How to Download ZIP File Attached to PDF? Simple Steps

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary: Are you searching for a solution for how to download ZIP file attached to PDF?Do you find it difficult to manage? Well, then there is a way out of the situation. Read this blog completely and stay tuned with us for more information.

However, one thing you need to keep in mind is that download and open ZIP file attached to PDF is, not a bulky task. It’s just that users have to manage the data accordingly. If users don’t manage the data, then it can be an obstacle for them. But yes, this task is not impossible.

Therefore, there is a need for a solution that allows users to download the ZIP file. So let’s start the blog in detail to get the complete knowledge and the best solution.

Why Download ZIP Files Attached to PDF?

There are several reasons why users find it necessary to extract zip files. Some of them are listed here:

  1. A ZIP file is a type of format that contains compressed files and folders for the purpose of archiving, storage, and/or transmission.
  2. For sharing documents, it is important for the user to download the ZIP files.
  3. A ZIP file is treated as one file when being transferred or transmitted from one digital storage space to another. User have to download it and extract for viewing all the files in it.

These are some of the main reasons. Now we’ll have a look on some user queries for a better understanding of this issue.

How to Download ZIP File Attached to PDF?

  1. Open the PDF file that has the attached ZIP file by opening a PDF reader app on your device.
  2. To locate the attachment icon, which indicates the presence of a ZIP file, go through the PDF page.
  3. View the attached ZIP file in a drop-down menu or dialog box, click the attachment icon.
  4. To download ZIP file attached to PDF file to a specific location on your device.
  5. Once the ZIP file is downloaded you can open ZIP file attached to PDF.

Note: If this method is not working for you, then you can go for the direct solution, through which, with, just in few clicks you get the perfect results that you want without consuming a lot of time.

Direct Solution for Performing the Extraction Procedure – Technical Way

For solving how to download zip file attached to pdf problem user should need to use Professional Solution. User have to Extract Attachments from PDF Attachment Extractor. They will not have to face any issue in completing this entire process. This automated approach is perfect for users as it downloads zip file without any hassle. It is all – in – one application which can become helpful for both technical and non – technical users.

This is completely automated solution and requires user to click only few tabs. Yes, user don’t have to follow a complex and lengthy process to perform this task. Just a few clicks and this task is done.

Now let’s discuss why this tool is very valuable for users. Some main features of this application are mentioned here. Just have a look on it.

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The Highlighted Features of this Application?

Some of the highlighted features of this application are:

  • This excellent application has advance features for ease of users.
  • There is no need of any supportive application for performing this procedure.
  • This is fast application and user can easily use this application without any ease.
  • User can Bulk extract text attachment files from corrupted & password protected PDF’s.

How to Download ZIP File Attached to PDF File: Working Steps

  1. First, user have to install and run the software on their Windows operating system.
    start the toll to download zip file attached to pdf
  2. Then, the software provides the dual option to load PDF documents for extracting Zip files from it.
    select files or folders
  3. Thereafter, the user can check the complete preview of the folder data and enable the checkboxes.
    click on check boxes that you need
  4. Now, browse the destination path to save download zip file attached to PDF.
    select destination path
  5. Finally, press the convert tab to begin this procedure. User can see the live running process on their Windows.
    click on convert to download zip file attached to pdf
  6. Users can finally see the output data at the destination location.
    open zip file attached to pdf

FAQs for How to Download ZIP File Attached to PDF

1. What is a ZIP file attached to a PDF?
A- ZIP file attached to a PDF is a compressed folder containing one or more files. It’s often used to bundle multiple files together for easier storage and sharing.

2. How do I know if a PDF contains a ZIP file attachment?
A- Typically, PDF software will indicate if a file has attachments. Look for a paperclip icon or an “Attachments” panel within your PDF viewer.

3. Can I open a ZIP file directly from the PDF?
A- Usually, you’ll need to save the ZIP file to your device before opening it. PDF viewers don’t usually support direct extraction of ZIP files.

4. How to download the ZIP file attached to a PDF?
A- To download ZIP file attached to PDF follow the simple steps:

  1. Install and run the software.
  2. Select the files and folders.
  3. After that, select the destination path.
  4. Now, click on convert button.
  5. Lastly, Open the download ZIP file attached to PDF.

5. Are there any security risks associated with to download ZIP file attached to PDFs?
A- As with any file download, there is a potential risk of malware or viruses. Make sure you trust the source of the PDF before downloading and extracting any attachments.


If you just want to download ZIP file attached to a PDF, this tool can help you very well. This application is fully automated and works very professionally. Hence, you have to try this tool to complete this task. Well; it will be easier for every user to test the tool because it comes with a demo version.

By using the trial edition, users can easily download a few zip files. For more features and benefits and to download unlimited zip files, users can purchase the software. If still any issue persists, the user can contact our live support team. On the other hand you can use the the manual method if you have a small number of files.