DWG to PNG Converter: Best Guide in 2022 to Export AutoCAD to PNG Images

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Published: May 11th, 2024 • 9 Min Read


Searching for a method AutoCAD to PNG high-resolution image? If yes then, look no further! The Ultimate Guide: “how to save AutoCAD drawing as PNG” is the best source for all DWG conversion queries on the Internet. We’ve explained all the guidelines for how to go with regards to it utilizing DWG to PNG Converter software.

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When would you export DWG to PNG images?
DWG to PNG Converter: Handy Tool
How to convert DWG to PNG images?
Why Choose BitRecover AutoCAD to PNG converter over other online tools?
Using BitRecover to save AutoCAD drawing as PNG

DWG to PNG Converter Free Download: Try before you Buy

BitRecover DWG to PNG Converter is the world’s leading solution for designers and engineers and we can’t wait for you to arrive at this resolution also. We will recommend you to use it for AutoCAD export to PNG format. Within a split second, you can save AutoCAD drawing as PNG. It does not ask you to install AutoCAD or any external app anyway!! If you are yet to download this software, you are missing out on this, and a lot more capabilities! Also, the trial edition permits you to gauge whether our tool is the best fit for your conversion needs.
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When Would you Export DWG to PNG Images ?

DWG is a proprietary file format created and maintained by Autodesk, and it is incompatible with many software programs. So, if you end up utilizing such a program that doesn’t offer 100 percent DWG support then – you may need to do an AutoCAD export DWG to PNG.

Being the most broadly utilized CAD application, AutoCAD flaunts rich functionality and supporting foundation that impacts most users into not to save AutoCAD to PNG. But, you may know that AutoCAD software is costly.

Hence, various experts and organizations think that it is hard to justify the expense, particularly when they use AutoCAD infrequently.

Apart from all these facts, there are many other reasons which enforce users to convert DWG to PNG-

  1. PNG utilizes the lossless compression method thus, there is no loss in image quality when you open and save a file once more.
  2. It supports transparency and handles definite, high-contrast pictures well.
  3. It’s a great option if you make a raster picture out of your AutoCAD drawing.
  4. One can easily email it or attach it to your catalog so anybody could download and right away view it without any extra expenses or an additional application.

DWG to PNG Converter: Handy Tool

You have two options to export AutoCAD to PNG high-resolution image-

Convert DWG to PNG manually, which can take many hours or even days! It is also very hard to get precise output for AutoCAD print to PNG image using this method.

Convert AutoCAD to PNG automatically, using a DWG to PNG converter program. Simply add the DWG or DXF files in the toolkit, press a few tabs, and that’s it! There will be no post-processing steps when you follow such an approach to save AutoCAD drawing as PNG.

  1. Download and start DWG to PNG Converter.
  2. Choose DWG files or folders for conversion.
  3. Pick desired .dwg files which you wish to convert.
  4. Select PNG as saving type and specify a destination path.
  5. Begin to convert DWG to PNG file format.

By taking the help of the right tool to import AutoCAD to PNG, will save precious hours of your workday!

Fortunately, with BitRecover DWG to PNG Converter, you can export DWG files to PNG. In fact, the tool retains all attributes of the drawing such as font sizes, color, line weights, etc. In this regard, the output PNG image appears as it is been opened using AutoCAD. Simply with this tool, you can bypass AutoCAD.

Moreover, by virtue of being direct, BitRecover eliminates the need for costly DWG to PNG online converters for such an easy task.

How to Convert DWG to PNG Images ?

The whole AutoCAD export to PNG process takes about seven clicks. Here are the steps to save AutoCAD drawing as PNG-

Download DWG to PNG Converter on your system.

Download DWG to PNG Converter for Windows

Load the AutoCAD DWG files that you would like to convert.

load dwg files

Select a folder. Click Next, which will prompt you to choose a required folder for conversion.

choose dwg files

Specify saving type. In the saving options dropdown menu bar, choose PNG.

choose png saving option

Browse destination. Pick a location where you want to save the PNG images.

browse destination location

Click “Convert”. The process to convert DWG to PNG transparent background has started.

convert dwg to png

Confirmation. Once done, you will get a ‘Conversion completed message report’. To finalize the AutoCAD to PNG conversion, tap on the OK tab.

dwg to png conversion

Now, you will have an output folder having PNG files which you can use anywhere. It’s best to spend some time thoroughly examining the output file.


