DWG to JPG Converter – Best Software to Export AutoCAD to JPG Images

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


This article will give you an insight into the technique to convert DWG to JPG high resolution pictures. All in all, you will learn to save AutoCAD DWG file to JPG photograph format. This will permit non-AutoCAD users to see your drawings and information.

AutoCAD stores users’ drawings as DWG files and if you wish to share your AutoCAD-produced drawings with your customers (architects, engineers, design professionals), consultants or coworkers then you will require an external DWG file viewer for this. Hence, you can export DWG to JPG which is one of the most usually utilized file formats to use your pictures.

You need to share a picture with somebody who isn’t utilizing a PC, or perhaps he is out of the office and is unable to access the DWG file format. This is because that these document formats require 3rd party apps to be launched on computers.

On the other hand, JPG format is universal and can be seen from any of the gadgets, even you can actually look at your drawings from your cell phone. It is very much like a basic photograph that is effectively shareable and accessible from any device without installing any application.

Prior to sharing your DWG document you want to have a DWG to JPG converter software. To do as such follow the guidelines given below.

DWG to JPG Converter Free Download on any Windows PC

This approach is 100% free of cost and doesn’t expect you to install or download any external application or plug-ins. BitRecover DWG to JPG converter software free download on any Windows computer to convert a few AutoCAD DWG files to JPEG/JPG format. This comes with certain file restrictions but if you want to get rid of this, then purchase the license keys of the product.

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Convert DWG to JPG High Quality Pictures Instantly

Follow the steps to save AutoCAD DWG as JPG-

Download for Windows

  • Choose files or older having DWG (AutoCAD) files.

  • Mark those folders to convert in JPG extension.

  • Select JPEG file format as a saving option.

  • Browse a destination path for output.
  • Start to convert DWG to JPG high resolution images.

Batch Convert DWG to JPG Images – Salient Benefits of Tool

Export DWG files of all CAD programs-

Many CAD (Computer-aided design) apps create DWG files. BitRecover is specifically meant to convert all DWG files to JPG format. It supports AutoCAD, TurboCAD, CorelCAD, DraftSight, LibreCAD, SOLIDWORKS, SketchUp, Adobe Illustrator.

Convert any sort of AutoCAD files

Although you can use DWG to JPG converter to save AutoCAD DWG to JPG, also you can use it to convert AutoCAD DWF, DXF files to other formats.

Two options to load data

You can use this application to print DWG to JPG for any number of files. With it, you can use both file and folders options to load DWG files for the conversion process.

Preserves all components

While you are doing the DWG to JPG file conversion, the DWG to JPG converter maintains all the attributes of AutoCAD files. It keeps intact Text details, images, tables, layouts, HTML links, dynamic blocks, arrays, 2D effects, 3D effects, visualizations, navigations, etc.

Generates individual output files

After converting DWG to JPG high quality pictures, you will get the resultant data in a distinct form. This means that you can create separate files for each DWG file.

No AutoCAD installation

Use the DWG to JPG converter software to export DWG files to JPG without having AutoCAD on the computer. It is an independent tool that does not need AutoCAD launched on your PC.

Windows support

The software is compatible with all latest and earlier editions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.


In the above article, we have explained the complete method to batch convert DWG to JPG format. The software is best suited for all professionals and non-technicians. It gives accurate results without any change in the originality of data.

You can free download DWG to JPG converter software to check how the tool works. For any queries, contact our technical support team.