help them to track your browsing activity. To erase Digital footprint by clearing cookies, Go to your browser Settings> Click on Clear browsing data. While doing this, make sure you are selecting the cookies and other site data before clearing.

3. Avoid Data Collection Websites

Be cautious of the websites that collect personal data unnecessarily which can cause problem in erasing your digital footprints. Always choose a reputable website and avoid providing your sensitive information unless they are absolutely required. To check how the website will use your data, read their privacy policy.

4. Request Google Listing Removal

If you want to erase digital footprint and you feel like there is information available on Google search result that you want to remove then you can request then you must request for Google listing removal. To do this, go to Google Removal request page and follow the instructions to submit the request. This method can remove the unwanted information from Google’s search engine result and help you in wiping your Digital footprint.

5. Delete Forum and Blog Entries

If you have posted a blog or forum online on any website in the past and no longer need that information publicly, delete them immediately to erase digital presence. Simply login to that website> go to all posts> click delete button.

6. Unsubscribe from Email Lists

After trying the above methods to erase digital footprint, now it’s time to unsubscribe from email listing to reduce the personal data collected and stored by the companies. Find the unsubscribe links of the promotional emails and follow the instructions to unsubscribe them.

7. Check If Your Data Has Been Compromised

Now you know multiple manual ways, how to wipe your digital footprint. But what if the data falls into the wrong hands? To find out, regularly check if your personal data has been compromised in data breaches. Use reputable websites and services that allow you to search for your email addresses and username in a database of known breaches.

Note: As you can see manual methods are available for how to erase digital footprints but only for internet footprints not for those which are existing in the device. So, to remove digital footprints from the device, we mentioned the best solution, which is not described in the internet world. So, this software overcomes your problems and you do not need to hire someone to erase your digital footprint.

Expert’s Suggested Solution to Instantly Erase Digital Footprints

BitRecover BitWipe software erases digital footprint permanently. This software deletes your digital footprint from the device completely without any hassle. Also, this tool has multiple methods to wipe all digital footprint.

Features of Remove Digital Footprints Software

  • This software may wipe digital footprint from all types of devices such as laptops, computers, USB Flash Drives, HDD, SSD, SATA, PATA, SAS, SCSI, NVMe, PCI, M.2.SATA, IDE, and other devices.
  • Delete Digital footprint software capable to erase digital footprints with several wire methods such as Zero (1 Pass), Random (1 Pass), Wipe file – Simple (1 Pass), Zero & Random (2 Passes), Random & Zero (2 Passes) and wipe methods.
  • This software allows users to remove digital footprints from the file & folders, Drive Partitions, Drive Free Space.
  • It produces a Storing log erase report after overwriting the stored division’s data to confirm that the information has been erased and the erasing has been removed after file sanitization.
  • Also, this software allows users to remove digital footprints from the selected files, folders, and drive, and they can delete multiple data at one time.

How to Wipe Digital Footprints Like a Professional?

  1. Download and set up the software to erase digital footprint.

    Download the software to erase digital footprint

  2. Now choose between 2 options
    • files & Folders: To select specific files and folders
    • Logical Drive: Erase digital footprints from a particular drive

    Choose “files & folder” options

  3. If you select “Files & Folders” then just choose the data and for logical drive choose the wipe method and drive, click on next.

    select options to wipe digital footprint

  4. Now all the data will show on the software panel where you can select required folders before you wipe digital footprint.

    erase digital footprint

  5. Now click on the “Filter Tab” option, here you will get 3 options:
    • DATE RANGE: To delete digital footprints from a particular date to date
    • File Mask: To delete specific file extensions
    • Overwrite Data Text: To overwrite particular data to erase digital footprints.

    click on the “filter option” tab

  6. Now select the wipe method according to your need.

    select the wipe methods

  7. And click on the wipe icon and a warning message pop up and press the yes icon.

FAQ’s Related to Digital Footprints Removal

1. How can I erase my digital footprint from the device?

You can easily remove your digital footprints from the device by following all steps which are mentioned above.

2. Can I remove digital footprints from multiple folders?

Yes, you can remove your digital footprints from multiple folders.

3. Is this software supportive with windows 10 to erase digital footprint?

Yes, this software supports every type of window OS.

Author Suggestion

So, I have described both methods for how to erase digital footprint online and from the device. Manual methods are only available to wipe digital footprint which are online based and also has some limitations which are mentioned above so download the software and erase your digital footprints from the device without any hassle.