How to Take Complete Backup of IncrediMail Data Folder to Multiple Formats ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 6th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary: What’s the best way to backup IncrediMail data folder, including emails, messages, contacts, and more? It’s the most trending query these days since IncrediMail Server going to shut down in a few days. Well, you need not worry. In this blog, we will discuss an easy, effortless and efficient method to backup IncrediMail 2.0, 2.5 and XE. So, let’s get started.

Why IncrediMail Backup Needed Right Now ?

According to an announcement made by the IncrediMail team, people will no longer be able to access IncrediMail data after March 20, 2020. The mail client will shut down its server on March 20 permanently. Therefore, it is better to make a backup of IncrediMail data folder before it is too late. End your search to know how to back up folders with attachments here.

An IncrediMail Converter Wizard is a leading software to directly backup IncrediMail data to 30+ Email Clients, including Mail Servers. It helps to backup data from IncrediMail in a secure & easy manner. The software can automatically detect the installed IncrediMail data location. If the user has copied IncrediMail files and moved them to another computer, they select the .db file or the folder with IncrediMail data folders. Now, look at how to use the IncrediMail Backup Tool.

How to Backup IncrediMail Email Folders to Computer ?

There are five primary steps to backup IncrediMail 2.0 & 2.5:

  1. Start IncrediMail backup tool.
  2. Upload IncrediMail emails using dual modes.
  3. Check the IncrediMail folder to backup.
  4. Select the required file saving option from the list & enter a location.
  5. Click Next to backup IncrediMail data.



Try the DEMO version: The IncrediMail backup toolkit provides an opportunity to test the software for free. Its demo version helps users to backup 25 emails from IncrediMail without paying any cost. Once you get satisfied, switch to the license edition to backup all data from IncrediMail account with attachments.

Screenshots to Backup IncrediMail 2.5, 2.0 and XE with All Data Folders

First, download & run the IncrediMail Backup tool on the Windows system. Then, read the mentioned instructions mentioned and click Next.

run software

The software provides dual modes to add IncrediMail data. If you have IncrediMail installed on your system, enable configured mode to upload IncrediMail data. But, if you have IncrediMail files such as .imm, .iml, or .db then check Select files/folders and press Next.

choose incredimail files

Now, check the IncrediMail file / folder you need to back up and hit the Next tab.


In the screenshot, you can see a long list of the Saving option consisting of file formats, desktop email clients, Webmail, and Server. Choose your required option.


Here, enter the destination location to save the backup of IncrediMail at your desired location.


At last, click on Next to take IncrediMail complete backup with all information. This IncrediMail backup toolkit allows the user to analyze the backup process. After the process gets completed, you’ll find a log report and completion message.

backup incredimail email

Why IncrediMail Backup Tool is Your One-Stop Solution ? – Read about Key Features

It is an excellent software to backup complete data from IncrediMail client with all attachments. It has no limitations and provides 100% accurate results. After reading the key features of the tool, you will understand why you should backup your IncrediMail account with the IncrediMail backup toolkit.

30+ Backup Options: The IncrediMail backup tool is a recommended solution to transfer folders from IncrediMail to other email clients.

  1. Using the software, one can backup IncrediMail to Outlook PST, TXT, MBOX, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, CSV, PDF, OLM, RGE, and more.
  2. Also, backup IncrediMail to Gmail, IncrediMail to, IncrediMail to Yahoo, IncrediMail to Office 365, IncrediMail to Exchange Server, IncrediMail to Hosted Exchange Server, IncrediMail to Workmail, IncrediMail to IMAP Server, IncrediMail to MDaemon, IncrediMail to MyOffice Mail, IncrediMail to G Suite, IncrediMail to IBM Verse and more.
  3. The user can convert IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail, IncrediMail to Lotus Notes, IncrediMail to Zimbra, IncrediMail to Maildir, IncrediMail to SmarterMail, IncrediMail to Thunderbird, etc.

Some Notable Features of IncrediMail Data Folder Archive Tool

Backup IncrediMail all data: The application is designed with the latest algorithm so that the user can backup every bit of data from IncrediMail to popular email clients with attachments. One can backup emails, messages, contacts, mailboxes and all other data from IncrediMail.

Save IncrediMail contacts to CSV: The tool helps users to backup contacts from IncrediMail to CSV file format. It makes a separate CSV file for every IncrediMail contact with attachments.

Maintains Data Integrity: This useful tool is a helpful method for backing up IncrediMail folders with data integrity retained. It preserves email properties, formatting, email headers, content-body, attachments and more.

IncrediMail backup in Bulk: It is a trusted application to backup IncrediMail data in bulk or batch with attachments. This way it saves user time & efforts and provides results in quick time.

100% Secure: The IncrediMail backup utility is an error-free solution to backup all data with attachments. It guarantees no loss of data & also doesn’t save any of the information during the IncrediMail backup process.

Windows Supportive: This utility can be accessed by only MS Windows users. One can start working with the IncrediMail backup tool on all the available Windows OS editions. It doesn’t support any of the Mac edition.

Take a Look at Frequently asked questions

IncrediMail is going to shut down. Which is the best way to backup IncrediMail mailboxes ?

Ans. One can use the IncrediMail backup utility to transfer mailboxes from IncrediMail to other email clients with attachments.

What I can backup from IncrediMail using the software ?

Ans. The user can backup emails, messages, contacts, attachments, and other information from IncrediMail to Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Exchange Server and more.

How many IncrediMail emails can I backup to Outlook email client ?

Ans. One can backup unlimited IncrediMail emails to PST file using the licensed edition of the software.

The Closure

We explained the topmost way to backup IncrediMail data folder with attachments. The IncrediMail backup utility is an excellent solution to transfer all information from IncrediMail to other email clients & servers.  There is no possibility of data loss. In addition, data integrity is preserved throughout the process.