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Rediffmail Pro Backup Software to download & backup Rediffmail Business Pro account to multiple format like PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, Windows Live Mail, CSV, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Thunderbird,Zip, OLM Office 365, Gmail, G Suite,, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Exchange Server, Hosted Exchange Server, Rediffmail, IBM Verse, Amazon Workmail, Icewarp, IMAP Server

  • Backup Rediffmail NG Professional Email Account for Business & Enterprise
  • Archive RediffMail Business Pro with custom mailbox & domain name
  • Download Rediffmail messages within single or Multiple Rediff Account
  • Export Rediffmail NG to 15+ destination accounts
  • Backup Complete Rediffmail Pro Emails with attachments
  • Save RediffMail mailbox folders & sub-folders : Inbox, sent items, etc.
  • Maintain Rediffmail properties and folder structure
  • Different file naming options to download Rediffmail data backup
  • Filter & Backup emails according to Subject, Time, From and To
  • Bulk Rediffmail Emails backup into single file format
  • Save Converted Rediffmail data at user’s desired location
  • Direct way to move Rediffmail data to IMAP Emails host


Features & Benefits of Rediffmail Pro Backup wizard
Archive & Save Rediffmail to Gmail, Yahoo Mail, G Suite,, Directly

Backup Complete Rediffmail Mail Account

Backup Rediffmail Account Personal & Business Account

The Rediffmail Backup Tool can backup messages from company email accounts with custom Mailbox Names, custom Domain Names, and email addresses ending,.net,.org,.biz,.info,.in,,, Rediffmail backup wizard helps you to backup your Rediff Mail Account, including all default mailbox directories such as Inbox, Sent Items, and others, as well as all RediffMail Files and sub-folders in the hierarchy. It helps you to archive and save a backup of all Rediffmail Business & enterprise emails, including attachments, in your Rediffmail account. Until backing up a Rediffmail email account, the app displays all email files in the Rediffmail Pro backup software screen, allowing users to choose only the folders they need to back up. This choice allows you to avoid backups of unwanted folders.

Note: Please enable IMAP Access in Rediffmail Account

Multiple Rediffmail Mail Accounts

Multiple Rediffmail Accounts Can Be Archived

The Rediffmail backup software will take backups of several Rediffmail accounts one by one without any issues. It is developed specifically for advanced users who want to backup their Rediffmail accounts in bulk.To back up several Rediffmail accounts, the user must first have all account credentials by uploading a CSV file. Rediffmail Pro backup creates a full backup of your Rediffmail account and saves it in the format you specify. Simply pick a required file saving option for this backup process.

Note: Create a CSV file with the email address and password for each account separated by a comma. For eg, type, 123456 in Notepad and save as a.csv file.

Rediffmail Mail Business Backup

Rediffmail to Multiple Formats

Rediffmail NG Backup Tool allows you to take Backup of Whole Rediffmail to PST, Rediffmail to MSG, Rediffmail to EML, Rediffmail to EMLX, Rediffmail to MBOX, Rediffmail to PDF, Rediffmail to HTML, Rediffmail to MHT, Rediffmail to XPS, Rediffmail to RTF, Rediffmail to DOC, etc.

Backup Multiple email accounts

Backup Rediffmail to Several Email Clients

The Rediffmail backup Tool allows to backup Rediffmail to Outlook, backup Rediffmail to Windows Live Mail, backup Rediffmail to Zimbra, backup Rediffmail to Thunderbird, archive Rediffmail database to Office 365, export Rediffmail to Gmail, export Rediffmail to G Suite, backup Rediffmail to, backup Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail, backup Rediffmail to Rediffmail, etc.

Archive Rediffmail to Multiple Formats

Email Filter Options for Backup

The Rediffmail backup wizard includes various filtration choices such that users can archive Rediffmail backups that meet their specific needs, such as Date Range, From, To, Topic, and so on, which can be found under the option "Using Advanced Settings for Selective Backup." Using Selective Export Settings for Email Files is a unique feature in the tool that helps you to backup only the Sent Folder and not the Email Body Information or Attachments. You can allow or disable those options depending on your backup needs.

Backup Rediffmail to Several Email Clients

Multiple File Naming Options

Rediffmail Pro backup solution includes a range of file naming alternatives for handling specific emails or records in a responsible manner, such as Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy), From+ Subject+ Date (yyyy-mm-dd),From+ Subject+ Date (dd-mm-yyyy), Date (dd-mm-yyyy)+From+Subject, Date (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)+From +Subject, Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm),From+Date (yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm), Date (mm:dd-yyyy)+Subject+From, Date(yyyy-mm-dd)+From+Subject, Auto Increment.

Email Filter Options

Selective Folder Backup Option

The Rediffmail backup wizard displays all Rediffmail Business & Enterprise email files, such as Inbox, Drafts,  Received, Spam, and Trash, after entering account credentials. Users may pick only appropriate files to save Rediffmail account backup into selected format from the Rediffmail backup Tool column. This choice is useful for downloading a folder from a specified directory.

Retains Data Integrity

Maintain Rediffmail Emails Structure

This Rediffmail backup software maintain Rediffmail Emails folder structure during Rediff backup process. After enter the credentials details of your Rediffmail NG account the software will show all the folders with Emails, if you select the whole Rediffmail account data than software maintain the whole Mails folders structure after the conversion into desired file format. The software make same emails folder hierarchy structure after the Rediffmail backup software process end. It is easy to understand process.

