How to Download All Attachments from Hotmail without File Size Limit ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Hotmail attachment not downloading? Wondering how you can download multiple attachments from Hotmail and save them on the local system?

If yes, read this guide that reveals the easy and efficient tricks to download Hotmail multiple attachments.

There was a time when the Hotmail email service was the most loved among the users. But after Microsoft asked its users to switch to MS Outlook, a lot has changed. However, still, some users work with the Hotmail email address to communicate.

Many times Hotmail users find it a significant challenge to download attachments from their Hotmail account? Also, several ask for is there any specific method if Hotmail attachment now showing?

Or what can I do if the Hotmail attachment not opening or you need to extract several Hotmail attachments at once?

Today, all such queries will be answered with a proper solution. Here are the top 2 methods you can follow if your Hotmail attachment not showing and you want to extract several attachments from your Hotmail account easily.
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#Method 1: Download Multiple Attachments from Hotmail Instantly

Undoubtedly, there are a few manual methods to save Hotmail attachment to desktop but then the Hotmail attachment size limit issues come. Our software is available to extract several Hotmail attachments. With it, you can download several Hotmail email files attachments without limitation.

Therefore, we suggest you download the professional and instant solution if your Hotmail attachment not downloading using standard methods.

Launch the BitRecover Email Attachment Extractor – software to download multiple or single Hotmail profile attachments efficiently.

It allows you to save the extracted multiple attachments on the location of choice. The utility has a simplified interface and several advanced features for IT professionals who are hassling with the problem of Hotmail attachment not opening issues.

Want to know how you can use the Hotmail attachment downloader toolkit? Below are the quick steps.

In Five Steps All Your Hotmail Email Attachments Downloaded!

  • Run the software and choose Hotmail in the source list.
  • Fill in the Hotmail account credentials and press the Login tab.
  • Choose the Hotmail mailbox to extract the attachments.
  • Go to the Filter option and check mode for bulk attachment extraction.
  • Browse a location on the system and mention a path to Save the output.

That’s all for the automatic process to download bulk attachments from Hotmail email account.

#Method2: Extract One Hotmail Attachment at a time

This method has the limitation of downloading one email attachment from Hotmail, and steps are as follow:

  • Login to Hotmail account.
  • Go to the paper clip icon with Hotmail email and click on it. (Hotmail shows one paper clip for each email with one or more attachments.)
  •  After opening the attachment, tap on the clickable link for each attachment.
  • A download option occurs depending on the attachment downloading like PDF.
  • The attachment is downloaded, and you can save it on your local system.
The Major Issue with #Method 2 is it can’t download attachments of several file types. Like attachment with extension .mp3, .exe, etc. Moreover, this method is not applicable to resolve user query to download multiple attachments from Hotmail email.

How to Save Hotmail Attachment to Desktop ?

Now, let’s see the screenshot of the automatic method:

  • Open the software and select Hotmail from the email source list.
  • Now, enter the credentials of your Hotmail profile, such as email address, password, and tap on Next.
For Multiple Hotmail account attachments extraction: User can check the Use Batch Mode. It asks you to upload a .csv file containing the email addresses and passwords of various accounts to extract attachments.
  • Pick the required mailbox/ folder from your Hotmail profile to extract attachments.

  • Next, tap on the Change button to specify a location on your system to save resultant files.

  • Tap on the Filter options in the menu and choose Use Selective export settings for extracting attachments. Using it, you can mention the attachment file extension for the bulk download process.
  • After all, come back to the Backup window and hit the Backup tab.

  • The process to download bulk attachments from Hotmail ended.

Free Download is also available.

If a user wants to test the software for the email attachment downloading process, the demo edition is available.

The trustworthy software for Hotmail bulk attachment extraction free trial allows users to download ten attachments from their Hotmail account in few clicks. After satisfaction, they can switch to the license edition for multiple Hotmail attachment downloading in a few snaps.

Feature of Professional Hotmail Attachment Extractor Software 

Does your Hotmail attachment not downloading when you tried to do it manually? Well, the reason is straight the drawbacks of manual methods. But, when it comes to a professional solution like the BitRecover Hotmail attachment opening tool then none of these problems arises. Have a look at the amazing features of our software.

  • Speedily download Hotmail bulk attachments with originality sustained.
  • Allows extracting attachments from selective mailbox such as Inbox, sent, etc.
  • No limitation is imposed on attachment file size during the download process.
  • Support all attachment file extensions such as PDF, AMP, EXE, JPG, PNG, etc.
  • Simplified and easy-to-use method for downloading multiple Hotmail attachment at once.
  • Maintain the email attachment properties or attributes throughout the task.
  • Freedom to download specific file attachments from Hotmail email folder.
  • Support all Windows edition computers/laptops for the attachment extraction.

The Conclusion

‘My Hotmail attachment not downloaded’, ‘few Hotmail attachments not opening’, ‘Hotmail attachment limit 2021 for downloading – these are some issues which a common user faces. So, if you are unable to save Hotmail attachment to desktop then the above article will benefit you.

This post reveals the top 2 tricks one can use to download multiple attachments from Hotmail account. However, the automatic solution is far better in all the possible comparisons and lets you extract multiple Hotmail email attachments of all sizes and types.