How to Convert TEX to TIFF Instantly? Best and Simple Methods

Mark Regan
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Welcome to our article. Here we have simplified how to Convert TEX to TIFF in easy ways. If you are a TIFF user and for some reason you want to change TEX to TIFF then start reading this article to find out the best and simple techniques. You will find a complete guide with step-by-step procedure here. So start reading..

TEX, is a plain text file that contains a set of instructions for formatting and typesetting a document during academic programming and in document publishing. It does the formatting specified in macros that carry requirements for the text, equations, and graphics.

TIFF (Tagged Image File format) files store images at precision level with high-quality and detail. They cover different types of compression and save images up to the color depth. Many firms have adopted TIFF files, mainly because they provide an accurate representation of the truth, and it is easy to edit these files.

Quick Solution to Convert TEX to TIFF in Bulk

  1. Run the TEX to TIFF Converter Tool on PC.
  2. Add TEX files or folders as much as you want.
  3. Select the required TEX folders.
  4. Choose TIFF in the saving option.
  5. Click Convert button to begin the process.

Why to Change TEX to TIFF?

  • TIFF files preserve the quality of TEX which maintains the sharpness even when zoomed in.
  • TIFF offers lossless compression, high quality and clear prints.
  • It is compatible with various software and suitable for professionals and businesses.
  • If you Convert TEX to TIFF, you can preserve your TEX data for the long term.

Solution 1: Convert TEX to TIFF Manually

  1. First, open the TEX file with Notepad or another text editor.
  2. Then, take a screenshot by pressing the “PrntScrn” button.
  3. Next, open Paint and paste the screenshot with “Ctrl + V“.
  4. Go to “File“, choose “Save As“, and pick “TIFF” from the menu.
  5. Finally, click “Save” to convert and Convert TEX to TIFF file format.


  • Loss of text data: Screenshotting loses the ability to edit or search TEX text.
  • Quality reduction: Converting to PNG may reduce image quality.
  • Labor-intensive: Requires to repeat the steps to change TEX to TIFF for each TEX file.
  • Not suitable for large files: May become impractical for lengthy documents.
  • Limited format support: Only a few formats are supported.

Solution 2: Convert TEX to TIFF in Bulk

BitRecover’s TEX Converter guarantees TEX files to TIFF conversion without loss of data while preserving the initial format of the TEX files. Extremely fast it batch converts files and you can give it a folder to convert. This TEX to TIFF Converter gives no size limits and fast results which make it very convenient as well as preserve the original quality of the file.

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How to Convert TEX to TIFF in Bulk with Tool?

  1. Open the TEX to TIFF Converter Tool on your Windows computer. Convert TEX to TIFF
  2. Click “Select file” or “Select Folder” to add TEX files in bulk. select folder
  3. After adding the TEX files, choose the folders you want to change TEX to TIFF for. select folders
  4. Go to the saving options and choose TIFF from the list. select TIFF
  5. Finally, click on the “Convert” button to Convert TEX to TIFF in bulk. Convert TEX to TIFF

Features of the Tool

  • TEX to TIFF Converter is completely safe and secure, ensuring no data breaches.
  • Easily Convert TEX to TIFF in bulk quickly.
  • Works fast to change TEX to TIFF in a flash.
  • No file size limits, so you can convert large files without worry.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems.
  • Maintains the formatting and structure of TEX files without any issues.


These are the simple ways to convert TEX to TIFF which you are capable of achieving yourself. If you want to change TEX to TIFF then the best suggestion is to use the professional solution, TEX to TIFF Converter that provides top-notch conversion features without compromising data integrity. After reading the article start the smooth process of TEX file document conversion to TIFF.

FAQs for Changing TEX to TIFF:

1. Is it beneficial to convert TEX to TIFF?

TIFF files can conserve the TEX’s high-quality standard, offer a lossless compression, compatibility, and suitability for professional use, which can help safeguard data for a long time period.

2. What are the steps to change TEX to TIFF?

Download the tool, add your TEX files, check the required ones, select TIFF format and click the convert button.

3. Why we should not use the manual method?

The main drawback of the manual method through screenshotting is laborious, large text data loss may occur, quality of images can be wasty, and it is not suitable for large files or lengthy documents.

4. What are the TEX to TIFF Converter Tool Features?

The TEX to TIFF Converter guarantees safety, allows for sequential conversion, high-speed processing, with no file size limit, works under any version of the Windows OS, and strictly adheres to all the rules of to change TEX to TIFF layout and format.