Convert DXL To MSG File: Effective Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you searching to convert DXL to MSG? Well, do not worry. Today we are here with the most effective solution to stress you out from this problem. You will find the most advanced, easiest, and quickest solution in the following article.

While we know, to open DXL files we need to install a specific software like Lotus Domino, without its installation we cannot open a DXL. However, there is no other manual way to view or convert DXL files in MSG file formats until you change their format and properties in Outlook, and installing Domino, wasting so much time to utilize it, does not sound doable at all.

To encounter, DXL conversion software comes in help. This is the only way that can help you to come out of this situation. Once you convert the DXL file into MSG it will allow you to access so many file types and are easier to read and view. Let’s start to discover how can you convert DXL to MSG without Domino installation. We will also discuss the strategy to view DXL files in Outlook.

Best Strategy for DXL to MSG Conversion

If you have already tried converting DXL to MSG through Domino installation, you might have faced so much hassle and confusion. The best way to convert DXL to MSG is using the direct way. Direct way means, using software that can help you to convert your DXL files into MSG file formats directly without wasting so much time and in a very effective way. BitRecover DXL Converter Wizard is an awesome software that not only allows you to convert DXL files into MSG, but also open, read, or view them into multiple file formats according to your need. Once you start using this software, you will convert all your DXL files easily in just a minute.

The software comes with numerous advanced features to meet users’ requirements and provide a great user experience. Even if you are a newbie, you do not need to waste time learning to use the software. Because the software has the easiest user interface that can be used by anyone.

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Advanced Features of the Software to Convert DXL to MSG

  • Converts DXL files into more than 30 saving options including Email extensions, Document extensions, Image formats, etc.
  • Provides a complete safe thread to protect and manage all your data while the conversion process.
  • It is a standalone conversion software that provides a large number of advanced filter options including Date range, From & To, Subject, Exclude folders, and Root folders.
  • Dual options to upload single or multiple DXL files and folders in bulk without having file size limitations.
  • Also, allow users to select the location according to their choice using the Browse button.
  • The software provides file naming option allow users to manage the converted data according to their requirements.

Now we have introduced you to the best strategy and its features to convert DXL to MSG. Next, we will talk about the steps to use it.

Steps To Convert DXL To MSG Using the Direct Solution

As we already said, you do not need to learn to use the software specifically. But still, we will provide you with the steps for your convenience. Here are the following:

  1. All you have to do is, click on the link that we have given above and Install the software on your computer. (Make sure you have a good internet connection)
  2. After the installation, the software will show you some instructions. Review them and move forward by clicking on the Next button.

    DXL to PDF converter

  3. Choose the select folder option and upload your DXL file into the software. (If you have a DXL file in bulk, choose the Select Folder option and select the file by checking and unchecking the box from the preview.)

    select folder option

  4. Go to the Filter Options tab and apply filters by clicking on the Date range, from & to option.

    Filter Options tab

  5. Click on Saving Options and choose MSG from the list.

    choose MSG from the list

  6. Next, specify a destinated path and hit on the Convert button.

    Convert DXL To MSG

Convert DXL To MSG In Outlook

If you are an Outlook user and want to save .DXL emails in it without installation of any new email client then it can help you to save DXL files into MSG. But first, you will have to change its file format and the file properties for which you need to have expert technical knowledge. If you have already changed the format and properties then use the drag-and-drop option to move the file to Outlook inbox.

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The above article explains the best way to convert DXL to MSG. Finally, we analyzed that using the software for DXL file conversion was the unbeatable choice. If you are also tired of exploring the ways to convert DXL files into MSG format then install the above-mentioned software to easily view, open, read, and convert your DXL files in any format you want at any time.