How to Convert STL File to GIF Animation in Bulk?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Many working professionals want to convert STL to GIF. Because they want to use animated files for 3D STL models. If you are one of them, then you can continue reading this blog to know the complete method and reasons.

Many professionals, like civil engineers and architects, know the benefits of GIF. They used STL files for 3D printing, but this file is a simple geometry file format without color, texture or other attributes. The worst part about this file is that it’s not open without CAD programs.

Without wasting your time, we are going to the solution, but first we understand the difference between STL and GIF file formats. Then we convert from 3D printing STL file to GIF. Extra reading is good for knowledge.

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Why User Convert STL to GIF?

There are many benefits to converting STL to GIF. The biggest advantage of GIF is that it can be read on any device rather than an STL file, which is limited to devices that support STL files.

  1. A GIF (Graphical Interchange Format) is a highly compressed image. It is a more widely used animated file format.
  2. It will be easier for people to view, understand, and open on any platform like a smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc.
  3. An animated GIF file can support up to 8 bits per pixel and can contain 256 indexed colors. That’s why it helps them to load faster on Web pages.
  4. Due to its compact size, extensive colour palette, and animation capabilities, GIF files quickly became a popular picture file format for the early internet and continue to enjoy widespread use to this day.

Recommended Tool to Convert 3D STL File to Animation GIF

BitRecover DWG Converter Wizard is an offline software that works without internet connectivity. This tool is also considered an STL to GIF converter. This utility comes with a free demo version that permits you to convert one STL file to GIF by adding a company watermark. Therefore, this is the best option to understand the software process before purchasing the licensed version.

Download for Windows

Just click on the Download button and check the software functions. This tool is compatible with all the latest and previous versions of Windows OS, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, etc.

Benefits of STL to GIF Converter

  1. This software allows you to convert batch 3D STL files to GIF format without losing image quality.
  2. Another feature is that it creates a separate GIF for each STL file.
  3. There is no need to install any CAD program while using this tool.
  4. It maintains all the perpendiculars and vertices during the conversion process.
  5. You can feel free to save the resulting GIF file at any location. You can even save to an external drive.
  6. It gives you the facility to convert single or multiple STL files into animated GIF format.
  7. The 3D System STL to GIF converter supports all STL files that are created by CAD programs.
  8. Also, this software allows you to convert STL to a Word document without size restrictions.

Working Steps for STL to GIF Conversion

  1. Firstly, download and launch the software.
  2. Secondly, upload STL files by using the Select Files or Select Folders options, and then click the Next button.

    upload STL file

  3. After that, all the data will appear on the preview panel. Choose accordingly.

    select STL file to convert into GIF

  4. Then, click on “Select Saving Option” and choose GIF.

    Convert STL to GIF

  5. Click on the folder icon and save the converted GIF file at the desired location.

    save resultant GIF file

Client’s Review

Hello, a civil engineer friend of mine sent me STL files, and I want to convert them to GIF animation format for easy opening. But I searched for it on a search engine and then found online STL to GIF converters. For security reasons, I want to use an offline tool for this. My friend suggested me to use BitRecover STL to GIF Animation Converter, and I was shocked. This was a really great solution. BitRecover developers have developed a secure offline tool without file size restrictions.

Time to Say GoodBye

In conclusion, we provide you with the best utility to convert STL to GIF while keeping the original format. So, if you have a 3D System STL file and want to convert it without any CAD program, then you should use the above-mentioned utility for conversion. Still, if you have any queries and doubts, then feel free to contact our support team.