DWG Format- DWG is a vector graphic file format utilized by CAD (Computer-Aided Design) programs. It was first made in 1982 via Autodesk, the makers of AutoCAD. DWG stores both 2D and 3D data and information of dimensional data and metadata. It is made to exchange drawings between various CAD programs. Many graphic designers, illustrators, architects, engineers broadly use this format for collaboration on CAD work.

PNG Format- PNG is a raster picture file format. It stores picture details in a small square of color known as pixels. It is chosen over many other image formats because it preserves image quality during editing (due to lossless data compression), permits transparent background. PNG file format is very frequently shareable. Users can even convert DWG to PNG transparent background images for capturing a screenshot of the AutoCAD drawings.

Why Choose BitRecover AutoCAD to PNG Converter over other Online Tools ?

When choosing the solution on how to save AutoCAD drawings to PNG, it may be fascinating to feel that all AutoCAD to PNG converters is similar. You may go directly to Google, type in “convert DWG to PNG”, and click on the first free DWG to PNG online converter tool that shows up. These web-based converters guarantee to offer extraordinary outcomes with no downloads—yet actually, they can’t match up to their claims.

Conversion of DWG files to PNG is a confusing task that requires computing power. By their tendency, online DWG to PNG high resolution online tool can’t offer a similar processing power as an automated application can. You might observe yourself not being able to transfer complex files because of size limitations and when you, at last, can change over something, you might see that the outcomes are poor. The issues with DWG to PNG online converter can go from being not able to open your document to genuine security issues.

Picking BitRecover DWG file to PNG converter implies selecting a quick, secure and precise conversion utility. Attempted and trusted by clients in a wide scope of businesses, we offer incredible results and significantly more.

Using BitRecover to Save AutoCAD Drawing as PNG

There are many benefits offered by our DWG to PNG converter that would come in handy during the processing:

  • Support for over 8 more formats including PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML, TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG
  • Batch conversion of DWG drawings to PNG at one time
  • Flexible licensing to convert the trial into full edition
  • Smart yet self-descriptive GUI
  • Freedom to choose any storage location
  • No AutoCAD installation
  • Dual options for manual file selection
  • Keeps intact all major attributes of source files
  • Wide compatibility with latest Windows OS: Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and more
  • Incredible support 24/7

Q/A- Common User Scenarios

I am an architectural designer and got a layout design from a contractor who does not use AutoCAD. Now, I want to give the final design output to him but this time in PNG as he asked me to do it. How do I export DWG to PNG?

Quickly check out the premium BitRecover solution to convert AutoCAD to PNG. Here’s the download link of the trial version:

Recently, I opened a new store so, I asked the design for my company sign to my engineer friend who makes technical drawings. He has shown me the drawings but they were in DWG file extension. Since I don’t have AutoCAD, I want these drawings in a raster image file format like PNG. How to convert DWG to PNG transparent background image?

You can use the DWG to PNG conversion tool to export AutoCAD to PNG images.

By profession, I am an architect and want to create a database for a few surveyed sites. My friend is a genius Computer-Aided Design user. He helped me to export the data in DWG file format. But, now the files are stored on my personal system so I want to view them but obviously without AutoCAD software. Is there any method to save AutoCAD to PNG so that I can visualize all my findings in those images?

Yes, the all-in-one BitRecover AutoCAD print to PNG tool gives you this facility to save AutoCAD drawing as PNG. Hope it helps you!

Parting Shot

As an adaptable DWG to PNG converter software, BitRecover offers a direct and less expensive method to convert AutoCAD to PNG without installing the former on a PC. Thus, this makes our application a helpful utility if you don’t have AutoCAD, whose membership expenses could prove costly for one-time applications.

Also, DWG to PNG converter free download will help you to make a quick decision on how to use it before you invest your precious money in it!