Multiple File Naming Options

Export with Advance Filter Options

Rediffmail Pro Backup Software provide Advance settings to easily manage and export only necessary Emails from Rediffmail account. The Advance filter provides to export Rediffmail by Subject, by Date, by Email address (from and to). With the help of Advance filters users easily export Rediffmail emails data by Date range setting like from this date to other date Mails, and by Subject filter work to export only same subject mails from Rediffmail to other file format without facing any problem.

Choose Destination Path

Import Rediffmail to Gmail

Rediffmail Pro backup solution provide a direct way to import Rediffmail to Gmail, Google Apps and G Suite account without facing any problem. With BitRecover Rediffmail NG Backup solution software easily transfer Rediffmail pro to Gmail account with all the mails properties and elements of Rediffmail Emails. The Rediffmail backup software support to migrate Rediffmail to G Suite account directly without facing any problem and provide secure transfer migration of Rediffmail to Google Apps account.

Selective Folder Backup

Safe and 100% Verified Platform

BitRecover Rediffmail Pro Backup application tool provide safe and secure platform to move Rediffmail to Outlook, Rediffmail to Thunderbird, Rediffmail to Zimbra, Rediffmail to Office 365 account directly without rods. The Rediffmail backup wizard comes with security less application that provide powerful authentication to secure your account details and personal mails. Rediffmail migration tool comes with better Graphical Users Interface that provide cache free environment platform to users.

Choose Destination Path

Archive Selective Rediffmail Emails

Rediffmail NG Backup Solution software provide various features to users can easily import/migrate multiple Rediffmail Emails into desired file format. After the authentication of Rediffmail account the software will show whole mailbox data of Rediffmail into software panel. With BitRecover Rediffmail software users easily select only important mails from Rediff Account and export into any file format to store selected Rediffmail Business & Enterprise email to Local storage or internal and external devices.

Selective Folder Backup

Import Rediffmail to Yahoo Mail

Advance Rediffmail Pro backup software allows you to save Rediff mail to Yahoo Mail account directly. With Rediffmail Pro backup tool users directly import Rediffmail Emails to Yahoo mail account without facing any problem. The Rediffmail backup software maintain the Rediffmail properties and mails after the importing into Yahoo mail account. The software also provide Rediffmail to Gmail, Rediffmail to MBOX, Rediffmail to Office 365, Rediffmail to Thunderbird Migration platform to users.

Choose Destination Path

Transfer Rediffmail to Email Host

BitRecover Rediffmail backup wizard comes with advance online IMAP format saving option for transfer Rediffmail emails to other IMAP supportive email service providers. The software also migrate Rediffmail Pro backup into Various online popular Account like Rediffmail to, Rediffmail to Office 365, Rediffmail to Zimbra, Rediffmail to G Suite and Rediffmail to Thunderbird. Rediffmail NG Pro backup software provide simple explorer interface to users can work without error.

Specification of Rediffmail NG Backup wizard
Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease
BitRecover Software Box
Software Download
Size 16.8 MB
Version 12.0
Take a Trial - With Free Rediffmail backup software users can take back up only 25 Rediffmail Emails into available file format like PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, HTML, RTF, MHT, XPS, DOC, MBOX, Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Gmail, G Suite,, Yahoo Mail and all IMAP supportive Emails Host etc. for free. If users want to backup unlimited numbers of Rediffmail with no Rediffmail attachment size limit on this batch Rediffmail migrator software then choose licensed version of Rediffmail NG Backup Wizard.
153 Ratings

Trial Limitations

With Free Rediffmail backup software users can take back up only 25 Rediffmail Emails into available file format like PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, HTML, RTF, MHT, XPS, DOC, MBOX, Outlook, Thunderbird, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Gmail, G Suite,, Yahoo Mail and all IMAP supportive Emails Host etc. for free. If users want to backup unlimited numbers of Rediffmail with no Rediffmail attachment size limit on this batch Rediffmail migrator software then choose licensed version of Rediffmail NG Backup Wizard.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
48.7 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 30 MB Space

Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM,

Supported Editions

Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 98, 97, 2000, etc

Frequently asked questions for – Rediffmail Pro Backup

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How to take backup of Rediffmail Email ?

BitRecover Rediffmail NG Backup Software provide simple way to archive & download Rediffmail account emails in few steps: -

  • Step 1 : Run Rediffmail backup Tool for Business Account
  • Step 2 : To validate your account, enter your Rediffmail NG account details.
  • Step 3 : Once you've checked everything, move on to the next alternative in the right-hand corner.
  • Step 4 : The Rediffmail backup software displays the Rediffmail Rediffmail Business & Enterprise folder hierarchy.
  • Step 5 : To backup Rediffmail, Choose the desired Email folders.
  • Step 6 : Select the destination format and input the account information for the destination.
  • Step 7 :The Rediffmail Pro backup process will begin in a few moments.
  • Step 8 :Check the archived data folder in the Destination account.

No, the software support only Rediffmail pro and Rediffmail Business accounts to migrate Rediffmail data to other accounts and local storage formats.

Yes, users easily export same Subject Emails from Rediffmail Pro account easily with help of advance settings filter options. With this option help you to arrange Rediffmail software according to user’s needs.

Yes, it is fully secure platform to migrate Rediffmail to Thunderbird format easily.

Yes, you can easily access Rediffmail mails to Yahoo account with the help of BitRecover Rediffmail Backup software. The software allows you to access Rediffmail emails on Yahoo mail account, just select Yahoo format during Rediffmail email migration process.

Currently the software does not support Mac OS, but support all Microsoft Windows OS without any problem.

Rediffmail Backup tool allows you to take backup one Rediffmail account data at same time. But you can easily take backed up one by one Rediffmail account easily

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