How To Backup Doteasy Webmail On Computer ? – Download Doteasy Emails Easily

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read


Webmails are beneficial over the desktop email clients as you can send and receive emails from a web browser. One such Webmail that has gained popularity is Doteasy which was launched in 2000. It has won the trust of over 500,000 customers by providing quality, affordable, domain-based web hosting solutions. From the day it was founded till now, it has come up with suites of web hosting solutions and applications. It is a premier web host and a reliable choice that you can count on for your website. Especially, if you are a business owner, the Doteasy hosting plans, web applications will help you to stay ahead by your competition. If you are looking for a backup solution to can save emails and attachments from Doteasy webmail, read this blog. The Doteasy webmail backup tool is one such trustworthy application that you can rely upon backup emails from Doteasy.

In this blog post, we will learn the best solution to archive Doteasy emails to other webmails like Gmail, Yahoo, and Also, with this software, you will be able to download emails from Doteasy to the computer with the available saving options. Once you archive Doteasy webmail emails, it will easy to get those emails in another account. The recommended solution of Doteasy webmail backup can be used on any Windows platform. Now, we will see in simple steps to backup Doteasy webmail backup.

How to Backup Doteasy Webmail Emails?

Follow these steps to archive emails from Doteasy webmail:

  1. Run BitRecover Email Backup Wizard.
  2. Choose IMAP Server and fill email account credentials.
  3. Enter IMAP Host and IMAP Port No. And Login.
  4. Choose a saving option to backup Doteasy emails.
  5. Start the backup of emails from Doteasy Webmail.

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Doteasy Webmail Backup Tool – Learn To Download Emails From Doteasy 

Firstly, download Doteasy Webmail backup software and install its setup. Run it properly to start backup. The software provides multiple email sources. So, choose IMAP Server as the email source from the options available.

Now, enter the credentials of email account such as Email ID and password. Also, fill IMAP Host No., IMAP Port No. and click on the Login button.


Note: Use Batch Mode for batch multiple email accounts backup.

Then, after you login, the software will automatically load all the email folders of Doteasy webmail into the software panel. Enable the required mailboxes that you need to backup from Doteasy webmail.


Now, move your cursor towards the Select Saving option and pick the desired saving option from it.


Then, you can enter a destination location for saving the Doteasy webmail emails to computer.


Note: Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup.

Now, hit on the Backup button to begin the backup of emails from Doteasy Webmail account.


Done! In this manner, one can easily download emails from Doteasy to computer.

Use Different Saving Options To Backup Doteasy Emails

File formats: The software permits to archive Doteasy emails to multiple file formats. You can backup Doteasy to PST, Doteasy to MSG, Doteasy to EML, Doteasy to EMLX, Doteasy to MBOX, Doteasy to HTML, Doteasy to MHT, Doteasy to XPS, Doteasy to RTF, Doteasy to DOC, Doteasy to CSV, Doteasy to ZIP, etc.

Email clients: Download Doteasy Webmail backup tool to save emails from Doteasy to Windows Live Mail, Doteasy to Lotus Notes, Doteasy to Zimbra, Doteasy to Thunderbird, etc.

Webmails: With this tool, the user can archive Doteasy Webmail emails to other Webmail services. You can easily backup Doteasy to Gmail, Doteasy to, Doteasy to Yahoo Mail, Doteasy to Rediffmail, Doteasy to Office 365, Doteasy to Exchange Server, Doteasy to Hosted Exchange Server, Doteasy to G Suite, Doteasy to Amazon WorkMail, Doteasy to IceWarp, etc.

Archive Doteasy Webmail Emails – Benefits And Features

The only mission of Doteasy Webmail backup tool is to provide a hassle-free solution that can backup emails from Doteasy Webmail account. This conversion software is filled with numerous productive features that will help you to experience a best-emailing experience. It offers unlimited backup of Doteasy emails to multiple saving options. Apart from this, let’s see the prime features of this software that makes it so desirable among the users.

1. The software of the Doteasy webmail tool offers 80+ email sources which the users can utilize for downloading emails from their Doteasy Webmail account.

2. The tool provides a feature of Batch mode which you can utilize to accomplish a multiple email accounts backup in batch. This saves the user’s time and effort.

3. You can also selectively choose Doteasy Webmail emails and leave the non-required ones with the preview option of this software.

4. The tool of Doteasy Webmail provides 25+ file saving options so that the users can download emails from Doteasy to computer or email services.

5. It also provides a change language option: Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian.

6. The users can use the Advanced Settings option for selective backup. With this option, you can manage the date range, from, to, subject of the required emails.

7. Using this software, the user can save the backup of Doteasy emails at the desired saving location.

8. Not only emails, but you can also save emails and attachments from Doteasy Webmail into multiple email formats, email clients, webmails.

Frequent User Queries

Ques1: I have few Doteasy Webmail emails and I intend to archive Doteasy emails to Outlook. But, there are many email folders and I am confused to locate the emails for backup. Can I do selective backup of Doteasy emails?

Ans: Yes, indeed! The Advanced Mode option of this software enables to download emails from Doteasy to computer as per requirements. You can choose the emails as per Date, Range, From, Subject, To and can request more features also.

Ques2: Can I backup emails from Doteasy Webmail email account in bulk as I have hundreds of email data?

Ans: Yes, once you select the email source from the software, it will automatically load all Doteasy Webmail emails. Thereafter, you can backup only selective emails in batch mode for fast processing.

Ques3: Does this software support Windows 10 platform to backup Doteasy Webmail emails?

Ans: Yes, Doteasy Webmail backup tool supports all Windows OS including Windows 10 too.

Our software Doteasy Webmail tool has been massively used by various of our customers. They gave us their valuable feedbacks. You can have a glance at some of those reviews:

Client Reviews

Amazing application to backup emails from Doteasy Webmail account! I would like to owe a thanks to BitRecover Doteasy Webmail backup tool that has enabled me to archive emails from Doteasy Webmail in a couple of minutes.

-Walter, USA

Highly recommendable application for those users who are searching for a good Doteasy email backup utility. This software is truly a composition of smart features among which the best one is its batch mode feature. You just need to enable one-click on batch mode and download emails from Doteasy to computer easily.

-Gurt, New York

The simple and user-friendly interface of Doteasy Webmail makes this application a really desirable one. There are numerous eye-catching features of this software of BitRecover Doteasy Webmail backup tool. You can use this application without a second thought to taking the backup of emails from Doteasy Webmail.

Henry, California

Summing Up Together

In this write-up, we have described how you can backup Doteasy Webmail emails to computer. Now, download the software and enjoy its smooth functioning. The best part of using this tool is that you can check the software’s proficiency by downloading the free demo version, This demo version of the Doteasy Webmail backup tool permits you to take the backup of 25 emails from each folder to the selected file formats. If you want to do the unlimited backup of Doteasy emails, switch to its pro licensed version.

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