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Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


Here you’ll find a proper way to download email attachments without any size and format limitation. The method used in this guide will also help you in attachment bulk extraction. So, stay connected! Is it good or bad? is a webmail service for creating a personal account. Unlike any other email service, its functioning is standard, like creating a message, sending and receiving email with attachments, etc.

However, there are many scenarios where reputation is at stake. Many of its users face the challenge of emails from fake user id, stolen data, low-quality content, and many more. Many of the scam alters are published on the company name, and obviously, your data is at risk. This draws the conclusion for the domain.

The Need of Attachment  Extractor in Users Lives 

In the present time, sharing computer files has become easier than ever. Open your email account, attach the computer file, and share. Confidential, financial, personal, professional information, and more import is shared as an email attachment. Therefore, all of us need to protect these shared files or save them in a safe environment like Cloud, your computer Hard Drive, USB Cable, and many more.

BitRecover support team has received many requests from user to provide a solution for extracting attachments from the account.

If you are also worried to know how you can extract multiple attachments from personal account, use Email Attachment Extractor Toolkit.

It is an expert solution to save mail attachments without any limitation. The software also has many advanced filters to download email attachments using a date range, manually entering file extension, and many more.

Below are the proper instructions to use Attachment Downloader toolkit, so don’t miss out.

A step-by-step method to Download email attachments with all properties

Before checking the stepwise instructions to download attachments from webmail, try out the Free Trial edition.

It is a demo version of the software that allows you to download 10 attachments from each folder. The edition doesn’t ask for any payment details to take the trial. The process is quick and straightforward. After satisfaction, purchase the licensed edition.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Now, here are the guidelines to use Attachment extractor:

  1. Run the attachment downloader toolkit.
  2. Select as the source and enter the login credentials of the account. Then, tap on the Login button. attachment downloader toolkit
  3. Now, the software automatically maps files and folders from your account. Mark the checkbox of the required folder to extract attachments.
    download attachments from
  4. Select Filter Options in the menu and check the use selective export setting for extracting attachment.
    Filter Options
  5. Choose or enter the extension of the required attachment files for the extraction process. attachment extractor
  6. Next, specify a desired location in the destination path after you browse your computer and press the Backup button.
    save mail attachments

The software is running a live email attachment extraction process in the interface. Once completed, it provides a complete message. Click on Ok and analyse the log report. The software automatically opens the user-mentioned location for the results file.

Users can save the extracted attachments in any email account, a folder on a computer, or a USB device.

5 Top Advantages of Attachment Downloader Software 

  •  100% Authentic and simplified solution: The software is the one-stop solution for downloading multiple attachments at once. Its interface is interactive and context-sensitive, and no chance of data loss.
  • Support attachment of all types: This fabulous utility to extract attachments from support all type of attachments such as .txt, .jpg (or .jpeg), .gif.pdf, .doc, .docx. .xls, .png, .gif, .jpg, .pub, and many more.
  • Keep all Attachment properties intact: The software doesn’t alter the properties of mail attachments during the download. It keeps signature, image, text, and more maintained.
  • Option to Save attachment to Local Storage: The utility provides the freedom to the user to select a resultant file saving location of choice. This way, they can download email attachments from to PC or local storage.
  • Windows Compatible toolkit:  The user can download the attachment extractor toolkit on all the Windows version such as 10, 8, 8.1, 7, etc. It is a complete bug-free solution.

The Closing Thoughts

The above blog indicates a complete solution and proper method to download attachments from personal account. It highlights an automatic way that both technical and non-technical users can apply for mail extraction task. Users can also try the free edition of the toolkit.