How to Convert IncrediMail Emails to Mailbird Email Program ?

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read


Summary: Are you still in a confusion on how to convert all emails, attachments, complete data from IncrediMail to Mailbird ? Can’t find a utility to convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird ? Don’t panic ! Read this blog to get a clear-cut approach on how to export IncrediMail emails to Mailbird email client.

The recent announcement that IncrediMail is shutting down on March 20, 2020, has created stress among users for finding the best alternative for IncrediMail email client. Though it is widely accepted as a number one choice all over the globe for many years. Yet, with this sudden news, users are in dilemma how do they backup IncrediMail emails, contacts, attachments on their Windows PC.

Whenever users search for an alternative for IncrediMail email client, they are more concerned to use an email client having good productivity. Also, it can be used for their organizations and business purpose in a smooth way. The bottom line is, the email clients need to be highly smart and customizable so that the users can enjoy a smooth emailing experience. If you are a big fan of IncrediMail customizable features like emoticons, backgrounds, instant messaging, etc. Then, Mailbird is a matchless alternative today. It is the best email client that offers the facility for organizing your emails, contacts to share with your customers, colleagues, professionals.

This write-up describes a precise solution to export IncrediMail emails to Mailbird. The recommended solution is BitRecover IncrediMail Converter Wizard that permits to convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird. It offers the finest approach using which you can convert all IncrediMail emails to Mailbird. Whether you are running a business/ professional user or a novice user, you won’t face any hassle to use this tool. It gives two saving options PST and EML which the Mailbird email client supports.

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How to Convert IncrediMail Emails to Mailbird ?

Import IncrediMail to Mailbird with these steps:

  1. Run BitRecover IncrediMail to Mailbird wizard.
  2. Choose IncrediMail data files
  3. Check desired emails to move further and enable PST saving option.
  4. Start IncrediMail conversion and import data in Mailbird email client.

Learn to Convert Emails from IncrediMail to Mailbird Email Client

The manual solutions that are prevalent in the online market may get you perplexed especially if you are a non-technical user. However, the given solution will make you confident about to convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird.

Firstly, download the software and run it on a Windows-compatible machine.


Now, choose IncrediMail IMM, IML, CAB files into the software panel with the dual options: Select File and Select Folder option.


Then, enable the required mailboxes of IncrediMail that you want to export in Mailbird email client.


Thereafter, navigate towards the saving options list. Here, you will find both options PST and EML that supports in Mailbird. We are illustrating here by taking PST as a saving option.


Now, you can select a location where you can save the IncrediMail to Mailbird converted data. Browse the location as per your need and hit on the Convert button to start conversion.


Hence, in this way, IncrediMail emails to Mailbird conversion is running successfully. You can check the efficiency with the live conversion progressive report. After you have converted emails from IncrediMail to Mailbird, the resultant folder will be automatically opened. Now, you can import the output data files or folders in the Mailbird email client.


How To Import Converted IncrediMail Data Into Mailbird ?

Now, you have converted emails from IncrediMail email client. It’s time to import the IncrediMail converted messages into the Mailbird. Let’s see how to do this:

1. Firstly, open the Mailbird email client and go to the Menu bar at the top-left of the screen. Hover the mouse towards the settings and then the Accounts section.


2. In this Account tab section, hit the “Add account” button.


3. Now, click on the Import tab as shown in the screenshot.


4. In the Next step, enter your email ID password and press on the Continue button.


5. Now, choose the output PST file that you have exported from IncrediMail. You can search for the files from the Browse icon and then click on the Continue button again.


It will take a few seconds, wait till all the converted IncrediMail data is imported into the Mailbird account.

Export IncrediMail Emails to Mailbird Tool

The IncrediMail to Mailbird migration tool is definitely a risk-free solution. This is because it ensures to intact all the information and data of IncrediMail emails during conversion. It gives the facility to choose single or multiple IncrediMail files as per the requirement of the user. Even it facilitates manual and automatic selection of IncrediMail files. The selective conversion feature of this tool helps to convert only required email folders and leave the undesired ones. Also, no matter what version of IncrediMail you are working on, the tool convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird efficiently. It supports IncrediMail 2.0, IncrediMail 2.5 for conversion. So, quickly download this amazing utility by hitting on the green button provided below. Then, export emails from IncrediMail to Mailbird accurately.
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Chief Features of Software

1. You can convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird on any windows platform: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
2. There are no file restrictions associated with the software while you export IncrediMail emails to Mailbird email client.
3. With this wizard, one can also batch convert emails from IncrediMail to Mailbird email client and thereby can save time & efforts.
4. It offers to save the IncrediMail to Mailbird converted data at the desired target path so that the user detect them easily.
5. It allows dual file selection options to choose IncrediMail .imm, .iml, .cab files from the database for the conversion.
6. For converting emails from IncrediMail to Mailbird, you can use any IncrediMail version i.e. IncrediMail 2.0, IncrediMail 2.5.
7. Using this application, it is completely safe to convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird. It performs 100% accurate conversion.

Is the Mailbird Email Client A Right Alternative ?

You may be thinking that your decision to convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird is accurate or not. There is no debate that Mailbird is certainly worth keeping an eye on- providing so many productive features. This section will give you an overview that Mailbird is the right choice as well as the alternative of IncrediMail.

1. Quick Compose shortcut – Just use the shortcut key Ctr+Alt+Space and write new emails without putting extra efforts.
2. Facile organization of emails – In Mailbird, you can click on the label button above each email and sort it as per choice.
3. Swiftly search emails – It searches emails into a scrollable list so that users can search them in less than a second.
4. Search attachments directly – You can easily search the attachments by the relevant keywords, file name, file size.
5. Quick Action Bar – It will let you snooze, archive, reply, forward, mark as important with just a click of the mouse.
6. Ensures full privacy – It guarantees to maintain the privacy of all emails by never scanning the email contents of users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: Can I use this utility to convert IncrediMail 2.0 emails to Mailbird?

Ans: Yes, why not! The software of IncrediMail to Mailbird conversion tool is capable to convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird irrespective of versions.

Ques2: I have a bundle of .imm emails and after hearing about IncrediMail is shutting down news. I have decided to backup all my IncrediMail emails to Mailbird. Can someone assist me in how to do this?

Ans: Yes, go through the IncrediMail to Mailbird tool and perform a quick IncrediMail email to Mailbird file migration.

Ques3: Do the tool will also export attachments of respective IncrediMail emails?

Ans: Yes, the application will let you export IncrediMail emails to Mailbird with all corresponding attachments.

Final Words

If you are worried about the IncrediMail has stopped working and finding a method to backup all emails to Mailbird. Then this blog will help you. This entire write-up speaks about a simple IncrediMail to Mailbird conversion process. The tool permits to convert IncrediMail emails to Mailbird in the easiest manner. Now, try out the amazing functionality of this tool for exporting IncrediMail emails to Mailbird. Feel free to communicate with our 24/7 technical support. We will be happy to guide you!

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