How to Convert EML File to RTF with Attachments?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
Summary: In this blog post we have briefly discussed about convert EML to RTF. By reading the whole blog users will get to know about the complete process of doing this task. So, stay connected and go through the entire blog post.

The main advantage of converting EML files into RTF format is users can view RTF files in MS Word or text editor without facing any issues. Many email clients allow users to export the messages to the EML file format, but these files are not very suitable for sharing or archiving, that is why users may need to convert them to a more versatile format. EML To RTF Converter Software is a simple, effective, and efficient application that enables users to convert multiple EML files to the RTF format with very little effort. It offers a basic set of features, and it comes with an impressive graphical user interface.

The best solution that helps users in Convert EML to RTF

Users’ problems can be solved very easily with the help of the EML Converter Toolkit. This is the solution that users have been looking for as this tool can export EML files to RTF as easily as users cannot even imagine.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

It is compulsory for us to tell users why to choose this application and why we recommend this to our users. There are many advantages of using this program. First of all, this app requires very little effort on the users’ part and one can do this job in a very short span of time.

On the other hand, the process that users need to follow to convert EML files to RTF is very easy and convenient. There are some steps that users have to follow and then the process is done. For that, first, we need to provide the full working process for users to know how to use this tool to achieve the following goal.

But before that, we will discuss about the manual procedure which users want to use. Some users think manual solution will help them in completing this task. But there are certain limitations of using manual solution, due to which it is not a good option for our users. Here, we are listing some limitations of using manual approach. Have a look on it:

  1. Users will not be able to get complete precise results by using this solution.
  2. Domestic users will not be able to perform the task by using a manual solution as it contains a lot of technicalities and novice users are not familiar with any technical skills.
  3. Investing time here is not a good option for any user as it takes a lot of time of users.

How to convert .eml to .rtf file extension?

Follow these simple and quick steps for accomplishing the task easily:

  1. Firstly, download and run EML to RTF Converter Application on your system. Read all the given instructions carefully.
  2. Thereafter, the tool will provide two options for uploading EML files i.e., Select Files and Select Folders.
    two options
  3. After selecting the EML files, then click on the Next button.
    Select files
  4. Then, select EML folders and click on the Next button.
    select EML folders
  5. Users can select the required saving format from the given drop list.
    saving format
  6. After that, users have to tap on the convert button to continue the following process of convert .eml to .rtf file extension.
  7. Users can see the live conversion process on their Windows screen.
  8. Finally, users can see a dialogue box on their screen after the completion of the task. Click on OK.

Note: This software provides a free trial version to the users. With the help of this tool, users can easily export 25 EML files to RTF. By this users will be able to know about the product more. After having satisfaction and for unlimited export of EML files the user can purchase the licensed version of this utility as well.

Why there is a need to use this application

By using this application users can convert EML files along with all embedded attachments. Users can easily convert EML to RTF in bulk by using this application. No file size limitation is involved in this process for users. Users can also store output data at the desired location. This application offers dual options to upload EML files like Select Files or Select Folders. The tool mentioned here is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Windows Server editions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 Why do users need to convert their EML to RTF file format?

A – Users need to convert EML to RTF file format because of the following reasons:

  • Widely Readable: Easy to read all the Word and other programs easily.
  • Maintain the basic formatting: Preserves the basic formatting and styling data.
  • Offers Security: It is a more trustable format than any other as it doesn’t leave any edit trail.
  • Small File size: the file size of RTF is small, which is to send to anyone by mailing.

Q 2 – How user can convert EML files to RTF file format?

A – Now, the conversion of EML file format is no more a difficult task. By using EML to RTF converter. The software exports EML to RTF format along with all attachments, Metadata, embedded links, signature, subject, etc. in exact form.

What Clients say?

Bitrecover EML to RTF Converter software helps a lot in producing and achieve EML email data. The software has proved to be obliging for me in a situation, where I got stuck and didn’t find any solution. Thank you Bitrecover for such mind-blowing software.

– Ed Reeves, Poland

I was really tensed as I was not able to find any direct solution to convert almost 1 GB of EML files to RTF, I searched a lot. Evidently, I was having very less time in hand and luckily got this amazing EML to RTF Converter tool. I must recommend this software to all my friends to access it.

– Harrison Brando, Sydney

Final Words

Here, in this blog, we have discussed convert .eml to .rtf. There are many times when the user is stuck in a situation where he needs the eml data in rtf format.  With the help of the above-mentioned methods, one can easily convert the entire EML file data into RTF format. We have described many ways to overcome this process. It totally depends on users which method they want to use according to their needs. Demerits of the manual solution are also available in this blog post.

A Demo version of the tool is also available, so in case of confusion, users can take the help of a free demo version of the application.