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XPS to PDF Converter Features

  • Provides Dual Conversion Modes
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is not Required
  • Batch Convert to .pdf File Format
  • Complete Conversion of XPS to Adobe PDF Format
  • Preserves the Integrity of Data After Conversion
  • Access on Any Windows Operating System
  • Stores Converted PDF Data at Desired Location

Software Supported Features

supported features

100% Safe & Secure

safe and secure

How to Convert XPS to PDF Adobe

select xps files and folder

press convert

process running

converted pdf data

Steps to Export XPS to PDF

Instructions to Convert Microsoft XPS into PDF Adobe format


Software shows two options load *.xps documents as Select Files or Select Folder.

select xps file, folder


If choose select folder option then select folder that contains XPS documents from your machine and press Ok. The tool also gives option to Make New Folder to manage multiple Microsoft XPS files in a single folder.

choose xps folder


Now you can show the number of selected files in software panel, press Convert to continue the process.

click on convert


Choose destination path to save resultant PDF documents and click on Ok or you can Make New Folder to save data also.

select destination path


XPS to Adobe PDF migration process is running so please wait for few seconds.

conversion process running


Message that says Conversion completed successfully will be displayed with details of destination path location, press Ok to confirm details.

convert successfully


Go to destination path to get converted PDF documents.

check resultant data

Program Name:
XPS to PDF Wizard
File size:
2.23 MB
Program Type:
System Requirements:
Pentium II 400 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Minimum 30 MB Space
Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP etc
Windows Server 2016, 2013, 2000

Demo Version

XPS to PDF Converter free download is available to convert maximum 25 documents from each folder that is great option to get full satisfaction before purchase the license keys. You will need to purchase license keys for converting XPS documents without limitation.

100% Safe & Secure

100% safe and secure

Common FAQs

Yes, to open the converted PDF file; Adobe Reader is required. You can open the converted PDF file with any Adobe edition.

The application can convert unlimited data from .xps file to .pdf format. The Batch conversion mode will help you to export XPS to PDF in one round without any limitation.

No, the utility supports only Windows Operating system to perform the conversion of data from XPS to PDF file format.

Yes, the software is designed in such a way that it maintains the integrity of data in exact form after conversion to PDF file format without data loss.

Yes we provide complete range of products to convert multiple formats to PDF such as following.

Informative FAQs

There is wide range of file formats available for storage of data, while working on a particular file format users must be aware about it properly. The portable document format is well known around the world as PDF and XPS format of documents are some of the common known terms for viewing the data. However, both the file formats seem similar in a way to view document along with editing and securing it accordingly but there is large difference between them. In the following section, we will discuss the difference between both the file formats.

# Features XPS PDF
1 Cost It offers a combination of XPS creator and reader from download website of XPS at no cost. There are various free programs to view PDF files but for editing and creating it, tools are available for purchase only.
2 Compatibility It is only available on Windows Vista, 7, 2003. XPS files are only supported in the Internet Explorer and cannot be opened on other web browsers. It is a cross-platform solution, which are available for various platforms such as Linux, Windows, Mac, Mobile phones, Oracle, Palm OS, Symbian, Web browsers, etc.
3 Security XPS format does not permit users to open and edit information within the document. It only allows printing of the document. It have various methods to secure documents depending upon the edition that user is utilizing. User can disallow changes of anything, disable image, text and other data copying, disable printing, allocate security, and encryption of data.
4 Printing Quality It specifies that all the fonts utilized in document are embedded within file and renders on-screen images and colors to paper better than other technologies. It allows creation of document where correct appearance is dependent on specific font available but that font does not required to be embedded within file. Thus, it can be viewed or print on system where that font is not available will not see page as intended.
5 Market Share It is virtually known to users so, may be there some push back from users on utilizing this format. PDF is the most popular method for storing and exchanging static documents so that it can be read easily on any system.

XPS and PDF are similar file formats that share, displays and print paged documents. However, there is various difference between the both as PDF file format is mainly opened to view the data via Adobe Reader. While using PDF, user can view 2D documents and even embed 3D images. Whereas XPS is rather more of document management software, which provides ability to annotate, view, print, signs such documents but is not the same as PDF document and vice versa.

Conclusion:- In the above discussion, major difference between XPS and PDF file formats are discussed. According to experts, it helps users to have the proper understanding between the features offered by both the file formats that are being is described.

XPS (XML paper specification) is an open and standardized file format that represents the fixed layout document. It has a file extension .xps to store the data. These documents are paginated for easy printing. These files are not rich document files such as PDF or DOCX. It does not have embedded images and video clips. It is a simple electronic paper format.

PDF is Portable Document Format that is associated with Adobe PDF. It represents two-dimensional documents in such a way that it allows them to be independent of software, hardware, and operating system of the application. Every file is compressed of all features of fixed layout 2D document, including fonts; images, text, and 2D vector graphics. The latest permutation of Adobe PDF contains the ability to embedded 3D drawings in the document via usage of Acrobat 3D. It is a widely known industry standard for exchanging and archiving documents. PDF files deliver high-resolution images and that too in a relatively smaller size format.

XPS and PDF both file formats are device-independent and very similar to each other. For instance, both have the feature such as DRM and digital signatures but still users need to convert their data to PDF file format. In the following section, we will discuss the reason and way to convert the data from XPS to PDF file format.

Necessity to Use PDF over XPS

Despite of various similarities between XPS and PDF file formats. XPS files are not as popular as PDF files. The main reason to use PDF over XPS is that, PDF file is viewable by any device. For example if a user needs to view the document on their Mac machine, which has in-built support for PDF file whereas nothing for XPS file. Therefore, users need to convert their XPS file before opening it on their system.

Moreover, in all mobiles and other gadgets such as Android phones, tablets, and iOS based devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad also have a better support for PDF documents. However, due to these reasons users required the usage of PDF over XPS file format.

Recommended Solution

In all the above-discussed cases, it is normal to convert XPS files to PDF in a way to have a better compatibility on various devices and operating system. There are many third party utilities available in the online market to perform the conversion. Out of which, one such solution is XPS to PDF Converter. It converts the whole XPS data to PDF file format instantaneously by maintaining the originality of data. It is fully safe and secure to utilize and convert unlimited files to PDF file format. It is designed in such a way that it supports all Windows Operating system.


The usage of appropriate file format is quite important for the storage of data. Almost all the users prefer to use the file format that is compatible with all devices. In the above discussion, use PDF over XPS file is discussed. Along with this, an appropriate solution is mentioned that helps to perform the conversion of data from PDF to XPS with effortless way.

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