Guide to Convert NSF Archive to PST File

Mark Regan | January 30th, 2017 | Convert Your Data

In this blog post, we will focus our discussion on the methods that can be deployed in order to convert NSF archive to PST files. In addition, the reason, which calls for this conversion, is also discussed. If you are moving out of space in your IBM Notes account for storing mails and do not desire to delete them, then you can opt for the archiving option that archives all the mails. The archive folder holds the strength to store plenty of emails. The most important use of this archive folder is when the mails from Lotus Notes need to be migrated to any other platform.

Scenarios That Need To Convert NSF Archive to PST

The most common need or scenario that put forth the need to convert NSF archive to PST file is cross-platform migration. Due to certain limitations of Lotus Notes, users need to migrate from Lotus Notes to MS Outlook. Migration of archive folder of Lotus Notes allows migration of the entire emails including the old ones, collectively to MS Outlook account. Since NSF files are unsupported in MS Outlook, therefore we need to convert the NSF file to PST format to access Notes data in Outlook.

Techniques to Convert NSF Archive to PST

There are various manual techniques available to convert NSF archive to PST. One of them is by deploying connectors that serve two main purposes. First, they transfer the data from Lotus Notes to Outlook and vice-versa and provide directory synchronization sin both the directions. Two of the widely employed connectors are enlisted below:

  • Exchange Migration Wizard

You can use Mail Migration Wizard to extract archive folder from Lotus Notes. The connector gives you the option to migrate the archive folder on either one or two steps. If you want to carry out the conversion process in a single step, then the tool will extract the archive folder NSF file from Lotus Notes and will import it to the Exchange server. When Outlook is configured with the Exchange server, the NSF file can then be extracted from it in the form of PST file.

mail migration tool


This migration wizard only works in Exchange server 2003 editions only. So if your Exchange server is of the latest version, this connector will not prove to be helpful for you.

  • Microsoft Transport Suite

The Transport suite is another connector introduced by Microsoft to coexist as well as migrate from Lotus Domino server. As the Exchange server 2007 comes equipped with Exchange management console, similarly Transporter Suite comes with Transport management console. This is done to make the administrators comfortable with working with the tool. The transfer suite consists of five components, of which the Mailbox Migration as of now is our priority. The mailbox migration actually performs the migration of mailboxes containing archive folder from Lotus Notes to Outlook. From the Exchange server, the archive NSF can be extracted as PST file once Outlook is synchronized with it.


Most of the time, conversion of data is quiet important for the work continuity. Sometimes there are the needs that arise in front of users due to which they need to convert NSF archive to PST file format. In the above write up, we have discussed the similar way to perform the conversion.