Does PST Contain Contacts – Know Complete Information

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Summary: Here, in this blog, we have discussed about does PST contain contacts in brief. If you are also searching solution for this issue then read this blog carefully and stay tuned with us.

Are you guys are also searching solution for the query of does PST file contain contacts? If so, this is the right place to get the correct solution for your queries. Stay connected for complete and accurate information. PST file contains all the Outlook data. Like email folders, Contacts, Calendars, journals, and Tasks. Some PST files also contains rules as well, but it varies from version to version.

First, we will talk about what is PST file?

A PST file, mainly known as the Personal Storage Table file, is created when user uses and configures a POP3 account. This file is used to store all the data, archives, and exports even at the time of using Exchange or PST is a Personal Storage Table file that comprises personal user information of Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.

All the default folders are stored in a PST file such as Inbox, Drafts, Outbox, Sent Items, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Journals, etc. Now, users must be thinking about the contacts. Well, there are many users who have no clue if the contacts are stored in the PST files.

Why do users ask does PST file contain contacts?

The solution of this query is, yes, Outlook data file does store contacts in it. Also, we all know that the data which is stored in the PST file is kept safe as a backup but this process has merits and demerits. All the data can be only stored in a single PST file which is convenient but makes the file potentially very large.  In this case, users can extract the Contact and Save them Locally. This can be done according to the need of the user. There are multiple users who are searching for solutions for this type of queries. Let’s have a look at one query:

User query: Hi! It has been more than 5 years that I have been using Outlook as my email client. I am having a PST file that contains a lot of data, all the folders, contacts, etc. and the size of it is about 3 gigs. I have tried to archive the data and even compact it but the file is still huge and nothing works here. Does PST contain contacts? If yes, then how do I convert pst files? Kindly suggest best way to do this.

How to convert Contacts and save them in different formats?

As we have seen in the above-mentioned user query, that they are having trouble keeping their PST file size small. Due to lots of reasons many users wanted to convert their PST files according to their needs. This is why we have given the answer for “does PST file contain contacts?” and the solutions to convert PST files into different formats.

For doing so, you have to first download the PST Contacts Converter that will make it possible for the users to export the PST files. Users have the option to take out contacts from the Deleted Items and Junk Folders as well. In addition to that, users can get their contacts extracted in batch mode without losing any data.

Along with that, users can also make use of the Date – Filter which allows users to export contacts from a certain time – zone by setting From and To dates in the software. There is no file size limitation as well as the tool supports both ANSI and UNICODE files.

Users can also take the help of the PST Converter Application for converting PST files into different formats.  This application has multiple advanced features for performing this task without facing any issues. It has easy to use graphical user interface. This tool can also convert single as well as multiple Outlook files at once. A selective data migration option is also available with this program. This is suitable for both technical and non-technical users.
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Unlock PST files and set a new password without any hassle

Sometimes user locks PST files for safety purposes. But by the passage of time forgets the password, which can create an issue for them. So, to unlock those PST files users can take the help of the PST Unlock application. This efficient Software is one such competent utility that can help to unlock Outlook PST passwords without wasting important time. The tool quickly removes password from Outlook PST file and also allow to change or set new Outlook PST password from any version of Microsoft Outlook. This application is equipped with strong and powerful algorithms that accurately crack PST passwords without Outlook.
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Finishing Lines

In the above blog, we have briefly discussed about does pst contain contacts. Users can easily find out about this topic without facing any issues. Some applications are mentioned above are easy to use and the most suitable app for the users. Hence, users need to use it for the purpose of having the most comfortable solution. All these programs are reliable and require very little effort on the user’s part. Just a few clicks and the user’s job will be done.