How to Convert Hotmail to Word Document File with Attachments ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


The Summary: This user guide will show you how to convert Hotmail to Word document format with email attachments. At the end of the blog, you’ll learn how to easily transfer emails from Hotmail to DOC file type. So let’s get started.

Now, Hotmail is updated as an email client to manage the database. It is a well known platform for sending and receiving emails and other information. But its users are not happy with the management capability and the server-based system. That’s why they are looking for a solution to convert Hotmail emails into Word documents.

Migrating emails from Hotmail to DOC file is a complete user-friendly process with Email Backup Tool.  It is the simplest way of transferring bulk emails from Hotmail to Word file without much effort. It doesn’t require any external installation to accomplish the process. Also, it is 100% reliable and easy-to-use.
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You just have to follow 5 simple steps that are mentioned in the below section. After doing that, all your Hotmail emails converted into Word document.

How to Convert Hotmail Emails to Word Document Files with Attachments ?

Follow the steps by step to directly convert emails from Hotmail to DOC file.

  1. Launch Hotmail to DOC conversion utility.
  2. Choose Hotmail from email source given by the software.
  3. Fill Hotmail account credentials and press login tab.
  4. Select required Hotmail folders for conversion and DOC  as saving file type.
  5. Your Hotmail email to DOC conversion is running.

Free Transfer Bulk Hotmail Emails to DOC Files with Attachments

The Hotmail to Word Document converter is a hassle-free solution for all who wants to export Hotmail to DOC files. You can migrate only 25 Hotmail emails from any folder to Word files without paying. Use the demo version of the software to transfer some emails from Hotmail to DOC files. It works fine without a support app. Once you are satisfied, switch to the Pro edition to download all the Hotmail mailboxes to the Word document file type.

Here are the screenshots of the application to successfully perform Hotmail to Word file migration along with attachments. So, have a look.

Firstly, Download and start the software on your Windows machine. Then, select Hotmail as your source from the given email application list.

Now, add Hotmail account credentials to login – User Id and Password and after click the Login tab.

Thereafter, you can see the lists of all the folders from your current Hotmail email account. Here, select the required Hotmail folder to continue the conversion process.

Now, pick DOC as the file saving type as shown in the screenshot.


Choose a file naming option for arranging the resultant files.


Also, provide a location to save resultant data in the destination path.


Enable the Advanced mode for selective backup option to backup selective emails from Hotmail to DOC format.


Finalize, Hotmail to DOC file export process by clicking on the Backup button. Please wait as the conversion process is running.


Therefore, convert emails from Hotmail to Word file method completes. Open the final location to get the results.


Hotmail to Word Document Converter Tool Prime Features 

  • It is a simplified solution to easily convert from Hotmail to Word document in batch with all email attachments. There is no possibility of information loss.
  • The software comes with a very simple and intuitive interface that everyone can access for the process of migrating files from Hotmail to DOC files.
  • The application maintains all email components such as – bb, cc, to, from, signature, attachments, link and many more during the process of exporting email from Hotmail to Word format.
  • Allows you to transfer selective emails from the Hotmail account to the DOC file type. Please use the advanced setup option provided by the software. “
  • To simplify, save the Hotmail email in Word document file type, to run the example you need to add the credentials to open the Hotmail account. The software stores none of your information and follows the privacy policy.
  • The utility runs the entire conversion process from Hotmail to DOC smoothly on any platform of the Windows operating system. It supports all available versions of the Windows operating system.

The Bottom Line

At last, we conclude by saying that hope you understand the simplified process to convert Hotmail to Word Document files with attachments. It is quite easy to follow. Users can download the recommended software on any Windows machine. The solution is 100% safe and provides exact results. If you have any questions, contact our 24 * 7 technical support team.