How to Backup 163 Webmail Database to Local Storage, Email Services ?

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Want to know how to create 163 mail backup on your computer in some simple steps? Are you afraid of data hacking and intend to migrate emails locally or to some other webmail? If yes, then stop here. Read this blog to get a reliable solution of 163 mail backup software.

Reason to Create 163 Mail Backup webmail is a well-known Chinese email service. But, due to the current data theft issues, it is always advisable to create mail backup on computer or other email service. There are many reasons to take backup of 163 email data:

For forensic purpose- If you are undergoing some forensic project then taking a backup of 163 webmail emails is suggested. So, even if you lose some important data then it is easy to recover everything.

Corrupted data- Sometimes data gets corrupted due to some ransomware attacks. Then, you can easily export 163 emails to PC and retrieve it later into the email account.

Access data offline- Once you take the backup of 163 emails to local storage. Then, it becomes super easy for you to access data anytime, anywhere.

Share and print emails- The 163 backup software offers PDF option so you can easily share email data or print it for various purposes.

163 Mail Backup Software – Powerful Solution to Create Backup

The BitRecover software are well known for its reliability. This tool too i.e. 163 mail backup software is programmed with advanced algorithms. It can be used by any technical or novice user to download emails from mail to multiple file formats. It offers plethora of smart features for an easy 163 webmail backup:

  1. Easily migrate emails to 20+ file formats.
  2. Efficiently save emails from 163 webmail to other email clients and email services.
  3. Swift backup of database to local storage.
  4. Facilitates batch export of 163 mail data to desired format.
  5. Freedom to save the 163 mail backup data at a required location on PC.
  6. You can export 163 emails to Outlook (all editions).
  7. Preserves data integrity throughout the backup process of 163 emails.

How to Take Backup of 163 Emails by Using 163 Mail Backup Tool ?

For creating 163 mail backup database on your computer, first of all, download the setup file of 163 Email backup tool. Install and launch it properly and thereafter follow the given steps:

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1- From the email sources list, choose 163 from it. Then enter the account details of 163 webmail and click on the login button to proceed further.


2- Now, enable all the required email folders of webmail for which you want to take backup. After this, go to the saving options list and choose any option as per your requirement.


3- Afterward, select a file naming option and a target saving location where you intend to save 163 backup emails. Also, enable the ‘Use advance mode for selective backup” if you wish to backup selective 163 webmail emails to computer.


4- Hit on the backup tab to start to download emails from 163 mail to PC. Once the process finishes, it will give a completion message. Click on OK to end the tasks.


Thus in this way, in a couple of moments, all the emails from 163 webmail will be transferred to the chosen format.

Multiple Saving Options in Mail Migration Tool

Options to Backup 163 Emails to Multiple Formats

  • 163 to PST
  • to MSG
  • 163 to EML
  • to EMLX
  • 163 to MBOX
  • to PDF
  • 163 to HTML
  • to MHT
  • 163 to XPS
  • to RTF
  • 163 to DOC

Options to Backup 163 Emails to Webmail

  • 163 to Outlook
  • 163 to Apple Mail
  • to Thunderbird
  • 163 to Windows Live Mail
  • 163 to Zimbra
  • to Lotus Notes
  • 163 to Gmail
  • 163 to G Suite
  • to Yahoo
  • 163 to Rediffmail
  • 163 to
  • to Office 365
  • 163 to IMAP account

Frequently Asked Queries

Q1: How to backup 163 mail on my Windows 10?

Follow these steps to create 163 mail backup:

  1. Download and start 163 mail backup software on Windows.
  2. Choose 163 from email source and fill its account details.
  3. Enable desired folders and select any saving option.
  4. Enter destination path and a file naming option.
  5. Start to backup emails from 163 webmail to computer.

Q2: Can I migrate multiple 163 webmail accounts to PDF files?

Yes, the tool offers an advance mode option using which one can easily transfer multiple 163 webmail accounts to PDF or any other saving option.


In the above article, we have explained how to backup 163 mail on computer. It is the most affordable solution to create backup of webmail to local storage and email services. You can use the FREE Demo version for downloading multiple emails from 163 webmail account. It permits to save few 163 emails. But, if you are willing to migrate unlimited database of 163 to some other destination then, please upgrade to the license version for that.

For any queries regarding this, please contact to our technical support team.

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