How to Convert TEX to PNG ? Complete Guide

Mark Regan
Published: March 26th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Today many people are searching to convert TEX to PNG but they are unable to get a safe and reliable solution. But now they do not need to worry as in this article we have explained the multiple methods to export TEX to PNG. We guarantee you that after reading this article, you will see how easy it was to convert a bulk of complex TEX files into PNG. Start reading…

TEX files are basically typesetting documents that were first introduced by Donald Knuth to preserve complex formatting of mathematical, technical and scientific documents. These files contain markup language instructions that allow users to define structure, equations, and formatting of the document.

Moreover, PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics which is a raster image format commonly used for web graphics. The benefits to convert TEX to PNG, it supports transparent background and high image quality. PNG images are widely supported across various platforms and can be easily opened using any image viewer. Converting TEX files into PNG images can be beneficial in several ways. Read about a few of them below.

Instantly Convert TEX to PNG in Bulk

  1. Start the TEX to PNG Converter tool.
  2. Add the TEX files and check required ones.
  3. Go to Saving option and select PNG Format.
  4. Browse the path to save data after conversion.
  5. Finally hit the Convert button to start.

Benefits of Converting TEX files to PNG

  • Versatile Usage: PNG images can be easily shared and inserted into various documents, slides, and web pages.
  • High Quality: The PNG format saves the quality of TEX equations and text and at the same time, the sharpness of images is also preserved.
  • Transparent Backgrounds: PNG is transparent that helps to merge TEX images in any background.
  • Compatibility: PNG files are cross-platform which means that a user can use and access them through a number of applications or software.
  • Reduced File Size: PNG compression techniques support both the file size reasonability and TEX content visual quality maintenance.

Method 1- Convert TEX to PNG Manually Using Paint

  1. Begin by opening the TEX files using Notepad or any other text editor of your choice.
  2. Once the TEX data is visible, capture a screenshot by pressing the PrntScrn button on your keyboard.
  3. Open the Paint application on your computer and paste the screenshot into the workspace by pressing Ctrl + V.
  4. Navigate to the “File” tab in Paint, then choose “Save As” from the menu options.
  5. In the “Save As” dialog box, select “PNG” from the dropdown menu to convert TEX to PNG.
  6. Finally, click the “Save” button to save the screenshot in the PNG file.


This method to convert TEX to PNG using screenshots has several limitations:

  • Loss of Text Quality: The screenshot method is prone to lose text legibility, particularly of minute font sizes or convoluted mathematics symbols.
  • Manual Process: Making each TEX file into a PNG through screenshots is very manual and takes time to convert TEX to PNG in bulk.
  • Resolution Limitations: The quality of the PNG image may not be high owing to the screen resolution being a factor in this as well.
  • Text Selection Challenges: It might be hard to include all TEX information into the data, especially as the TEX, which is beyond the screen, needs additional scrolling and screen capture.

Method 2- Best Solution to Instantly Convert TEX to PNG

TEX File Converter provided by the company BitRecovery offers the most advanced method to instantly convert TEX files to PNG in bul without losing any information and while preserving original format of TEX files. This TEX to PNG converter can instantly change the TEX files into PNG as per users need and allow them to convert only specific folders. This highly advanced TEX to PNG converter does not restrict on any size limit and provides a quick result.

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How to Convert TEX to PNG in Bulk?

  1. First off, get the application from the web, and then install it on your computer. Keep running it. Show next after clicking on the application and opening it. TEX to PNG converter
  2. Are you flexible to add files individually or in bulk then click “Select Files” and “Select folder” respectively. Make sure all the TEX files exist. select file or folder
  3. Run all the TEX files that you’ve included and check the boxes that you need by marking them.check folders
  4. In the saving options format, select “PNG” in the drop-down menu to save your TEX documentation into the PNG format.Then, click on “Next”.choose PNG
  5. Converting to a visible format, directories will automatically be selected in the default path. Feel free to use this link you found in case you need more information, you can still start by clicking the “Browse” button. select path
  6. Complete the task by clicking “Convert” that will convert TEX to PNG in bulk. Convert TEX to PNG


The article described the top 2 methods to easily convert TEX to PNG in bulk using manual methods and the advanced tool TEX to PNG converter. We also learn a few more information about TEX and PNG files and how converting TEX to PNG can be beneficial for you. If you need an instant and satisfying result, you should try the software.