How to Add Page Number to PDF? Step by Step Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Overview: Are you looking for the way “how to add page number to PDF”? if yes, then you are on the right page. Here we will show you highly recommended by experts and one of the best tools, which has amazing and sophisticated features.

Portable Document Format file, better known as PDF is the most appropriate and dependent upon document format. Its flexibility, awareness among users, suitability, and widespread accessibility have bagged the file preference from users.

There are many other document formats as good as PDF but somehow, they lack some of the other elements. Some of its security-related qualities have made it an officially supported legal document format. Thus, more people are using the document for preparing a large number of documents. In the wake of excessive usage and content storage, the files require management at the same time.

PDF page numbering turns out to be the most basic requirement in this order. Users have tried assigning numbers through various ways, yet failed due to various drawbacks related to manual execution.

This blog suggests various methods to add bates numbers to PDF in a convenient as well as successful manner.

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Techniques to Add Bates Numbers to PDF Documents

Bates numbering is most demanded by large-scale enterprises, organizations, business associates, and especially legal associates. There are various workarounds and direct methods for executing the procedure.

Manual Method

However, it would be next to impossible if you try numbering documents manually. Only two ways enable you to number PDFs manually:

  • One requires you to have an Adobe Acrobat Pro version
  • While the other requires manual input

Adobe PDF page numbering is a high-priced investment because creating portable documents these days is easy. Thus, just to number no user would purchase the entire Acrobat Pro edition.

Apart from that, you can go for manual numbering by allotting respective numbering to each page on your because it is impossible to add page numbers in Adobe reader.

NOTE: Manual numbering is cumbersome and tiresome to implement.

Therefore, the other options you have now are third-party services and tools. Following is a description of both the solution providers:

Online Tool

In online services for PDF page numbering, you are required to upload the document to be numbered on the service-providing website. The website then reads this document and places numbering to its pages as you have defined in the fields provided.

However, a major drawback here is that the document is not safe. As a third-party service, it cannot be trusted as once the document is uploaded on the website you cannot be sure of what would happen to its confidentiality.

Professional Solutions

Third-party tools to add numbers to PDF are commercial solutions where you need to make a little amount of investment. The solution provided is guaranteed success and is secure to use – as the software is downloaded on your machine, which keeps the document within your access only.

Moreover, there is a much greater variety of options to customize the output when using an application instead of a service.

How to Add Page Number to PDF With Perfect Solution?

A highly recommended and most versatile solution to add page numbers to PDF documents is BitRecover PDF Bates Numberer software. the software has amazing kind of features like this software providing a simple and user-friendly interface, which makes the software easy to use for both technical and non-technical users.

Also, the software can add bates numbers in multiple PDF docs without any restrictions. The utility works with all windows OS like Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and other previous versions.

Powerful Features of the Tool to Add Page Number to PDF

  • Assign page numbers on multiple pages of multiple PDF files, all at once. You cannot only allot page numbers to unlimited pages of a document but also do it for a batch of documents, i.e., multiple PDF files at once.
  • Generate page numbers in combination with PDF files for sequential numbering across files. You can continue the numbering from one portable document across the other one for a sequential numbering to be assigned on a set of files.
  • Print PDF with page numbers directly from the software panel. You get to generate PDF bates numbering and print the document(s) directly by using the software instead of (just) saving the file.
  • You can also remove encryption is applied to the portable document to add a page number to it. A protected document cannot be numbered when encrypted with usage security. Therefore, the software features the removal of encryption too.
  • Besides being a standalone application, the PDF numbering tool comes with a freeware trial edition. This version of the software can be downloaded free for testing the product potential and working beforehand.

How Does the Software Work to Add Bates Numbers to PDF?

  1. Download and run the tool on your machine.

    run the tool to add page number to PDF

  2. And then upload the PDF file by using “Add Files” and “Add Folders” options.

    upload the PDF file

  3. Now if your PDF file is locked with a user-level password, then enter the password. And if your PDF file has owner level password, then there is no requirement for a password.

    PDF file is locked

  4. After that, select between “Save” or “Print” options, and if you want to remove encryption from PDF then select the option and then browse the saving location >> Next icon.

    select between “Save” or “Print” options to add page number to PDF

  5. Select between “Generate Bates Number for Pages” – to customize the page numbers and “Generate Bates Number for Files-Pages” for pages and files bated numbers.

    Select between “Generate Bates Number for Pages” and “Generate Bates Number for Files-Pages”

  6. Now enter the details according to your needs.

    enter the details

  7. After that, apply the filters like font style, size, and color and press on the “Next” icon.

    apply the filters

  8. Lastly, click on the “Generate” button to add page number to PDF.

    Generate button to add page number to PDF

Observational Conclusion

Page numbering in PDF has evolved from page numbering of papers to electronic document numbering. However, the requirement remains the same – manageability and organizing documents. The numbering helps in sequentially ordering the pages of a document for better manageability.

However, with the evolution – the procedures for numbering documents have evolved too. Thus, several methods have come up as workarounds for numbering PDF pages. Nevertheless, third-party tools turn up to be the only feasible and convenient option to go with if accuracy, guarantee, and convenience are necessitated. Therefore, PDF page numbering is suggested as a recommendable solution in such cases.